Flexible Learning: Your Guide to Different Types Homeschooling

Did you know that more and more families opened their own homeschool in 2021? This mostly has to do with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has made parents hesitant to send their children back to school.

Have you ever thought about learning at home to create a safe learning environment, but you do not know where to begin? Here is an introduction to some of the most popular types of homeschooling that foster student independence.

Montessori Method

Pioneered by Maria Montessori, this method of homeschooling emphasizes student independence and self-teaching. Students can make choices for their learning and rely on instructors for guidance.

Children will often decide on their curriculum and other learning elements, such as their schedule. Montessori education emphasizes that they can have control over every element of their lives.


Unschooling is a generalized term that refers to a mix-and-match method of homeschooling. You can combine activities, lesson plans, and styles from multiple different types of homeschooling to create a unique and safe learning environment for your children.

If you do not know where to begin with unschooling, try taking your favorite elements from each homeschooling style. For instance, one day you can test out these activities and see if your children learn from them.

Make sure to communicate with your children to see what kind of learning they prefer. You can often integrate their favorite activities into your curriculum so they can enjoy what they learn as well.

Classical Education Style

The classical education style is one of the oldest known to civilization. It derives from ancient philosophers such as Plato and emphasizes elements of truth and love, rather than hard data and facts.

Teaching your children tools of logic can be helpful for situations later in life. Your children will learn how to apply their skills to future educational problems. They may also develop more interest in learning if they do not have to simply memorize facts and figures.


For pandemic parents, the school-at-home method might be the most effective. It will help train your children to re-enter the traditional school environment. This is when you completely imitate the regular school curriculum as much as possible.

Many school districts have online resources that parents can use to educate their children completely at home. You can design your lessons to emphasize phonics reading skills, math skills, and other subjects such as science and social studies.

So Many Types of Homeschooling

Are you new to homeschooling or do you want to change the way that you create a safe learning environment in your home? You should not have to worry about if your children will get educated. With these types of homeschooling and more, you are bound to find a method that works.

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