Best Beaches In Mexico For Families

If you are planning to go on a beach trip to Mexico with your family, it takes a lot of planning and research. But the good thing is that we have sorted out the information part for you.

To know all the Best Beaches In Mexico For Families along with all the details on budget, accommodation and how to reach there, just see the details below.

 And after that get ready to surprise your family by making a foolproof plan and ultimate arrangements for your trip to Mexico.

To begin with, let’s know Mexico!

All About Mexico

There are plenty of reasons why you must visit Mexico and spend some quality time here with your family.

  • The city in the western hemisphere has a vast history and interesting culture that impresses its visitors.
  • with almost 9 million people running hotels and street food business in Mexico, the city offers you a great cuisine to satisfy your hunger and try out the massive variety of all the exotic food.
  • Talking in terms of money, Mexico is very much affordable by an average person and is much cheaper than you imagine.
  • Apart from all the beaches, there are other things to explore in the city too. Like museums, churches, sightseeing, monuments, memorials, and parks etc that always welcome the tourist to experience their rich culture and history and enjoy their time in Mexico.

Now, let’s start our trail of exploring the beaches for Mexico family vacations.

Majestically Mexico

We can imagine how excited you are to know all the details on Mexican beaches because we can feel that excitement here while collecting all the amazing details for you.

Here are the 9 ideal family beach destinations in Mexico for you. And you can call it your very own Mexico beaches map too.

1.Tulum beach

What if we tell you Tulum beach in Mexico has a different way of luring you out via water and its beauty? What are we talking about? We are talking about the world’s largest aquarium that is in Tulum beach Mexico.

Doesn’t this sound as an ideal destination for a family holiday? Well, this aquarium is one of the biggest attractions in Tulum and many people visit Tulum beach because of this aquarium only.

The name of this world’s largest aquarium is Xel ha and it has got some amazing water-based activities for all age groups and is also inclusive of food and drinks. The aquarium is so huge that it will take an entire day for you to see it and enjoy its uniqueness.

Best Beaches In Mexico For Families
Best Beaches In Mexico For Families

Of-course that’s not the only reason why you must visit Tulum beach in Mexico. Some more amazing facts are written below to force you to come to Tulum.

Things to doVisit Tulum archeological site, Tulum Ruins, day trips to discover Tulum caves, luxury sailing.
Affordable places to stayCASA DUNIA
Famous forTulum Jungle tours, ATV, Zipline, Cenote swim, eco-adventure parks.
Population46,721 inhabitants as of 2021
WhetherShort summers with hot sun and cloudy skies, short winters with comfortable weather and clear skies.
The ideal time to visitVisiting Tulum between November-December is most preferable as the weather here is good around this time with post-hurricane breeze and the resorts are also reasonable during these months
FoodThe Ceviche is a must-try in Tulum. Also, you must visit the Macario restaurant if you want to try contemporary Mexican food.
How to reach there?Tulum is 90 minutes away from the Tulum airport and after landing in Tulum via flight, you can cover this distance via cab and enjoy your mini road trip with amazing views.

This makes us believe that Tulum is the ideal place for kids and who wouldn’t love making their kids happy?

2.Isla Mujeres

When we think of a family holiday, we think of spending quality time with our family and not doing everything that we used to do in our daily lives. Just peace and your family to be with. Isn’t it what an ideal family vacation sounds like?

And you will be overjoyed to know this is exactly what Isla Mujeres has to offer you. A quiet and quality time with your family in front of calm waters, no background noises, and no one to disturb you.

It is an ideal destination if you want to cut off from the rest of the world for a while and spend your day doing water sports, shopping, exploring, feeling the quiet, and meeting new people who are doing the same.

Best Beaches In Mexico For Families
Best Beaches In Mexico For Families
Things to doVisit Punta sur park, visit underwater sculpture garden, snorkelling,
Affordable places to staySew hawk suites, elements of the island
Famous forDelicious island cuisine and sea food
Population22,686 inhabitants as of 2021
WhetherExpect very hot summers and warm winters here with an overall temperature of 59 degrees F to 93 degrees F.
Ideal time to visitIt is ideal to visit this beach between January to April with pleasant whether and little or no rain.
FoodThis place is famous for its Los tacos de Humo, there’s also a restaurant with the dish’s name that you can visit to have this local dish.
How to reach there?The best way to reach here is by taking the Ultramar Ferry from Puerto Juarez, that travels from across the bay and takes 20 minutes to reach the island.

Just take the rental umbrellas and chairs on the beach and enjoy a much-needed break from your regular life.

3.La Paz

If you are looking for a perfect blend of noise and quiet with the beauty sprinkling over all around you, then la Paz beach is the place for you.

Located around 100 miles northwest of Cabo San Lucas on Baja California Sur’s eastern coast, this beach will make you forget the Gulf of California.

Because when you see the grey whale from a very close, explore all the world’s beautiful aquarium, swim with the whales, sharks and sea lions, and experience the beauty of a beach and a desert altogether, you ought to forget all the beautiful destinations in the world.

Best Beaches In Mexico For Families
Best Beaches In Mexico For Families
Things to doGrey whale watching, Baja Ferries, visit churches and cathedral
Affordable places to stayHotel marina del sol, Bermejo hostel
Famous forParks and art made by Mexican and international artists
Population1,882,000 inhabitants as of 2021
WhetherLong and sweaty summers, short and dry winters, light clouds in the sky all year long.
Ideal time to visitIt is ideal to visit La Paz between December to February for its excellent weather conditions and maximum affordability.
FoodSalteñas, Tucumanas, Choripan, and Sandwich de Chola are some of most famous and delicious street food on the island and you can have them all in Bolivian popular food restaurant
How to reach there?El Alto International Airport is the main gate to Bolivia and after reaching here the main beach is just 10 km away and you can take a taxi to reach La Paz.

The best thing about Pa Paz is it is surrounded by even more wonderful beaches that are just a walking distance away from it. So, you can switch the beaches whenever you feel like you are done here.

4.Punta Mita

Not everyone likes going budget-friendly when it comes to those annual family vacations, right? some want it to be luxurious, extravagant, and full of pleasant comfort. If you wish to stay in five-star hotels by the beach, book your tickets to Punta Mita.

Talking about Punta Mita as a beach, this majestic island is surrounded by waters from the 3 sides, making it easier for the tourist to enjoy the beach from different locations of the island.

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And all the lush green seductive natural beauty that it has adds to the joy of this peninsular beach. Less number of people in the tranquil atmosphere of Punta Mita makes your stay a memorable and comfortable one.

Best Beaches In Mexico For Families
Punta Mita
Things to do inPlay golf, surfing, have massage and ayurveda spa, visit monkey mountains
Affordable places to stayGrand palladium Vallarta resort and spa, Punto Mita suites, Amor boutique hotel.
Famous forUnpolluted waters and beaches on all 3 sides with less crowd to enjoy the site
Population3,500 inhabitants as per 2020
WhetherPunta Mita usually sees summers all year long with a little monsson and temperatures between 28 degrees C to 33 degrees C throughout the year.
Ideal time to visitNovember to January and May are the best months to visit the island for perfect weather and scatted rainfall.
FoodTuna Blanca, Carolina, and lobster paradise are some of the best places to have the most delicious food of Punta Mita.
How to reach there?Arrive at the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport in Puerto Vallarta by air and then the journey is less than an hour to the main Island where you can reach by road.

Getting all the luxury and expensive vacation vibes from Punta Mita that you always wanted? Then it’s time to go and experience all this now!

5.Lover’s beach

Located in the Los Cabos area of Mexico, lovers beach is the place where the sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.

And this fact is enough to tell you how stunningly amazing this beach will be with all the breath-taking views to cherish.

 Also, since this city is a major tourist attraction place, you can expect Mexico and its beaches to be a hub of finger licking food that includes multiple cuisines in its menu.

With a huge variety of sports and adventures activities available on the beach, it also has a wide variety of hotels for your comfort in terms of budget and facilities.

Lover’s beach
Lover’s beach
Things to do inScuba diving, swim with dolphins, whale watching, flyboard, surfing, sportfishing, spa and many more adventures sports.
Affordable places to stayVidanta, one and only palmilla, El Encanto Inn.
Famous forGolf, rock climbing, hiking, concerts, public events and water activities.
Population 0.1 million approximately as of 2021
WhetherLovers beach witness summers all year round with clear skies and average temperature around 30 degrees C.
Ideal time to visitOctober to march is the perfect time to visit lovers beach as the temperature is ideal during this time.
FoodLovers beach is filled with traditional Mexican dishes, a huge number of coffee shops and Italian restaurants. Restaurants like Wachinangos, Nicksan, sunset Monalisa and jazz on the rocks are perfect to eat a variety of food.
How to reach there?Around 1000 miles south of San Diego, you can easily take a flight to Los Cabos international airport and reach the lovers beach via cab.

If you want an experience for the lifetime and if you wish to bury your mundane life and steal some moments of pure joy with your family. This beach is perfect for you.


Theme parks, live beach clubs, and smaller local beaches for evening trails, this is what a perfect beach vacation sounds like. And if you are looking for something similar then head straight towards Cozumel beach in Mexico.

The good part is that this beach has clubs on the island that are perfect for family time. Not to mention, you can also have a soothing experience on the boat that drives you all over through the calm waters of Cozumel beach.

And if you are into crowded beaches where you can meet new people and enjoy your time to the fullest, Cozumel will not disappoint you at all.

Best Beaches In Mexico For Families
Things to doVisit Zona Arqueológica San Gervasio, Punta Sur Eco beach park, Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park, Dolphin Discovery Cozumel, and Mexico Park Cozumel
Affordable places to stayCaribo, Cozumel, Wyndham Cozumel hotel and resort and hotel Posada Edem.
Famous forScuba diving and proximity
PopulationApproximately 95,000 inhabitants as per 2021
WhetherSummers here are long, hot and sweaty and winters are warm and clear with overall temperature ranging between 57-93 degrees F.
Ideal time to visitMarch to June is the best time to visit this place for cool days and best whether.
FoodCochinita Pibil, Ceviche, Pescado Frito, Empanadas, Salbutes & Panuchos, Pozole, Tacos al Pastor, and Huarache are a must try when in Cozumel.
How to reach there?The best way to reach Cozumel is by flying directly to Cozumel’s international airport. You can also fly to Cancun Airport if you can’t find a reasonable and convenient flight to Cozumel.

So, if you are ok with not finding a secluded spot on the beach and want to get lost on the crowd then pack your bags and come to Cozumel beach in Mexico.


When nature and beauty come in affordable rates, you must grab it as quickly as possible. And that is something Sayulita beach can offer you.

Sayulita beach offers affordable hotels, rental apartments and budget-friendly restaurants.

But it is wrong to assume that the beach is only famous for being friendly on its visitor’s pockets. This place is also ideal for all those who still aren’t an expert when it comes to surfing. You can learn surfing there as Sayulita has got so many schools that teach how to surf like a pro.

A beach with less crowd and more peace, Sayulita witness a mix of massive waves and calm waters. There are luxury hotels too to book your stay at and spend all the quality time while sunbathing in its massive natural beauty.

Things to dovisit Sayulita Plaza, explore costal paths, climb the monkey mountain.
Affordable places to stayVillas Chulavista, Selina Sayulita, and La Redonda Sayulita Hostel
Famous forKnown for its colorful “Ojos de Dos” and “Papel Picado” flags
Population2300 inhabitants as per 2020
WhetherThe island majorly sees summers all year with a four months long monsoon
Ideal time to visitDecember to April are the best months to visit the island and while staying away from its very hot summers.
FoodThe La fogonera and Alas Blancas Restaurante are a must visit to garb the delicious local food when in Sayulita.
How to reach there?After reaching the Puerto Vallarta airport, you can take a bus or a taxi to travel via a two-lane highway and reach the main island.

8.Playa Zicatela

There are people who like to visit a beach when it’s quiet and then there are people who like to visit the beach when there’s a fest, celebration or some competition going on. And if you love all the beach competition that has water sports included in it, then Playa Zicatela is your destination.

A perfect place to surf any time of the year and a perfect place to enjoy beach competitions all year long. What’s better than bringing your family full of competitive spirit and spend all your off days in a fun and chill mode?

Best Beaches In Mexico For Families
Best Beaches In Mexico For Families
Things to doBioluminescent Lagoon boat ride and swim from Puerto Escondido, Mezcal distillery guided tour, sea turtle release in Puerto Escondido, and Whale & Dolphin watching.
Affordable places to stayHotel Surf Olas Altas, Casamar Suites Hotel, and Hotel Rincon del Pacifico
Famous forhaving the third largest wave in the world and ideal for amateur surfers or learners.
Population50,000 approximately
WhetherIt is almost hot all year round with humid temperatures
Ideal time to visitFrom early December to mid-April for hot weather activities
FoodChicama Peruvian Food, Agua Salá, and Pepe’s Fish Tacos are some of the best restaurants to try Mexican cuisines in Playa Zicatela.
How to reach there?Fly to the Huatulco airport and then take a taxi from Huatulco to Playa Zicatela.

Excited to visit this beach? Here’s a suggestion: be careful with surfing in its dangerous water if you aren’t a surfing pro yet.


Who hasn’t heard the name of Cancun beach in Mexico? And whoever has visited this place says that its like a dream to be at Cancun.

But what’s so special about this Mexican beach that makes it stand out in the crowd?

The spectacular beauty of white sand, lush green trees, clear skies and clean water become all the more worthy when you sit by the beach and eat all those international cuisines.

The Mayan culture, the number of options available for shopping, the handicraft markets, the golf course, amazing spa facilities along with all the water activities, bars, clubs, shows, and amazing nightlife makes everyone visit Cancun at least once in their life.

The perfect weather along with excellent air and land connectivity makes it convenient for travelers to go and enjoy their time in Cancun.

Things to dovisit Xoximilco, El Rey Archaeological Zone and Ventura Park
Affordable places to stayHotel Casa Maya, Krystal Cancún, and Hostel Natura
Famous forNature, nightlife, and Mayan ruins
Population9,72,000 as per 2021
WhetherSemi tropical with temperature ranging from 78-26 degrees F
Ideal time to visitDecember to April is the Peak of Cancun season and so it’s the best time to visit the island.
FoodTamales, Sopa de Lima, Empanadas, Tacos de Cochinita Pibil, Castacan, Chilaquiles are some of the must try dishes in Cancun.
How to reach there?Take a flight to the Cancun international airport and then reach the island via taxi.

And while we are done with suggesting best vacation spots in Mexico to you, one thing you must know is all the beaches we have suggested have got some of the best all-inclusive resorts in Mexico for families.

Also, there’s more to Mexico travel that you must know. See below to find out what.

Memories, Magic And Mexico

Have you ever wondered that there must be some dos and don’ts when you visit a new place? And you must know them all, isn’t it?  After all, who want to land in trouble when they are holidaying? Have a look!

The Mexican Dos and Don’ts


  • Don’t overpack and try to keep your expensive things at home.
  • Don’t drink water from a tap if there’s no instruction board hangs around the tap saying that it’s fit for consumption.
  • Don’t fall for the freebies unless you are truly interested or the offer looks genuine. Stay alert as this city is full of scammers


  • Try to blend in the crowd and dress up according to a local. This will keep you lowkey and won’t make you look like a foreigner which is in your best interest.
  • Use a lot of sunscreens as the sun is very strong in Mexico.
  • Take good care of your passport and other travel essentials that you cannot afford to lose.

And now, it’s time to have a look at another important detail about Mexico and Mexican beaches that is our FAQ section will tell you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which part of Mexico is best for families?

Tulum, Isla Munjeres, los Cabos and Cancun are some of the most ideal places for family. Talking about Is Cabo or Cancun better for families? Then Cabo is slightly better than Cancun in almost every aspect.

2.Which side of Mexico has better beaches?

The west coast of the city provides the best beaches. Old tradition, culture, architecture, galleries and cuisine are some of the best things to expect here along with the magnificent pacific waves.

3.Which beach has the clearest water in Mexico?

Marama Beach in Mexico has got the clearest wates for its visitors to enjoy.

4.Which is the Safest place in Mexico to vacation with family?

Tulum, San Miguel de Allende, Puerto Vallarta, Mérida, Huatulco, Puebla, and Oaxaca City are some of the safest cities in Mexico for travellers.

5.Which are the Non touristy beach towns in Mexico?

Bahía San Agustín – Oaxaca, Celestún – Yucatán, Xpu-Há – Quintana Roo, Lagunas de Chacahua – Oaxaca, Playa del Caballo – Jalisco, and Cabo Pulmo – Baja California Sur are a few non touristy beach towns in Mexico.

6.Which are the Best beaches in Mexico for couples?

Playa del Carmen, Isla Holbox, and Huatulco are some amazing beaches when it comes to spending quality time with your partner.

Done and dusted with everything that you needed to know about Mexican family beaches from us. Now read the information once again and plan your family trip according to which beach suits you the most.

To Sum Up

When looking for the best beaches in Mexico for families, there are a few things you must consider. Like what exactly is there for you to enjoy with your family. How much quiet or lively the beach is according to your taste. How’s the food, crowd, budget and whether of the beach you are planning to go.

If all these things are either fine or you know that you can manage the tad bit of inconvenience, then just click on your screen and do the bookings. Afterall, delaying the needful is not a trade of a wise man.

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