6 Best Tools For Boosting Your Content Marketing Efforts

People spend a lot of their time online, which is why content marketing is essential to success. Having an effective content marketing plan requires the use of the right technology. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, 67% of successful content marketers are completely competent in marketing technology.

Without content marketing tools, there is no means of assessing the competition or finding out how a marketing campaign is performing. With that in mind, we will discuss our favorite content marketing tools below.


Creating original content is important because it demonstrates expertise in your niche. When creating content, carrying out research is part of the journey, but you need to include citations for anyone else’s work you “borrow”. To avoid facing plagiarism claims, use Quetext’s completely free tool. All you need to do is enter your text and follow the guidance, which will help you build citations. Whether plagiarism is deliberate or accidental, you need to check everything before publishing.


WordPress powers around 30% of all websites, which makes it one of the greatest CMS tools on offer. Bloggers love WordPress because they can easily host sites through the platform or independently. It’s open-source, which means use is completely free and there are thousands of quality plugins available. Usually, the main costs involved are for purchasing premium services for plugins, which is well worth the investments for the right tools.


Following on from WordPress, Yoast SEO is the go-to tool for optimizing content both on and off-page. You will see deep insights for meta descriptions, keyword improvements, and heading support. If you’re new to SEO, you can also access their knowledge-rich library of information. Ticking all of the SEO boxes will help to boost your content marketing performance.


Creating a content marketing plan requires a deep analysis of competitor online presence, which is a never-ending task. SEMrush is the best tool out there when it comes to website analysis, which is why the premium services come at a heavy price. For a worthwhile investment, you will have access to content and PR, social media, paid traffic, SEO, and market research all under one tool. Managing a content marketing tool has never been so easy.


Eye-catching content is much more likely to be engaged, which is why Canva is a great asset for boosting content marketing plans. Canva is free to use, for the most part, and comes with countless templates for creating professional designs. You can customize any template to fit the needs of your business. Canva can also summarize text from your content to provide your audience with quick and easy-to-read articles. To access further tools on the website, you will need to pay for a premium subscription. Luckily, you can try before you buy thanks to their trial period.

Google Analytics

Google is the largest search engine out there, which is why Google Analytics runs through the heart of content marketing. Google web tools analyze domain names and give detailed insights on traffic, which allows marketers to make informed decisions. If you run a campaign and see no change in traffic, you know that your message needs updating.

You can integrate Google Analytics with a range of other tools including Google Ad Manager, Google Search Console, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Google AdSense. When you combine all of these tools, you will never need to worry about performance monitoring.

Digital marketing campaigns are made more powerful through the use of correct technology. Understanding your target audience, competitors, and message effectiveness is the best way to monitor effectiveness.

Use an all-in-one tool like SEMrush to analyze the landscape and remember to check your work for potential plagiarism before you publish.

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