7 Tips For New Mommies

Becoming a mother is universally known to be one of the most amazing treasures shared by women all over the world. It’s what makes having a family one of the most wonderful experiences anyone can cherish. However, there are some hiccups down the road that may have many women questioning just how difficult life will be after their first baby arrives. There’s advice all over the internet, but we compiled the most helpful advice for every new mother out there.

Take Care Of Yourself

You cannot be the best mother if you are not at your best. Take that nap in your new cot canopy. Skip the dishes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Accept help, if anyone offers. You will need a mental health day quite frequently in the beginning. Take an entire day to yourself once a week. If that’s not doable, try taking one hour each day, every day. Make it count. Keep in mind that getting a shower, using the bathroom, sleeping, etc. These are not things that will help you spend some time yourself. That is not considered “you” time.

Remember: You Are More Than Just A Mom

It’s very easy to get lost in the world of parenting, especially for new mothers. You may have read every article, every blog and every book on the market about raising kids. It won’t mean anything if you forget who you are in the process of raising them. Make time to do the things you loved before you became a mom. It is worth every effort to feel normal again.

You May Feel The Need To Make Some Changes

When I became a mom, I made so many changes over the course of 3-5 years. I quit smoking, I had bariatric surgery, I began running, and began surrounding myself with people who had incredible vibes to their personality. Over time, I realized the importance of making those changes not only for my child, but also for myself. You may realize you need to start eating healthier, and displaying the habits you want to see in your children as they get older. This means you could very well be more organized, which would put all of those “messy house mom jokes” to shame! Good for you!

Take Your Time

Nothing teaches patience quite like having kids. Eventually, you learn that you may always be late. Going to the store with kids to pick up maybe two things will turn into an hour long trip. Most of that time isn’t even spent grocery shopping, either. It’s spent packing baby bags, making sure they have clean diapers on and full bellies before you leave. It’s buckling them into the car and putting them back in again before you can put the groceries in the car that takes a long time, too. Don’t rush. It only causes stress. There are worse things than being late. Others in your life will learn to accept this fact about you. They will get over it.

Read/Talk To Them

Even if you know they don’t understand a word you’re saying, talk to them. Read them books. They don’t understand, but they will one day. It’s not only a great way to help them learn to listen and communicate, but it’s a wonderful bonding experience. It won’t be something you’ll ever forget. When my daughter was born, I took her for walks and I would just talk for an hour straight about anything and everything fun or exciting. You won’t be sorry if you try this.

Don’t Be Uncomfortable

Yes, there are many opinions on breastfeeding. Unfortunately, that may never change, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel ashamed of it. Bathrooms are not sanitary, yet many people feel like it’s necessary for women to breastfeed in the bathroom. Even if that’s what you choose to do, there’s no shame in feeding your child, no matter ever you decide to do it. Let people stare. In fact, stare right back at them. Let them feel the discomfort they are projecting onto you.

Take Pictures

The days, weeks, and months will all start to blur together as you grow accustomed to your new life as a new mother. This is why it’s important to take as many pictures as you can. I don’t remember much in the first few weeks after my daughter was born, but I have pictures to help give me a warm heartfelt reminder. Even if my hair was messy and I had no makeup on, all of that doesn’t matter. These are pictures I can show my child as she grows up.

Last but not least, enjoy it as much as you can. It’s not a requirement to enjoy every moment you have, because it isn’t feasible. However, you should enjoy all the moments that you can, because they won’t always be around. Children grow up. Try to keep yourself in mind just as much as your children. Also, CONGRATULATIONS!

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