15 Best Dive Shops In Cozumel

Planning to go on a diving trip? Do you know about Cozumel? It is a year-round dive spot on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, known for its easy diving with good visibility and marine life such as colorful sponges, turtles, nurse sharks, and rays.

It is one of the top diving spots in Mexico and offers a variety of diving and marine life. This is why you must know the best 15 dive shops in Cozumel because when you will plan a trip to this beautiful place, diving is something you will not be able to resist doing.

And while Cozumel may be a small island about 30 miles long and 10 miles wide, it is still the largest island in the Caribbean. The Cozumel dive scene is also known for its selection of well-run diving resorts, from budget to luxury.

With a great nightlife and an endless list of activities, Cozumel is a popular destination for both divers and non-divers. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a partner, friend, or family, Cozumel has something for everyone to enjoy.

And on that note, have a look at the details given below that will help you to float in the beautiful waters of Cozumel.

Best 15 Dive Shops In Cozumel

Here are the 15 diving recommendations in the dive paradise Cozumel along with the Cozumel diving prices. Starting with:

Cozumel Dive Sites (For Beginners)


The Paradise Reef as Cozumel dive site is located simply north of Mexico and is a unique online website for Cozumel open water certification dives. Paradise has outstanding visibility, making it a notable addition to Cozumel scuba diving.

Best Dive Shops In Cozumel

Depth: 30`-40′

Approximate price: $35 for adult diving

Phone: +1 954-743-5310

Official website: diveparadise.com


The Chankanaab Reef is located in front of Chankanaab Park. It is one of the first-class dive websites in Cozumel for novices to its moderate currents and shallow depth. It is broken up into sections that are divided with the aid of using a sand channel.

Depth 35`-40`

Approximate price: $21 for adult diving

Phone: +52 987 872 0093

Official Website: cozumelparks.com

Chankanaab dive shop


The Yucca Reef in Cozumel is a great float diving web website online for novices. Yuca is close to Chankanaab and is comparable in its low profile, dense businesses of coral separated with the aid of sand and turtle grass. However, the Yucab Reef has a quicker presence, contributing to a healthy reef.

Depth: 40`-50`

Approximate price: $28 for adult diving


Columbia shallows

New divers usually want a location where they can dive without the interruption of too many people. And that is when you should consider coming here. Columbia shallows offer breathtaking views in their shallow waters with a sea that has a light drift current that is perfect for beginners.

Depth: 30` to 50`

Approximate price: $65 for 2 adult divers

Columbia shallows

Cozumel Dive Sites (For Experienced)

And now its time to have a look at some of the Cozumel dive sites that are not just perfect for the experienced divers but are also Cozumel dive shops near cruise port:

Palancar reef

Palancar Reef is glaringly much less dramatically fashioned than Palancar caves. Many turtles had been swimming alongside the reef. Plenty of crabs and shrimps had been located hiding within the reef. The reef is pretty and colorful and an excellent region to dive into for all stages of enjoyment.

Depth: 50`-120`

Approximate price: $35 for adult diving

Palancar reef

Palancar Caves

Palancar is a beautiful dive surrounding the South, now no longer deep South, your first-class alternative for afternoon diving consistent with many dive facilities around. You may easily distinguish a ten-meter distinction between the rocks and pinnacles’ sandy backside and pinnacle.

Depth: 90`-130`

Approximate price: $32 for adult diving

Palancar Caves

Punta Sur

An incredible multilevel dive for skilled divers. Due to its southern vicinity and publicity to winning tradewinds. It is coupled with rapid jogging midwater currents, which can cause one to overlook the dive web website online entirely.

Depth: 90`-130`

Approximate price: $41 for adult diving

Phone: +52 987 872 0833

Official website: cozumelparks.com/en/punta_sur

Punta Sur

Ray diving

With an experience of 20+ years of inexperienced diving, ray diving has been the top spot to learn and practice scuba diving and experience the underwater world. With the schemes that provide you with personalized diving facilities and accommodations, you can always count on ray diving when in Cozumel.

Depth: 150 meters

Approximate price: $62 for an adult diver

Phone: +52 987 873 9969

Official website: raydiving.net


When in Cozumel, don’t just stay on the ground. Get under the water and feel the coral reefs that the water world has to offer you. and for that, you can consider coming to the AquaAdventures too. They not just train you to be a pro scuba diver but also help and allow you to experience the best of the underwater world when you are here.

Approximate price: $70 for 1 tank night dive

Phone: +52 987 117 8916

Official website: aquadventures.com

Recommended Cozumel’s Dive Shops

The best dive shops in Cozumel are always a personal choice. Here are some more diving recommendations that include the cheapest diving Cozumel places and also the dive shop playa del carmen. Have a look:

Cozumel H2O

Cozumel H2O is a bit small, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not fun. The people behind the store are close friends who share the same passion for diving. They offer both scuba certification and guided diving tours at a low price.

Their night dive is great. Apart from that, they offer freediving in the spots of Maracaibo, Devil’s Throat, and Barracuda.

Depth: 70 to 90 feet

Approximate price: $60 per person

Phone: +52 987 876 2021

Official website: cozumelh2o.com

Cozumel H2O

Scuba Luis

Scuba Luis is the most convenient dive shop option if you plan to stay in southern Cozumel. They will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel at the nearest pier. You don’t have to travel to their store.

Another feature of the Scuba Luis is hassle-free diving. If you book with them for more than two days, they will care for your gear. They wash it every time they dive and store it in a special storeroom.

Depth: 98 feet

Approximate price: $30 for adult diving

Phone: +52 987 564 3335

Official website: scubaluis.com

Scuba Luis

Blue Project Cozumel

You can count on Blue Project Cozumel from scuba diving to boat diving. They have a dive boat called Odyssey that has been refurbished and rebuilt to ensure the value of the dive. It had been designed to accommodate divers, even with all gear comfortably. They guarantee safe cruising on every trip.

Depth: 60 to 80 feet

Approximate price: $ 90 for their primary 2-tank dive.

Phone: +52 987 105 3027

Official website: blueprojectcozumel.com

Scuba Luis


CozuDive changed into based in 2017 with the aid of Alvaro and Marilyn. Each PADI-licensed diver will take you to mystery spots that different dive stores don’t usually provide. Just be aware that they require at least three divers on afternoon trips. It’s something to maintain in thoughts in case you’re flying solo.

Depth: 12 meters

Approximate price: 75$ in line with the day.

Phone: +52 987 114 4970

Official website: cozudive.com


Scuba life Cozumel

If there’s one dive middle you shouldn’t pass over at the island, it’d be the Scuba Life Cozumel. They offer diving certification, diving trips, snorkeling trips, and personal charters.

Unlike different dive operators on the island, Scuba Life Cozumel has an actual storefront. Scuba Life additionally gives equipment leases, and the institution dives for an affordable cost.

Depth: 10 to 18 meters

Approximate price: US$500

Phone: +52 998 202 6100

Official website: scubalifecozumel.com

Scuba life Cozumel

Punta Tunich

This place knows how to be the best of the rest. Whether it’s about sea turtles, whether, crowd or the diving experience. Punta Tunich is amongst the best diving spots in Cozumel that you must try.

Depth: 50` to 130`

Approximate price: $68 for 1 adult diver

Punta Tunich

Best Time To Visit Cozumel Diving Shops

After getting all excited for the trip, you must be wondering when it’s the best time to dive in Cozumel, or the best month to dive in Cozumel to be precise, right? Here are the details:

January – April

If you like heavy crows, consider visiting Cozumel during these months. This is not just the perfect time but also the best month to visit Cozumel weather-wise. A lot of tourists can be seen here from January to April.

May – October

What is a beach vacation without sunny days? If you like soaking in the hot sun, come to Cozumel during this monsoon and autumn season.

These are the hottest and wettest days of the island and hence the least favorable time to visit Cozumel. But it’s still pleasant enough to visit and enjoy your stay if you like sunny days with some nice natural showers.

November – December

The winter is almost approaching and the autumn is about to say goodbye, these two months are the second-most favorable time to visit Cozumel.

With the medium crowd, no more hurricane warnings, low levels of humidity, and pleasant weather to enjoy, November are December are the most chilled out months for Cozumel and hence perfect to pay a visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

And now it’s time to have a look at the most frequently asked questions about this trip. Before we wind up our virtual diving session with you.

1.What are the best dive sites in Cozumel?

All the diving sites mentioned above are some of the best places to dive when in Cozumel.

2.How much does scuba diving cost in Cozumel?

Depending upon the place you choose to dive at. On average, 1-day scuba diving in Cozumel costs approximately between $20 to $40 for an adult and $19 to $35 for kids.

3.How many dive shops are there in Cozumel?

Cozumel is majorly known for its water activities and so, currently, there are about 42 PDAI dive shops in Cozumel.

4.Is Cozumel still good for diving?

Yes, Cozumel is still very much favorable for diving. With its n number of diving spots, great safety measures, excellent weather, and so many more things. You can always count on Cozumel for scuba diving.

5.Do you have to be certified to dive in Cozumel?

No, you are welcome in Cozumel even if you don’t know diving. There are places for beginners to learn scuba diving and shallow spots that are safe for non-scuba divers to enjoy their time in Cozumel.

Done and dusted with our virtual tour of Cozumel dive shops and Cozumel dive resorts. Enjoy exploring!

To Sum Up

If you are into diving, you must know the best 15 dive shops in Cozumel. Because Cozumel gives a lot for the traffic of all ability stages to enjoy. The underwater global is such a superb region to find out and explore, with loads of various fish and plant species to look at and study or simply stare upon in awe and amazement.

Another reason that makes it perfect for diving is safety. Cozumel is one of the most secure locations in Mexico. It’s a Caribbean paradise in the true sense and which is why you must visit this beautiful island.

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