Burna Boy: Twice As Tall review – new heights for the Afro-fusion wizard

Twice As Tall is the fifth studio album of Burna Boy, the Nigerian performer who rose to international prominence in 2019 with the album African Giant. He received a Grammy nomination for the African Giant and as he said was very upset, even sick when he did not win the prize.

The winner, Angélique Kidjo dedicated her award to Burna Boy saying that young performers like him change how the world sees Africa. The album is a mix of Afro-fusion, R&B, Jamaican dancehall, hip-hop, and other styles.

The work stands out and is nothing like what is currently being produced. Burna uploaded the whole album on the Youtube platform. Actually, Burna is one of the first performers who actually know how to market on YouTube.

The album went viral because of the Youtube audience. The network is growing every day and you have a chance to become an influencer too. You can start your career from a different level if you buy YouTube views and likes from JayNike.

Those views, likes, and subscribers are much needed from the start of the journey. The album shows that African pop-music is mixing with different styles from all over the world and produces work with a fresh approach.

But even before African Giant Burna Boy had already had collaborations with artists such as Drake (2017) and Beyoncé. Burna Boy appeared in The Gift, Lion King companion album. The new album Twice As Tall takes a lot from the African Giant.

Burna Boy: Twice As Tall review – new heights for the Afro-fusion wizard
Burna Boy: Twice As Tall review – new heights for the Afro-fusion wizard

There are famous collaborators involved in the making of this album as well as some other Nigerian performers. We hear Yoruba and Pidgin verses. The first single of the album Wonderful celebrates the African tribal culture in the music video.

“Monsters You Made” is a political statement that ends with the words of a Ghanaian writer Ama Ata Aidoo “Is it over?”.

The song is about the colonial powers that oppressed the African communities for centuries, but when the oppressed tried to fight back the oppressors called them monsters.

Nigerian Star Burna Boy Is Reaching New Streaming Heights

Over the last decade, international stars have gained more popularity in the United States than ever before. US artists collaborate with artists from outside the country regularly and the leading labels are not afraid to sign the stars from other continents.

Even the radio stations who do not like changes play new music from artists such as South Korean BTS and Nigerian Burna Boy. Burna Boy is on the radar of the US listeners currently more than any other international star.

A 29-year old star appeared on the Rolling Stone Top 500 Artists at the end of August and was number 128th. After the release of his fifth studio album Twice as Tall. He premiered the album on Grammy’s where he also received a nomination for his 2019 album African Giant.

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