8 Tips for Choosing Gel Blasters for Beginners

A gel blaster is a toy that looks like a gun but fires soft water beads. It is a new type of toy that is gaining popularity. The cool thing about this “weapon” is that it can fire bullets at high speeds (depending on the power of the gel blaster). If the gel ball hits your opponent, the water bead will be broken and cause minor pain. It’s a safe alternative to airsoft guns or paintball guns, and you don’t need to worry about hurting each other.

Buying a gel blaster for the first time can be challenging. Many factors need to be considered before purchasing, and it is very easy to make the wrong choice if you do not know what you want or need. Check out TacToys.com.au and experience the thrill! Some of the tips for beginners;

Decide whether you want a spring or electric Gel blaster

It would be best to decide whether you want a gel blaster that is spring operated or electric operated. Spring-operated models are less expensive but require manually reloading the gun and cock it each time you fire it. Electric models are more expensive but easier for children to use because they automatically reload and cock the gun.


Take note of the size of the gel blasters before purchasing one. If you are shopping for a child, make sure the blaster will fit comfortably in their hands and look lightweight, so it is easy for a child to carry and hold while playing with it. If you are purchasing a gell blaster for yourself, make sure the blaster will fit comfortably in your hands as well.

Consider how many darts your blaster fires at one time.

Most of the fire one dart at a time, but some fire multiple darts with each shot. Choose one that best fits your needs, depending on how fast you intend to shoot your blaster when using it.

Consider the comfortability

Make sure it’s something that you’re comfortable using and feels natural in your hands. And don’t forget safety! Gel blasters should never be aimed at another person or animal unless it’s a training exercise under adult supervision. Make sure that it is compatible with your body. If you are taller, for example, you do not want to go with a blaster with a short stock or barrel, as this will make the weapon harder to aim and control. On the other hand, if you are on the shorter side, you don’t want to get a too-long blaster that requires you to stretch out your arms in an uncomfortable way.


If you’re like most people, you don’t have all the money in the world to spend on gel blasters. It would be best to buy something that will fit your current needs and budget. If your budget is $200-$300, it can be tempting to spend half of that on a quality blaster with decent internals and save money for upgrades later. While this works for some people, it can be frustrating if you are new to the sport and don’t know what upgrades are worth installing and which ones aren’t worth the time.

Build Quality

While it might not seem that important at first, build quality is one of the most important parts to consider when looking for your first blaster. It’s all well and good having a great-looking blaster, but if it doesn’t last, then you’re throwing money down the drain, and generally speaking, the better-built models will last longer, shoot harder and perform better than cheaper blasters.

Power Source

Next up is the power source, generally speaking, most people are after a model that runs on 7.4v batteries as they are cheap and easy to use – drop them into their stock or rail, and away you go (make sure there is room for the battery in whichever way you wish to store it).

Give yourself time to grow.

If so, there are a few things you can do now to make sure your gun can grow with you. As you play, you get to know more, figuring out what works for you more. For example, if you choose a pistol, consider choosing one with a rail system; this will allow you to attach accessories like tactical lights or lasers. You don’t necessarily need one right now, but if you plan on using your blaster outdoors, it might come in handy. These features will allow you to add sights and scopes as needed.

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