10 Classic Black and White Bathroom Décor Ideas for a Luxurious Look

When you talk about classic bathroom color schemes, nothing is better than black and white décor. Whether you want to give a rustic or modern look to the bathroom, this combination of colors is very stylish.

From the bathroom sink to the flooring, this color palette will give a clean and relaxing feel to the overall aesthetic of a bathroom. Moreover, this neutral backdrop provides versatility to add any accessories, while brass or gold accents will pair beautifully in this environment.

There are various ideas to add timeless appeal to black and white bathrooms. Some of them are listed below:

Black Color Floor-to-Ceilings


Why don’t you try ultimate black bathroom interiors? It will create an eye-catching view. Instead of thinking that it will make your bathroom look too black, you can take it as a great décor opportunity.

Look for different textures and finishings. It will add interest and impact to the bathroom design. For instance, design a black matt concrete wall with contrasting glossy tiles on the floor to give a luxurious touch.

But if you feel it too much, pair black floor tiles with grey bathroom walls to give a slightly soft look. This charcoal scheme will add smoky accents to the interiors.

Nature Wall Decor

This nature wall idea is perfect for people who love nature and desire to transform their bathroom into a beautiful outdoor oasis. Place a wall-size mural on a bathroom wall.

You will surely feel like staying at some other place instead of the bathroom. So, paste waterfall images or some nautical pictures in the space neat shower or bathtub. In contrast, photos of sand or trees look good on the opposite wall.

Add Gold Accents


When you add a gold touch to black and white bathrooms, it will make a drastic impact. For instance, gold hardware or mirrors with golden frames balances the geometric wall patterns perfectly.

Let the Natural Light Come In

Most people keep small windows in their bathrooms. Replace them with large size windows. It will completely transform the entire look of the space. As a result, a lot of natural light comes in through the windows.

With so much shining light, even your bathroom’s small space will look large. Make sure to paint the window with a color that complements the interiors.

Black & White Wall Art


When you hang back and white art pieces on bathroom walls, it will make the space look stylish. The best thing is that you can hang custom prints in color or black and white with different styles or themes.

In addition, white silhouettes on a black background or vice versa will create a new look to bathroom designs. The choice is yours, so hang whatever you like the most. These art pieces will surely compliment every type of décor.

Glass Divider in Black and White Bathroom

Install a glass and metal divider between the shower and the rest of the space in the bathroom. It will create an eye-catching focal point and add a contrast to the bathroom décor.

Moreover, it is a beautiful way to complete the look of a bathroom.

Wallpaper for Bathrooms

Though wallpaper as a tile alternative is the last thing you consider, it is an incredible wall décor choice. Wallpaper brings in a new dimension to the bathroom, and it is cheaper than tiles.

Some people like the look of tiles in a bathroom lot. So, there are various convincing wallpapers with replicas of tiles or bricks available for them. They are easy and quick to install.

Install Black and White Geometric Flooring

An incredible way to create a style statement in a simple bathroom is to add black and white geometric floors. It is a perfect way to add black and white color keeping everything minimal.

When you leave this dark décor element to the lower portion of the bathroom, your space will look open and bright. There are various options in the market for adding floors, such as mosaic, porcelain, marble, ceramic, stone, or cement.

Install one that will create a dramatic statement to the bathroom.

Framed Mirrors


Most people add mirrors in bathrooms, but it is only for practical use. Very few people bother to use them as a bathroom art piece. So, hang a mirror in the original frame.

You can either buy them from the market or make them yourself with your hands. These framed mirrors are a stylish way to transform the design of a bathroom.  The materials used for decorating mirrors include stones, wood, glass, shells, etc.

Cabinets and Doors in Black and White

If you want to create a bold statement in the bathroom, consider using maximalist décor. Instead of simple blank and white items, include large décor pieces. For example, install black-colored cabinets to give a stylish feel.

In The End

Whether you prefer simplicity or deep colors, the black and white scheme will surely work. It will give a timeless appeal that you will surely adore. So, start changing the look of your home.

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