Bonding A nd Growth: Essential Activities For A 14-Month-Old

Choosing some essential activities for a 14-month-old kid can be quite difficult for many parents. The age of 14 is an amazing phase for every child. Every essential motor and cognitive skill will develop in a kid at the age of 14. So, for a 14-month-old,  activities should be chosen carefully. 

As a new parent, you may think: ‘What should I be teaching my 14-month-old?’ you should choose those activities that enhance their cognitive and motor skills such as ‘putting things into another’, squishing play-doh, ‘play patty-cake and more like these. 

These activities will make a bond in kids and build their skills as well. 

14 Activities For 14-Month-Old To Develop Skills And Senses

 Activities for a 14-Month-Old

1. Play Outside

Playing outside will do the sensory activities for your 14-month-old kid. Go to multiple different locations with your kid. Let them explore lakes, trees, and the entire nature around them. 

2. Play Patty-Cake

Your kid will learn to imitate while playing patty-cake. Imitating is quite an important feature of childhood. This will help your kid in his/ her later life. Thus, your kid will learn languages and develop social skills.

3. Squishing Play-Doh

This game helps your 14-month kid to develop motor skills and learn about colors and letters. You will need some toys, plastic letters, and spoons. Give your child a Play-Doh. Now, teach him how to squish it. 

4. Putting Things Into Another

This activity will allow your kid to clean the mess.  On the other hand, the concepts of shapes, sizes, opening, closing, and other skills will develop in your kid. Tell him to put toys into cartoons, spoons into drawers, etc.

5. Playing With Push Toys

Playing with push toys allows your 14-month-old kid to learn hand-eye coordination and walking. You can use baby dolls, shopping carts, lawnmowers, etc. for this game.

6. Pulling Toys And Games

This game will teach your kid how to pull things because pulling is more difficult than pushing. So, you may choose to use a balloon or a leash for this game. 

7. Explore Sensory Bins

One of the most important things to do with a 14-month-old is explore the sensory bins. This will enhance their senses. Thus, your 14-month-old kid will learn to recognize different textures. Also, they can stimulate the tactile system. 

Here are the things that you use in this activity.

  • Rice
  • Noodles
  • Flour
  • Ice
  • Fake Snow
  • water

8. Stack Blocks Together

Stacking blocks together will enhance a kid’s hand-eye coordination and precision. Ask your child to make two to three blocks. When they learn it, enhance the number.

9. Lift-Flap Books

The process of lift-flap will develop education, cognition, and speech in your kid. So, as a parent, you should read a book to your kid. 

10. Sorting Shapes

Sorting shapes will develop good memory in your child. While doing this activity ask your kid to name the shape. As time passes, ask your child to sort particular shapes. 

11. Ripping Paper

This activity is important for skill development. It will enhance their motor skills, tactile senses, hand-eye coordination, and hand muscles. 

12. Chasing Bubbles

It is a great way to enhance your kid’s energy, allowing them an amazing sleep time. At first, ask your kid to pop bubbles with his finger. After that, let him chase the bubble. 

13. Squeezing Sponges 

This activity will enhance the kid’s strength of the hand. Just give your child a sponge and ask him to squeeze it. 

14. Solve Wooden Puzzles

Solving wooden puzzles will develop intelligence in your kid. Also, it can engage them for hours. Let your kid solve a wooden puzzle daily. 

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