Easter Speeches, Messages, And Poems For Toddlers

The holiday is one of those times when one expresses love for each other and gets together. Holidays reflect the idea of togetherness, be it Christmas or easter or thanksgiving. All the people around your house come jointly and profess and celebrate their togetherness.

Easter holiday is known as one of the most important holidays and there are many manners to commemorate Easter.

Chant These Engaging Easter Speeches With Your Child
Chant These Engaging Easter Speeches With Your Child

One of the most efficient means to enjoy Easter is through the recitation of poems, speeches, and dialogues. They connect the community and bring them along. Also, Read- The most common teenage problems

The Meaning of Easter

The meaning of Easter extends beyond its religious significance and carries deep symbolism and messages of hope, renewal, and redemption. At its core, Easter represents the triumph of life over death Easter is often associated with the arrival of spring,

a season that symbolizes renewal and rebirth. Furthermore, Easter encourages believers to focus on the values of compassion, love, and selflessness. It reminds people of Jesus’ teachings of kindness, empathy, and service to others.

Christians are called upon to extend a helping hand to those in need, practice forgiveness, and spread joy and goodwill. Traditions such as Easter egg hunts, exchanging gifts, and sharing festive meals foster a sense of unity and togetherness.

In essence, the meaning of Easter encompasses themes of faith, hope, renewal, and love.It invites individuals to contemplate their spiritual journey, embrace the potential for personal growth, and strive for a better and more compassionate world

The Importance Of Easter Recitation: 

Chant These Engaging Easter Speeches With Your Child

The importance of the recitation lies behind the idea of paying appreciation for Jesus. Easter is dedicated to the resurgence of Jesus Christ.  This commensuration is completed with the recitation of such chants, short poems and religious verses earmarked to Jesus and his selfless deed of ridding us of the sin.

It is not only performed in the church to mark his sacrifice but it can be enacted in his honor in your home too. The festival symbols of Easter are eggs and rabbits. Design an enamel pin that fits the atmosphere for your children can add splendor to their recitation.

The intricate details with texture and light-reflecting durable enamel paint are glazed to a high shine finish and is an easily wearable ornament. Check EnamelPins and design custom pins by yourself!

It celebrates the lust for life by dedicating yourself to lead the path of truth and happiness. There are many different recitations of religious verses available but they are very long and tough for kids who have started to talk Sodapdf .

Many kids cannot remember all those long verses. But worry not, we will help you get some meaningful short religious easter poem which will be easier for your kid to memorize. 

Types Of Easter Poems: 

There are various kinds of easter poems which are dedicated to various aspects of Jesus. 

The Cross: 

There is a religious poem dedicated to the cross of Jesus. And it goes like this. The poem is named ‘cross’ and it depicts the importance of the cross and how it came to be. 


  • I know in life we all go through
  • A lot of hurt and pain,
  • But we need to think of Jesus Christ
  • On the cross with all our shame
  • For as our Lord was hanging there,
  • He bore our sin and doubts
  • And the brokenness that bound our lives
  • His precious blood poured out
  • And in the blood that flowed that day
  • Is forgiveness for all our sin,
  • For only Christ’s blood is able to cleanse
  • The deepest stain within
  • But oh, the pain that He went through
Chant These Engaging Easter Speeches With Your Child
  • In suffering on His own,
  • For even the Father turned His face
  • And He was left to die alone
  • We could never imagine the anguish
  • Jesus endured upon the cross
  • And the love expressed in His dying breath,
  • When all we did was scoff
  • And nothing at all we’d ever go through
  • Could possibly compare
  • To the horror that the cross portrays
  • Of our sin, our hurts, and fears
  • For the cross of Christ reconciled us
  • To our Father God above
  • And the Holy Spirit empowers us
  • To walk in transforming love.
To Resurrection: 

The main point of celebrating Easter is the celebration of the renewal of faith and love and peace that Jesus is a sign of. Here is a poem dedicated to the rebirth which you can teach your child. The name of the poem is ‘resurrection’.


  • We hold so close to our hearts
  • The cross where Jesus died,
  • But so much more than the blood-stained cross
  • Is that Jesus came back to life
  • The stone’s been rolled away;
  • The tomb lay open and bare —
  • They looked for Him, and then the angel said
  • He is no longer here
  • Oh what joy they must have felt
Chant These Engaging Easter Speeches With Your Child
Chant These Engaging Easter Speeches With Your Child
  • To see Him just once more,
  • To eat with Him, to drink with Him,
  • To receive Him back as Lord
  • So much did He accomplish
  • His death upon the cross
  • And in His rising from the dead,
  • He reconciled us back to God
  • Nothing else could bridge the gap
  • That sin had wrenched apart —
  • Now we can freely go to God
  • And receive Christ in our hearts.
To His sacrifice: 

The sacrifice of Jesus is a sign of the passion he has for life and love for us. He sacrificed his life for us, ridding us of our sin. We need to acknowledge his sacrifice and lead ourselves in the path of truth by not committing any sin. 

God’s sacrifice

  • Our Heavenly Father,
  • Look down from above
  • On the world, you’ve created
  • Out of words of love
  • Lord, when you spoke
  • Precious life into being,
  • You created so perfectly
  • Each and everything
  • But when we sinned,
  • Perfection was lost
Chant These Engaging Easter Speeches With Your Child
  • And separation from you
  • Was the price it cost
  • I know many times
  • Throughout the future years,
  • You tried so hard in vain
  • To draw us all near
  • It took your dear Son
  • To pay the ultimate price
  • When He laid it all down
  • The holiest sacrifice
  • The price Jesus paid
  • Has brought back to you
  • The fellowship we had
  • When we were born anew

All the poems are written by M.S Lowndes and are perfect for your child as you can easily explain to them the plight of Jesus through this poem. It will increase the importance of religion which is needed to restore decorum and peace in them so that they reflect in a better way. If you help them nourish their soul, they will reflect positivity in the world. 

Chant These Engaging Easter Speeches With Your Child

It can only be achieved by teaching your kids to be empathetic, caring and loving and passionate toward humanity and there is no other way to teach them all these Jesus confiding in them about our Jesus, the very sign of devotion? Through poetry, you can help them. 

Easter Speeches For Toddlers:

All the poems mentioned are too lengthy to memorize for toddlers. Here are some of the easy speeches which toddlers can easily remember and recite them with you. The speech is named ‘Thank you, Jesus, ‘ written by Sheiresa McRae.

Thank You, Jesus,

  • Thank you, Jesus, for loving me,
  • You died on the cross and set me free.
  • They buried you, and went away,
  • But you rose again on the third day.
  • Very soon you will come again,
  • And I will live with you in heaven.
  • Thank you for dying on calvary.
  • Thank you, Jesus, for loving me.

Through this poem, we can teach our children to be grateful for what Jesus has done for us. Another small easter speech for kids is written below. 

Chant These Engaging Easter Speeches With Your Child
  • One day Jesus came to town
  • And people threw their garments down
  • They all began to shout and cheer
  • ‘Hosanna! Hosanna! Jesus is here. 

The advent of Jesus can be understood by this. One other religious easter speech for small children taken from Matthew 28:6 and John 11:25 are written below. Also, read Skyrim illusion spells

  • The Easter Egg is hollow
  • Just like they found the tomb
  • For it is meant to represent 
  • Christ has risen for you. 
  • -Matthew 28:6

I am the resurrection and the life, says the Lord ; 

Chant These Engaging Easter Speeches With Your Child

Whoever believes in me will never die. 

Another small cute speech that would help your kid to spell Jesus while chanting the little speech is written below. 

  • John 11.25.
  • J is for Jesus
  • E is for Jesus
  • S is for sus
  • U is for us
  • S is for s?

What does that spell? Jesus!

Easter is a celebration when all of your family comes together and celebrates the coming of Jesus. What better way to celebrate the rebirth of Jesus than reciting songs, prayers for everything that he is done for us. It is that time of the year when we become compassionate, cherishing toward each other and celebrate togetherness in our society. 

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