Does Cold Formula Upset Baby’s Stomach ?

A baby’s nutrition is the most important thing for parents. New parents often confuse, especially, when it comes to bottle-feeding. They might think of giving cold formula to their baby. And here comes the most important question: Does cold formula upset a baby’s stomach? As new parents, can you give a baby cold formula

Usually, you can’t have any scientific evidence about this fact. Medical experts say that the cold formula is safe for a newborn baby. However, you need to make sure that the formula should not be very cold. Also, you will have to take precautions while preparing the formula.

And yes, if your doctor forbids it, you shouldn’t give it to your baby. There are other things as well that you should know about the cold formula. So, this article will get you covered. Keep reading. 

What Are The Signs That Show That A Baby’s Formula Is Not Right  For Them?

Does Cold Formula Upset Baby’s Stomach

Many new parents have a common doubt: Does cold formula cause gas in their baby? Well, for some babies, it does. Cold formula milk contains numerous bubbles. Babies have weak and sensitive stomachs. Therefore, sometimes, cold formula milk may affect the baby’s stomach and cause gas.  

Now, how do you understand that a baby’s formula is not right for them? Simply put, there are actually some signs that indicate a baby’s formula is wrong for them. Your baby will act uncomfortably after drinking the formula. 

Here are some signs of the wrong formula for a newborn baby.

  1. Your baby will have frequent constipation.
  2. Your baby’s appetite will be reduced.
  3. Baby can have excessive gas. 
  4. The little one may suffer from diarrhea.  
  5. The baby can cry due to stomach pain. 
  6. Your baby can be excessively fussy. 
  7. Baby can vomit after drinking formula milk. 
  8. The baby’s belly will be distended. 

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to look into the baby’s meals. The cold formula may not be the main cause of the discomfort of the baby. It will be better to visit a doctor first. 

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Why Can’t Babies Drink Cold Formula?

It‘s not true that all babies can’t drink cold formula milk. Some babies do enjoy drinking cold formula milk. It does not affect the baby’s stomach at all. However, some babies love to drink warm formula milk. Warm formula milk is easier to digest for all babies.

On the other hand, cold formula milk contains fat. It can affect the baby indirectly. It causes unnecessary weight gain.  As discussed earlier, cold formula milk can cause constipation, diarrhea, and excessive fussiness in a baby. So, these are the reasons why some babies can’t drink cold formula milk. 

How Can You Protect Your Baby’s Health From Cold Formula Milk?

Does Cold Formula Upset Baby’s Stomach

If you want to protect your baby’s health from cold formula milk, you will need to keep in mind several things. Remember, if you take the right precautions, the cold formula will not affect the health of your baby at all. 

Here they are-

  1. Bacteria can grow in cold formula milk if you store them in an unsafe place. So, the temperature of the formula should not go below 68 to 72 degrees (room temperature). 
  2. You should not give refrigerated formulas to your baby. Refrigerated formulas can spoil quickly. 
  3. You must verify the expiry dates on formula containers before giving them to your baby. On the other hand, the container or the bottle should be fresh. Spoiled formulas include harmful bacteria. It causes food poisoning in the baby. 
  4. Parents must go along with the right storage guidelines. If you prepare the formula with the right ingredients and at room temperature, it is totally safe for your baby. Store the formula in a cool bag or in a refrigerator. 

Final Thoughts

Every baby is wonderful and has different body reactions. So, it is better to observe the baby and his reactions to the cold formula. If the baby is fine, that’s good. But, if the baby acts uncomfortably, Don’t get scared. In such a case, you just need to stop giving the formula and visit a doctor. 

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