When the weather is nice, all you want to do is spend your days relaxing with friends and family. So, it’s no surprise that we spend most of our summers in our gardens and on our porches or patios. This is why it’s so important to give them the right feel.

A home where you can see signs of life is a home that looks welcoming to visitors. Even if your shades are drawn and there aren’t many lights on, a well-appointed front porch will help make your house look like a welcoming gathering space. Porches remind us of a calmer, slower-paced lifestyle. There is a romanticism about rocking in a chair watching the world go by.

Porches date back to Ancient Greece and were originally designed as a row of columns on the outside of a building to add a feeling of grandeur and give protection from the weather. Now they are more likely to be a covered area attached to the house or a raised space that extends around the entire property. These structures can boost your home appeal and are important in setting the tone for the house inside.

Porches are that perfect blend between the indoor and outdoor, and that often means that you will need to find a way to decorate it that suits both ambiances


If you only have room on your porch for a couple of rocking chairs or a bench, that’ll do it—add some cushions and a side table to strengthen the effect. If you have more room, though, create a cozy seating area, centered around a rug, that can accommodate a handful of your closest friends. As is true with interior design, a well-layered outdoor space looks lived-in and way more inviting than something stark and bare.


Everyone knows the best time for porch sitting is as the sun is setting—and for however long folks want to linger thereafter—so make sure your outdoor living room has enough light to illuminate everyone’s faces, but steer clear of any too-bright light bulbs that make the space look more sterile than warm.


Having plants on your front porch reinforces the signs of life thing we mentioned earlier. Add lots of colors—via the plants or pots they’re in—or stick with a monochrome palette of green plants and black planters for a more minimalist look. Think outside the standard flower pot box, also: Add trees for height or place smaller pots on a bench or table to make them more visible. Window boxes can be a great addition if you have smaller front-facing windows (and will be much more convenient to maintain). No matter how great of a seating area you set up on either side of your front porch, make sure your front door remains the focal point.


It’s no secret that adding some beautiful signage can be a great way to welcome people to your home. On your porch, signage from Elephant Stocks’ collections with a nice welcoming vibe is a good way to make sure that you get as cozy a feel as possible. One of the easiest ways to improve the ambiance of any room! Hanging up a framed canvas with a vintage touch in front of your porch can help add a whimsical, fairytale flair to your home’s exterior.

You can tack a few shutters onto the porch wall then center a favorite picture or classic print from elephant Stock gallery in the middle for a unique focal art piece.

This black sign with yellow printing from Elephant Stock is a perfect choice for your front porch. You can create your own rules, but this list is an ideal choice that appeals to and applies to nearly any family dynamic. This set of signs is a great choice to go above your preferred seating option. A farmhouse decor-styled sign with two fonts that pop against the white background makes anyone feel welcome. 

Elephant stock’s porch wall art canvas is made of the highest quality premium material that can stand the test of time. You can browse through their collections by color, shape, size, and designs. Also, they deliver your products to your doorstep in no time and in perfect conditions without hassle or delay. Check out their amazing offer of discounts and promos and if you are eligible for free shipping. Their customer service is top-notched as their products and services come with verified excellent reviews.

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