Best Horror Books of All Time

Horror has been a topic that has gotten discussed for centuries. It has been a part of the literary world for years. Recently it has fixed itself in the present. It may be due to the realization that it is satisfying with the scary aspect of it. The adrenaline rush feeds the soul of the human in different perspectives.

If you are a fan of horror and are looking for books to send chills down your spine, here is a complete list of the best horror books. Pick your favorite one, purchase, and get down to read. There are a lot of horror stories out there that are great pieces. If you are afraid of horror stories but still need to do your writing assignment on it – simply ask us “I need someone to write my research paper”. And we’ll help.And now let’s check this horror digest! 

  1. The Bad Seed- William March

The book got published in 1954. It not only rose to become a best-seller, but it also registered as a finalist for the ratings in the National Book Awards. The books cover features an eery looking girl that is innocent and disturbing. Her name is Rhoda and is always at the center of numerous grotesque accidents. When her mother realizes that she may be the cause of the accidents with her deeds deeply rotted in all the happenings, the drama begins to unfold. The climax builds shockingly in a way that most people will find exhilarating.

1.The Bloody Chamber- Angela Carter

It is probably her best work that is recognized. The book has a natural starting point. It is a concussion of fairy tales that are rather unsettling and focus more on the rage and frights of women, their love, desires, and sexuality in a bunch. Derived from Bluebeard, it has other derivations from Sleeping Beauty and Puss in Boots. The stories covered in this book have many variations in both length and tone, but you will find an array of female characters and stench horror.

2.Carrie- Stephen King

It is probably one of his best-written works. It was the first work he put out and amazed a population. The chilling horror depicted in this story is a narration of what begotten the character before the revelations began to happen. There is a dance scene in the book that is so memorable you possibly cannot forget once you have read it. Grab yourself a piece.

3.The Case Against Satan – Ray Russell

It begins with a chilling sensation when two priests get summoned to have an examination on a girl that might be controlled by the devil. You might think it is the Exorcist, but you got it wrong. It is a theological horror book that has broken a couple of records. It revolves around the crisis of faith. It is among the supernatural tales, and if you are a lover of such, it will knock your socks off.

4.Come Closer – Sara Gran

All our lives, we have probably done something and forgotten about it at some point. That is the starting point of the book. The eery novel takes us b through a chilling road of events as the character gets summoned by the boss to give explanations on a collection of insults jotted on a report she presented. Later in the night, a recurrent tapping is heard in her husband’s home. What turns out is something that will raise the hair at the back of your neck.


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