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The PDF format has plenty of advantages over the word format, and this is the reason that people tend to look for different ways to change their word files to pdf. Converting word files to pdf can be done manually from the very interface of Microsoft word. Still, you must know that this conversion method has become old and outdated and is only feasible if you have a couple of files to convert. If you want to convert a complete batch or group of files to pdf, then you need to get the hang of the Word to pdf converter tools. In this post we are going to tell you about the modern Word to pdf converter tools but before we do that we would like you to know why pdf format is better than Word!

  • Word files are not at all secure; these files can be edited and tampered with by anyone and everyone. Pdf files, on the other hand, are a non-editable version of your content.
  • Word files consume a lot more space than pdf files. If you are low on storage, then the best way to keep content is still to save some significant space is by converting Word to pdf.
  • Pdf files are easier to share than word files as there is no problem when it comes to their format and style. Word format can often be disrupted if you share it and open it on another device.
  • The pdf files are more reliable in every aspect so let us see how we can convert Word to pdf using modern tools!

Online Tools for Converting Word to pdf!

There are around a hundred plus tools available online who are serving the purpose of conversion and editing of word and pdf files. Still, today we are going to inform you about the most reliable and high-quality services that can help you in the free conversion of word to pdf files.

Word to PDF converter by Duplichecker

The Word to PDF converter by Duplichecker is the best online utility for changing your pdf file into editable docs and vice versa. This doc to pdf converter is free tool that requires no registrations and formalities to use. Navigating to this website on your browser for converting your pdf files, you have to use the upload button to drag word files from your local storage. After input, click on the ‘Convert to PDF’ button and the tool will do its magic in a couple of seconds. This online Word to pdf tool can convert an unlimited number of files in a single day!

Soda PDF

This online tool is designed for editing and conversion of pdf files, but you must know that you can use this program to convert word files as well. This is extremely easy to use tool that can help you learn about the conversion itself if it’s your first time converting a file. You must know that this Word to pdf converter tool has the most intriguing interface which attracts users. The soda PDF comes with two plans, you can link with the free basic one and can also hook with the paid business one if you want to use the advanced features of the tool. The basic plan is enough for you if you want to convert word files to pdf!

Phantom PDF

This tool is another one that has the feature to convert Word to pdf. This is a pdf editor and converter tool that provides services directly related to pdf. If you have made a mistake in your work and have realized it after converting it to pdf, then this is the tool that can help you edit your pdf file without converting or changing it again. The conversion features of this tool are also outstanding as this tool allows you to convert all kinds of office formats to pdf and vice versa. The best thing about this Word to pdf converter tool is that it focuses on the quality and format of the file while converting it. This tool is compatible with all kinds of devices and operating systems!

Nitro PDF

The nitro pdf tool is also a well-reputed word to pdf converter service available online. Just like other tools in this list, this one is also very easy to use and has one of the easiest interfaces. The best feature of this Word to pdf converter tool is that it can convert a complete batch of files to pdf in one go. You can enter up to twenty-word files in one go for conversion in pdf format. Furthermore, you can also merge and split pdf files with this program so that you can manage space in your storage area. The tool also has its very own compression feature as well!

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