Amazing Toy Storage Ideas You Should Have At Home

If you have kids, it might not be new to you to see different toys scattered in various parts of your home. Most of the time, you can find these toys inside your children’s room, where they usually play. Also, you may sometimes see them all over your living room. That’s a typical day for the parents with one or more kids at home. 

However, if you don’t keep these toys properly, they might cause anyone at home any trouble or injury. That’s why, as much as possible, store these toys properly after your children are playing with them. Hence, you’ll need reliable toy storage to help you out with this house chore. Here’s a list of toy storage ideas below that you might be interested in and get one for your home. 

  1. Fun Puzzle Game for Storing Toys

First on the list is one of the exciting toy storage ideas that you can try at home. It’s a fun puzzle game for storing different toys. It comes with twelve bins in different colors and sizes. The interesting idea of this concept is that you can play with your kids after they have played with their toys. 

You can instruct your little son or daughter to put a particular toy in the same color or shape as the bins. Just add more fun to it by interacting with your kids well and highlight the importance of cleaning your kids’ room all the time. Hence, every time they play with their toys, they would know that they need to return them to a storage box, like a fun-puzzle game storing idea. 

  1. Toy Box for Storing Plush Toys

Next on the list is this toy box for storing plush toys. It has been a fantastic idea to produce a storage box with a practical sense of versatility. Such that you rarely use a toy box for merely storing toys, but there should be something different aside from that. This storage box will let you store your kid’s toys for safe-keeping.

Besides that, it also has a cushion to put on top of it you can let your kids sit on. It also has a set of stickers you can use for personalizing the toy box for your little kids, such as putting their name on it and even writing their favorite superheroes using those stickers. Hence, using a toy box for storing toys is also a useful, unique, and fun idea that you can try at home. 

  1. Swing for Toys

Besides using boxes for storing toys that most parents do, building a swing for toy safe-keeping is also a brilliant idea. The toy boxes you keep on the floor, inside the cabinet, or under your kids’ bed will usually consume bigger space. Hence, if your kid’s room isn’t that big, that will surely make it even smaller. 

That’s why the idea of putting a swing to store your kids’ toys is perfect. A swing with enough spaces and attached to the walls in the corner of your kid’s room will help you maximize the space. It’ll also make you and your children so much easier to get the toy and put it back when not in use. 

Moreover, if you plan to make a DIY version of this idea, make sure that the foundation rope is strong and reliable. If you find it challenging to do it yourself, you can ask anyone for help who has enough experience with it and knows better how to do it. 

  1. Toys Storage on the Ceiling

Another space-saving toy storage idea is creating one on the ceiling of your kids’ bedroom. This idea won’t only store your kid’s toys and save space, but it’ll also add to the overall beautiful interior design for your kids’ room. 

You can choose the big hammock that keeps more stuff or the smaller one but multiple in numbers, which look lovely when properly placed on the ceiling. By doing so, your kids will surely love looking at their toys hanging inside a hammock when they’re sleeping. 

  1. Plant Hangers to Store Toys

If you have a green thumb and you like growing plants at home, it’s pretty sure that you have used plant hangers or ones you don’t use anymore. If that’s the case, you can recycle them into amazing toy storage. You can make it more innovative and exciting by putting a new color or adding ornaments to them. It’ll help you save money from buying a toy box, and it’ll also make you reduce waste by recycling unused materials. 


For parents, it’s so lovely to watch their children happily playing with their toys. When children are happy, parents also become happier. However, many parents have experienced different struggles when dealing with their children’s toys. If these toys are scattered everywhere and not properly kept in a safe storage box, they may cause accidents or trouble. Hence, the list of different toy storage ideas discussed above will surely help you decide which one will work best for your kids. Then choose one now and bring it home.

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