5 Features of the Best Air Purifiers

The air you breathe is an ever-decreasing resource today, with dense urban spaces packed with pollutant-spewing vehicles and other sources. The problem is on the rise, with the WHO estimating pollution-related deaths at around seven million annually worldwide.

Problems caused due to breathing in polluted air can be minor, like eye irritation and coughing, to severe bronchitis and asthma. The indoors are not safe from this either; they can be worse than outdoors due to the concentration of pollutants in low ventilation space. Only the best air purifiers can provide relief from bad air inside homes.

The Features That Give Fresh Air

Air purifiers span a wide range of offerings with differences in their features and manufacturers. Before buying, check its best features and see if it offers purification at the least cost. It helps to gain an idea of those features before purchasing a unit. 

Purification Technology

The technology used to purify the air varies across brands and models. The most common is the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air). True HEPA filters can sometimes have industry standards mentioned like CADR or MERV, but they aren’t of much significance. What is significant is the 99.97% removal of 0.3 microns sized pollutants.

Carbon filters absorb gaseous pollutants like VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) on their surface. PECO filters can destroy pollutants like VOCs at the molecular level but can’t stop particulates. Ionizers discharge electrically charged ions that bond with particulates. These charged particles are attracted to the ground or some other surface, rendering them harmless. The drawback is the production of ozone in the process, which is also a pollutant.

Dimensions and Design

The filter cannot just be an oddly shaped entity in the room for many people. Its aesthetic value can also matter, like its shape, colour, etc. to such people who might want it to go with the room’s decor. Its size will also matter, as it mustn’t take up too much space and not stand out like a sore thumb amongst the furniture and accessories in the room. The best air filters will account for all these and add the form to function well.

Noise and Vibration Levels

Noise can be a pollutant in itself, so the filter must not add to what is already present inside. The good quality machines will be manufactured with noise and vibration mitigation in mind, using sound and vibration dampening materials and design. 

Good quality ones have a loudness of 20-40 dB range, on the low fan speed setting. The loudest can go up to 70 dB.

Energy Efficiency

The more efficient the purifier, the less energy it consumes. That gives a whole host of benefits besides lowering the power bill. Less power consumed means less energy wasted as heat and noise, which prolongs the purifier’s life.

Lifetime Costs

As the filters can get stuffed with particulates and other pollutants, the purifier needs to be serviced regularly. Good purifiers last long and don’t break down easily. They thus save on maintenance and spares throughout their operational life.

The best air purifiers are becoming a must-have for everyone. They help create a healthy environment that everyone needs to live well.

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