3 Surprising Health Benefits of Saw Palmetto in Men’s Health

Prostatic hyperplasia is a common problem among men. According to several Australian medical bulletins, the condition starts to develop at the age of 50. The condition worsens as men reach their senior years with most developing some form of BPH around the later years of their lives.  

One way of protecting your prostate is to take supplements that protect the essential organs of your body. Saw palmetto had been linked to a lot of benefits, including preventing the occurrence of the disease.

When opting for a supplement, it is always better to order saw palmetto online. Saw palmetto supplements that are formulated with regularised standards is far better than opting for products that are not regulated by governing agencies. 

Prevent the Formation of DHT Leading to Hair Loss 

Hair loss is often attributed to a variety of factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, the occurrence of a medical condition, or use of certain medications. In most people experiencing the early symptoms of hair loss, catching the condition helps to aggravate the problem further.

Using saw palmetto had been seen to combat thinning hair among men. Certain chemicals like 5-alpha reductase or the 5a-R enzyme help block the activities of dihydrotestosterone. DHT is the hormone linked to male-pattern baldness and hair loss.

Saw palmetto has also been seen to improve hair growth by as much as 60% among men who are suffering from thinning hair. Using topical creams increases hair density to about 35% in men. It is one of the most accessible supplements, and you can order saw palmetto online anytime without running into problems. 

Improve the Functions of Your Urinary Tract

Older men are prone to suffering from urinating difficulties because of an enlarged prostate gland. It is also one of the premeditating factors of having BPH. Taking saw palmetto reduces the swelling of the prostate and helps normalise urine flow. 

There have been studies that showed promising results where men were able to regain their quality of life after taking the supplement for a prescribed amount of time. The herbal supplement is also helpful for people who constantly experience frequent urination, unbearable urges to pee, or persisting urine dribble.

Saw palmetto is also considered as a natural aphrodisiac, enhancing sexual drive and promoting relaxation. The herbal medicine contains phytonutrients that help neutralise cellular oxidation. It prevents oxidative stress which triggers the development of several health conditions.

Saw Palmetto Balances Your Testosterone Levels

Herbal saw palmetto supplements had been widely accepted as a testosterone level booster. It has regulative properties that help boost testosterone levels. The plant extract influences a person’s body composition, cognition, mood, and sex drive. 

The herbs ability to block 5a-R activity helps preserve your body’s testosterone levels, thus, increasing your libido. The natural remedy has also been compared to prescribed medications used for treating enlarged prostate and hair loss among men.

Its efficacy mimics the results of these drugs, but without much of the unwarranted side-effects of constant use. Saw palmetto supplements are effective at maintaining your testosterone levels in an organic and unrefined way. 


Saw palmetto is one of the most accessible herbal supplements specially made for men. The herb has been widely praised for centuries by the Native Americans and passed down from generations. Its popularity among the top supplements for men proves its efficacy in reducing the symptoms of most physical conditions experienced by men.

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