The Best Time To Visit Cabo San Lucas: All You Need To Know

These past two years have been very harsh upon all of us. Upon all the horrid accounts of Covid-19, the mental toll due to the social quarantine and self-isolation, and the lockdown has been huge.

A very simple way to dissolve all the negative emotions piling up all this while is an adventurous trip to an exotic place. This period of laxation on travel restrictions might be a golden opportunity for travel enthusiasts.

Mexico is a major tourist destination with its scenic as well as unique destinations and attracts a fairly large amount of footfall annually. If you are also looking forward to visiting Mexico then don’t forget to stop by Cabo San Lucas.

Keep on reading to find out about the best time to visit cabo san lucas and answers to other questions regarding your trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Location Of Cabo San Lucas And Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a city famous for its beaches and resorts as well as scenic rock formations, namely the El Arco and Neptune’s Finger. One another thing that Las Cabos is famous for is the whale shark sightings on the Pacific side.

Cabo San Lucas
Best Time To Visit Cabo San Lucas

Located in Mexico, as well as the west coast of North America, Cabo San Lucas is on the southernmost tip of the flank of Mexico that extends to the Pacific Ocean.

Los Cabos

The neighboring town of San José del Cabo (northeast of Cabo San Lucas) along with Cabo San Lucas is unitedly called Los Cabos, which means “the capes” in English literally.

Los Cabos
Los Cabos

What Makes Cabo San Lucas Famous

Literally the cape city of Mexico, the place is famous for the variety of activities and attractions it offers. Being situated besides the Pacific Ocean, it has a variety of opportunities for sea-activities like snorkeling, diving, or coral-sighting and much more.

If you are also a foodie and are enthusiastic about knowing the place through the taste it provides, then don’t forget to try the world-famous Mexican delicacy called Tacos. Don’t forget to tell us how you liked them! 😉

If your friends and family insisted that you bring back souvenirs from your trip then don’t worry. The local markets and bazaars are full of enchanting ornaments that are hand-made! We are absolutely sure that everyone would love it if you gifted these to them.

From Arco de San Lucas to Lovers Beach, Cabo San Lucas has many tourist-y spots. Having beaches and mountains both, it provides a wide range of activities from sea-sports to hiking and trekking, as well as a simple walk through a well-infrastructured town.

Cabo San Lucas welcomes the tourists with the warm regards of the Mexican ethnicity and culture and opens a whole new world of unencountered lifetime experiences to the tourists. Read on to know the best time to visit cabo san lucas and many more facts to make the most of your trip.

How To Get There?


The preferred way to travel to Cabo San Lucas is through airways. The Los Cabos International Airport is located in San Hosé del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas is only a 30-45 minute trip away from there. Most prominent airlines such as American Airlines, Aereo Calafia, Aeromexico, etc. provide air transportation to LosCabos International Airport.

From there you can take a bus to Cabo San Lucas. Or if you have money to spare or can afford such luxuries, you can call the hotel you reserved to provide free or included transportation.


If you are looking forward to having a long, leisurely road trip to Cabo San Lucas, then there are choices available for that too.

Driving down Mexican Highway 1 all the way from Tijuana is a very promising experience because of the endless Mexican scenery and culture through it. But avoid doing it if you aren’t very comfortable with your Spanish or don’t know about Mexican roads priorly.

A very easy way to acquire a car to drive is to get a rental. There are many agencies available catering to the needs of the tourists in Mexico.


If you are an enthusiast about sea travel or want to experience it, then you will get plenty of cruiser ships that go through the route of Cabo San Lucas. But the port in Cabo San Lucas isn’t capable of harboring big cruiser ships. Thus, passengers to Cabo San Lucas will have to be anchored off at a distance and then tendered to the cape city via a yacht or boat. Stick with us to find out when is the best time to visit cabo san lucas.

Activities And Weather According To The Month In Cabo San Lucas

We are including cabo san lucas weather by month and cabo san lucas weather by month Fahrenheit as well as the various things to do in cabo san lucas according to what time of the year it is. Further on we have the information on the best time to visit cabo san lucas.


January is one of the colder months in Cabo San Lucas. The weather in cabo san lucas in january is pretty chilly if not outright cold. You can enjoy the place with lightweight winter clothes during this month.

The average highest temperature during January is 74°F (23°C) while the average lowest temperature is 54°F (12°C).

weather in cabo san lucas in january
weather in cabo san lucas in january

January has one of the popular attractions of Cabo San Lucas — the Feast Day of San Antonio de Abad. This day witnesses the acceptance of animals into the church as San Antonio de Abad is considered to be the patron saint of animals. Local people, therefore, dress their pets on this day and take them to the church to receive blessings for them. Watching animals in the church, and adorably costumed ones upon that, could be a very wholesome memory.


The weather in cabo in february is cool with a little possibility of precipitation. A jacket or sweater would be enough during this month.

The highs and the lows are almost the same as in January, i.e. 77°F (25°C) and 55°F(13°C) respectively.

 weather in cabo in february
weather in cabo in february

February sees the holding of the steadily growing Jazz event called San Jose Jazz Weekend. Featuring local as well as international artists and bands, the music festival is a free-entry show, and thus attracts a huge crowd of jazz enthusiasts from around the world. What could be a better vacation than one with the energy of upbeat jazz in it?

Todos Santos, dubbed as one of the Pueblos Mágicos (meaning magical towns) of Mexico, holds an open studios tour into its various institutions of art and art galleries. If you are interested in art then it’s good news that the tour is open for the public.

Besides this is also a series of carnivals which see various parades and processions.


March finally introduces the warming up of the weather. The los cabos weather in march is less cold during the day. Days are clearer than January and February.

High temperature reaches 81°F (27°C) whereas the lowest temperature lingers around 56°F (13°C).

los cabos weather in march
los cabos weather in march

Named after the patron saint of the city, the Festival of San Jose is an amalgam of music and parties followed by parades and rodeos. Food and dancing are a major part of these festivities.

Gala de Danza, a get-together of the distinguished singers, dancers, and performance artists in Mexico, arranges a fun time of ballets, ballroom dances as well as classical dances of Latin origin. It is one of the best time to visit cabo san lucas. Don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes!!


Both day and night temperatures rise steadily with weather in cabo in april being fairly warm and dry.

Average highest temperature reaches 86°F (30°C) and at night the lowest temperature is 58°F (14°C).

weather in cabo in april
weather in cabo in april

DÍa de los Niños, is sort of a children’s holiday. To celebrate kids, children are given holidays from schools and there are many attractions for children such as magic shows, music shows, and toy stalls.


cabo weather in may is the driest with skies spotless and sun shining throughout the day. Be mindful of sunburns and tans. Always carry sunscreen with you. Surfers start to find the sea more suitable for surfing.

Highs jump to about 89°F (32°C) and the lows to 61°F (16°C).

cabo weather in may
cabo weather in may

The month of May sees the festival of Cinco de Mayo. It is the celebration and the memoir of the victory of Mexico over France in the battle of Puebla

The town of Todos Santos arranges a ‘food festival’ in its restaurants and wineries. From wine tasting to balls, this festival holds a variety of events to attract foreigners.


So cabo weather in june gradually gets warmer with day and night temperatures rising.

This is the last fairly comfortable month before the onset of summer. With clear skies and hot sun, days can get pretty warm. Keep sunscreen on you.

Day temperature reaches an average high of 94°F (34°C) and nights are around an average low of 66°F (19°C).

cabo weather in june
cabo weather in june

June has the popular Los Cabos Open of Surf, where professional and enthusiastic surfers meet to compete in a surfing competition. Along with surfing, the beaches are the venue for concerts as well as food festivals.

Fiesta de la Música is the worldwide known music festival on the Longest day in the year, i.e. June 21, also known as the Summer Solstice. Music of all kinds of genres finds their way to the visiting tourists’ ears.


The weather in cabo san lucas in july is typical of summer. Days are sunny and hot. Though rain is spread unevenly throughout July, it also is the start of hurricane season in Cabo San Lucas. It is the best time to visit cabo san lucas to enjoy summer on Mexican land.

The thighs are way above an average of 96°F (36°C) and the lows are around 73°F (23°C).

weather in cabo san lucas in july
weather in cabo san lucas in july

The Fiesta of the Virgin of Carmen is celebrated in this month dedicated to the Virgin Mary as the protector and uplifter of Mexico. The celebration also introduces the cultural craft of Mexico.

The Festival of St. James is another important event of this month. Credited as the patron saint of Spain and the pioneer of Catholicism in Mexico, St. James is celebrated on this day. Parades on white horses with various plays and acts are organized.

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The weather in cabo in august is uncomfortably hot. With rain scattered around the month, August is officially the start of the monsoon in Cabo San Lucas. It is one of the best time to visit cabo san lucas if you have rain activities planned on your trip.

The days are very hot with average around 95°F (35°C) and the average low temperature being 75°F (24°C).

weather in cabo in august
weather in cabo in august

This month sees the annual male tennis competition in the Los Cabos Open with opponents competing for prize money of $800,000 USD.

The Feast of Assumption of the Blessed Mary is a religious celebration regarding Virgin Mary’s assumed ascension to heaven on this day. Celebrated in the locality of Los Cabos, this festival sees the decoration of churches as well as buffets and music processions.


cabo san lucas weather in september is the rainiest. This Is the ending month of the hurricane season in Cabo San Lucas. Heavy rainfall amounting to around 92 mm is witnessed in this month.

The highs and lows average around 94°F (34°C)and 75°F (24°C) respectively.

cabo san lucas weather in september
cabo san lucas weather in september

September 15-16 observe the annual celebration of Mexican Independence Day. Both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose celebrate this day and there are citywide celebrations and festivities. Singing and dancing, beer as well as fireworks mark this day. It isone of the grandest celebrations of Mexico and can be expected to get pretty crowded.


The weather in cabo san lucas in october is still pretty hot with the highest temperature touching 31℃. Slight rains can be expected.

The average high temperature reaches 90°F (32°C) and average low temperature is 68°F (20°C).

If you are a fishing expert or are simply interested in the hobby, you can plan to check out the Los Cabos Billfish tournament. It is a competitive fishing sport held in the deep sea.

weather in cabo san lucas in october
weather in cabo san lucas in october

A greater fishing tournament that is on a global scale is the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament. Competitors have a chance of bagging millions of dollars as prize money for winning and thus the competition is a huge attraction for fishers from all around the world. It is one of the best time to visit cabo san lucas for fishing fans.


cabo san lucas weather in November sees the decline in temperature. Days begin to cool down but the seas having absorbed sunlight throughout summer are still fairly warm.

Highs and lows are around 83°F (28°C) and 63°F (17°C).

cabo san lucas weather in November
cabo san lucas weather in November

Día de los Muertos is the popular Mexican variation of Halloween. In honor and remembrance of the death of one’s family, people visit cemeteries and clean and decorate the graves with candles. The famous face painting of the skull is an inherent cultural tradition of Mexico.

Día de la Revolución is another important event of the month that celebrates the beginning of the Revolution for Mexican Independence.


cabo san lucas weather in December is very comfy with days and nights both just cool enough.

The average high is 77°F (25°C) and the average low is 58°F (14°C).

The Christmas season is a period of long festivities starting from December 16 itself. Following the scriptures of catholic Bible teachings, the people celebrate Mary and Joseph’s journey and arrival in Bethlehem. Processions lit with candles are a popular attraction.

weather in December
cabo san lucas weather in December

Finally, at midnight on the 24th, the birth of Christ is celebrated. Mass is served and people enjoy with each other and give each other presents. It is one of the best time to visit cabo san lucas as you can witness as well as be a part of the various festivities.

A food festival is also celebrated around the restaurants and eateries in the area. Sabor a Cabo Restaurant and Food Festival endorses Mexican delicacies as well as drinks and music.

Expected Travel And Other Expenditure

A big factor in your trip would be the travel expenses. While it is obvious that the more money you pay, the better facilities you will be provided. But still, we would like to give you an idea of the basic cost of traveling to Cabo San Lucas so that you can be best prepared for enjoying your vacation.

The average expenses of one single day in Cabo San Lucas is around M$ 1,882. That converts to $91 in USD. So, if you are traveling alone, a week in Cabo San Lucas will cost you M$ 13,175 ($642) and for couples, that amount would be M$ 26,350 ($1,283).

Hotels And Resorts Around Cabo San Lucas

This section will give you a list of best and affordable cabo san lucas hotels and cabo san lucas mexico resorts as well as cabo san lucas resortslos-cabos.

Hotels And Resorts Around Cabo San Lucas
Hotels And Resorts Around Cabo San Lucas
  • One&Only Palmilla (San Jose del Cabo)
  • Esperanza, Auberge Resorts collection (Cabo San Lucas)
  • Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort and Spa (Cabo San Lucas) (affordable)
  • Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos (San Jose del Cabo)
  • Nobu Hotel Los Cabos (Cabo San Lucas) (affordable)
  • Cabo Vista Hotel (Cabo San Lucas)
  • Puerta Cabos Village (Cabo San Lucas)
  • Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa (Cabo San Lucas) (affordable)
  • Villa del Arco Beach Resort and Spa (Cabo San Lucas) (affordable)
  • Los Cabos Golf Resort (Cabo San Lucas) (affordable)

Best Places To Visit In Cabo San Lucas

  • Arco de San Lucas: This beach landform is the well known landmark of the cape city of Cabo San Lucas. Standing tall and big, this feature is a sight to see in summer, thus making the hot season the best time to visit cabo san lucas.
  • Lovers Beach: Containing El Arco and Neptune’s Finger, the beach is a popular spot for admiration of the beautiful rock formations. Or you could simply sunbathe in peace or go for a swim!
  • Mount Solmar: About 500-600 ft. in altitude, Mount Solmar provides a breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset, as well as the profile of the Cabo in all its glory. It takes half an hour to reach the summit.
Best Places To Visit In Cabo San Lucas
Best Places To Visit In Cabo San Lucas
  • San Jose del Cabo: A quiet, relaxing coastal town (except during festivals and carnivals), San Jose del Cabo is located to the northeast of Cabo San Lucas. It is well known for its art galleries, open roadside eateries and wineries.
  • Medano Beach: Crowded by tourists, this beach is the most popular one of Cabo San Lucas. Fine eating places, lounges with shades and various water activities come together to make up for the beach’s popularity.
  • Cabo Pulmo Marine Reserve: On the eastern side of Baja California, it is an officially recognized area for protection and preservation of marine life and reefs. It is a perfect spot to check out around November due to optimal conditions around then and hence around then is one of the best time to visit cabo san lucas.

The Best Time To Visit Cabo San Lucas

The best time to visit cabo san lucas is different for people with different interests. Popular for whale sightings, Cabo San Lucas is perfect to visit during December to April. Fishing enthusiasts may visit the cape city then visit during late-summer or late-fall.

If you want to have a good time in your vacation as well as want to witness various events also, then the months of October and November are preferable.

But beware of hurricanes! Being a coastal city, the threat of hurricanes is always there. The official season of hurricanes runs from May to November. A good example of the probable destruction by an intense hurricane is the Hurricane Odile that hit Baja California Peninsula in 2014.

The Dos And Don’ts While Traveling In Cabo San Lucas

  • Visit during festivals to have a more immersive interaction with the culture.
  • Don’t stroll alone late at night or go off on your own to an unattended place.
  • Check out the sunrise and sunset once from the summit of Mount Solmar.
  • Don’t walk around with your passport, and other useful documents. Lock them in some place safe.
  • Go see the whale sharks that Cabo San Lucas is famous for.
  • Don’t drink way too much that it causes further complications.
  • Try out the Mexican delicacy Tacos in its native country.
  • Don’t deal drugs or do anything to break the law to avoid getting into trouble.
  • Carry sunscreen with you always if you don’t want sunburns or tans.
  • Don’t spout out Spanish that you don’t understand to avoid unwanted confusion.
  • Carry water in summer. Stay hydrated.
  • Don’t tell strangers about your personal information.
  • Have yourself insured on your vacation.
  • Don’t trust anyone on face value. Beware of getting scammed.
  • Go to check out the magical reefs and marine life!

So, this was our guide on traveling to Cabo San Lucas. We hope that we have answered most of your questions like when is the best time to visit cabo san lucas and more. Lastly, we would like to wish you a safe and happy travels!


Q: When should you not go to Cabo San Lucas?

A: If you want clear, unexcessive weather, then July to October won’t be the best time to visit cabo san lucas. Avoid going in April and May for its dryness. December to February are pretty cold but not bothersome. For fear of hurricanes, avoid the period of August to October.

Q: What is the rainy season in Cabo San Lucas?

A: The rainy season in Cabo San Lucas is from August to September, although a little scattered rain is observed in all the months except April and May.

Q: What is the cheapest time to go to Cabo?

A: May to June and then October to November come under the shoulder season and provide fair discounts on hotels and air tickets. Furthermore, the months of October and November hold many festivities, so a double benefit!!

Q: What is the hottest month in Cabo San Lucas?

A: July forms the hottest month in Cabo San Lucas, with average highs at around 87°F (30°C).

Q: when is hurricane season in cabo?

A: Hurricane season in Cabo San Lucas is from August to October. You don’t need to be too wary of it though, as chances of a hurricane are slim.

Q: Where is Cabo San Lucas located?

A: Cabo San Lucas is a cape city located on the Southernmost point of Baja California Peninsula in the Baja California state of Mexico.

Q: Where is Los Cabos?

A: Los Cabos is the collective term for the two neighboring cape cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

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