Fablehaven, The Series – A Book Review

We’re readers. Thankfully, my daughter, L,  inherited the I Love to Read gene, and can’t keep her nose out of books any better than I. While I have many opinions on the merits of reading as a family, I won’t extol them today. Suffice it to say – I am of the staunch opinion parents should read to, and with, their children all the time.

My daughter introduced me to the fantasy world of Fablehaven, written by author Brandon Mull. She was hooked on the series and was quickly making her way through them. With an impending road trip, I borrowed the audio version of the first book and listened for hours before deciding I wasn’t impressed.

Fablehaven,-The-Series – A-Book-Review
Fablehaven,-The-Series – A-Book-Review

I couldn’t get past the actor reading to know if I had any lasting interest in the story. His voice was irritating, and his weak attempt at creating distinctive voices for each of the characters only further annoyed me.

After my daughter persuaded me to read the book on my own I realized I liked where the story was heading, and I was able to project my own interpretation of the characters’ voices.

I quickly finished the first book, which lays the necessary groundwork and background for the remainder of the story, spread out over five books.

Each of the books tells a compelling story within the overriding plot, with great character development. I especially like the mingling of normal people amongst the creatures, who inhabit the magical preserve of Fablehaven.

Brandon Mull’s moralistic approach to the story establishes an expectation that good will prevail in the end, but the twists and turns to get us to our expected outcome are anything but predictable.

I finally finished the series and found the books to be captivating and engaging, as well as a wonderful conversation starter for our family. If you like the fantasy genre and enjoy young adult fiction, then I highly recommend this series for you and your offspring.

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