5 Effective Ways To Strengthen Your Struggling Relationship

There is no perfect relationship. Couples will struggle with certain things that could make or break their bond in one way or another. Quarrels, jealousy, forgotten dates, etc., are just among many reasons why relationships could unfortunately fail. However, these challenges also strengthen the union between partners. The struggle also implies that your relationship can grow stronger than ever. 

If your relationship is currently having a hard time or you just happen to be new—learning how to overcome possible relationship challenges can be helpful to you. There is no harm in getting ideas and being prepared. Hence, if you are interested in strengthening the bond between you and your partner, here are some effective ways you could try doing.

Stay Intimate

Some relationships struggle when you talk about intimacy. Most of the time, couples with careers are more likely to experience this kind of challenge. The usual reason is the busy schedule and the tiresome day after work. Thus, intimate moments like sex are being taken for granted.

What to do then? It will all depend on your willingness to take the time for what really matters, your relationship. You can surprise your partner with a candlelight dinner or plan a romantic night. You can watch movies and make out. You can also shower together and start from there.

Cuddles and kisses should never be out of the list. You can also mix it up by providing great sex and do the best blowjobs. Just make the most out of the opportunity and make your partner feel how much they are wanted and loved.

Creating a strong relationship needs effort and compromise. You have to choose your relationship above others if it really means a lot to you. Allocate time and sacrifice appointments if need be. At the end of the day, your partner is gonna be there for you no matter what.

Communicate Properly

Communication is only effective when people talk genuinely. However, some people in relationships don’t mean what they say. Perhaps, some would talk about certain things but mean an entirely different thing, or one just wouldn’t even say a word at all. As a result, break-ups happen due to misunderstandings.

How do you address this? Have the courage to mean what you say. Be honest enough about how you feel. If you are angry or disappointed, be angry and disappointed. Sometimes people sugarcoat things to make the other party less worried, only to find out the truth later.

Know Your Partner’s Love Language And Communicate Through It

Another effective way to strengthen your relationship is by knowing each other’s love language. An example of a love language is the clingy type. The person expresses their love through touching and being thoughtful. They usually hug you and tell you sweet morning greetings. Another is the gift-giver type. They basically show their love by giving you gifts.

Hence, by acknowledging how the other person needed to be loved, you will successfully communicate your feelings towards your partner. As such, understanding one’s love language is also showing love in response.

Disregard External Opinions As Much As Possible

Most struggling relationships struggle even more because of external factors. Most of the time, these are opinions of friends and relatives that are with good intentions in nature. However, sometimes these opinions significantly affect the decision-making of people in relationships.

Thus, it is somehow necessary to disregard such external factors and deal with your problems as a couple alone. It does not mean they don’t matter. Sometimes, these opinions can break the relationship more.

Ignore The Idea Of Fixing Or Changing Your Partner

Changing your partner’s personality to fit your preference is a big no, no. Most people in relationships are susceptible to this kind of behavioral control. The intention is good, but in most cases, it only worsens the situation.

If you want to have a stable and strong relationship, fixing your partner’s disposition just to suit your own is not the answer. Love doesn’t work that way. Hence, people will change willingly if they genuinely love you. You either accept or let it go. There is no need to force it.


A struggling relationship can still survive if you know how to turn things around. You just need to evaluate the situation you are in and point out the things that need improvement. Doing so will help you understand your relationship better.

If you have misunderstandings, then you might need to improve communicating openly and honestly. If you feel less wanted or if you know that you seem to take your partner for granted, maybe it’s time you allocate a day for bonding. More importantly, if your relationship matters to you more than anything, you’ll do whatever it takes to make it work.

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