A Creator’s Guide on How to Make a Comic Book Online

Comic books have been around for decades transporting its readers to different worlds. They’ve helped inspire confidence in children and have birthed superheroes that have spanned generations.

Traditionally, comic books are printed but with technology continuing to take over, they are also available online for readers’ convenience. They’re a unique way to tell a story and there’s a comic book to suit everyone’s needs but sometimes, readers may get the urge to create their own. Do you have that urge but aren’t sure about how to make a comic book online? If so, we’ve got the answers! 

Read on to learn how to make a comic book online. 


When beginning your comic book creation journey, you first need to develop a concept. It’s not enough to have a character, but you’ll need to paint a vivid picture in your head and jot down notes about it. Create a world in your mind and think about all the possible adventures that could take place there. 

This can be a collaborative process or you can do it on your own. Brainstorming can be difficult, but once you’ve gotten your idea together then you’re ready to keep going! 


After coming up with a clear concept, it’s time to organize your thoughts even more. Outline your comic book by developing how many panels you think you’ll need. This is the time to plan out what type of images you want to use and draft dialogue. 

The outline will help you to stay more focused during the creation process and will give you a glimpse at what your comic book will look like. During this time, if you notice any issues you can easily change them before things become more final. 

Write Script 

After you’ve got a solid outline of your comic book, it’s time to create the script. This should come easy after planning things out beforehand because you should have a general idea of what you want your characters to say. 

Make sure to write panel by panel and keep your words brief. Remember, comic books rely largely on images so think of the words as assets to the pictures. 

Input into Software 

After you’ve finished the planning process, you’re ready to make your comic book online! This is a fairly easy process since there are several apps available that will take you from dreamer to comic book creator

Even if you don’t know how to draw, these apps will allow you to create fun and appealing comic books by using a simple drag and drop feature. They’re easy to use and you can create anywhere on your tablet, computer, or phone. All you have to do is input your creation and you’re done! 

Now You Know How to Make a Comic Book Online 

Learning how to make a comic book online is both easy and fun. All you need is a concept, clear vision, outline, script, and software and you’re ready to give the world your creation! So now that you have the tools on how to make a comic book on your computer, will you be making one any time soon? 

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