10 Devices You Can Prefer Buying as Great Hoverboard Alternatives


There is no doubt that hoverboards are the most refreshing thing that exists in this world. Not only the teenagers but also the adults too want to possess their own hoverboard. This is not a device just to show off, but also a device that can help you to have unlimited fun with it. Even after the popularity and craziness for hoverboards, the device is banned in many places, including some cities, states, and countries.

Now when hoverboard is not an option anymore, the hoverboard enthusiasts are looking for things like hoverboards. If you also had a hoverboard in your list to gift your dear ones, then you even must know the best hoverboard alternatives that you can gift instead. Most of the devices I am going to mention in this article can be great alternatives for outdoor fun without a high price tag or much safety concern.


It is not always necessary that you must look for an alternative when you can’t get a real hoverboard. The devices can be owned by anyone and everyone. Even if the hoverboard is not banned in your city, you still can go for any of the devices.

Here Is a Cool list Of  Hoverboard Alternatives:

  1. WHEEL 4 Wheel Portable Electric Scooter iCarbot

         There is no specific term that can describe the W

 devices buying as hoverboard alternatives
hoverboard alternatives

HEEL. Many people address it as a notebook scooter because of its small size. The device looks such a way that it seems someone has added four wheels instead of two. Many hoverboard owners who might have dealt with the problem of balancing these two-wheeled devices, can find it comfortable and easy to adjust.

The device is well-adjusted through “somatosensory balance”, which means that the device can easily sense your body movements and move backward and forward accordingly, something like a hoverboard. There is also a free smartphone app that comes along with this device and which also helps in controlling the scooter. The four wheels of the device make it very comfortable and safe for kids, and the maximum speed setting cab restricts your kids from going too fast.

Colors Available: Black, White


  • Weight is 5.5 kgs
  • Comes up with a mobile controller application
  • The maximum speed can be controlled for kids
  • Can go up to 15 km in a single charging
  • The maximum achievable speed is 12 km/hr.
  • Can bear up to 120 kgs of body weight
  • Consists of Samsung Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Aluminum body
  • Level 5 waterproof


2.Razor E200 Electric Scooter

 devices buying as hoverboard alternatives
hoverboard alternatives

There is no doubt that scooters can be an excellent hoverboard alternative. Many people who have been riding hoverboards for longer, also prefer owning scooters along with the “coolest device in the earth”. Scooters are fun for adults as well as for kids. You can also prefer looking for an electric motor to go with your scooter.

Razor is primarily known for making sturdy and designer electric scoters of different sizes and styles. There are ample of colors available for their products, and you get many options to choose from.

The scooter we are talking about here is made of a sturdy steel frame and has a pre-installed 24V rechargeable battery. The device can go up to 40 minutes in a single charging, and 12 mph is the maximum speed that can be achieved.

The best part of buying this scooter instead of a hoverboard is that, if you run out of battery, still you can ride this scooter by foot power.


  • 24V rechargeable battery
  • Run for 40 minutes in a single charging
  • Can achieve 12 mph maximum speed
  • 8” Pneumatic tires
  • Comes up with the retractable kickstand
  • Battery charger included


3.   RipstikCaster board

 devices buying as hoverboard alternatives
devices buying as hoverboard alternatives

If you are looking for having some experience you had or dreamt of having with a hoverboard, then this product is a great alternative and can stand to your expectations. This skateboard form Razor can give the user the experience of surfing, and skateboarding in a new way.

The twisting motion of the board helps you to move forward and backward, and you don’t need to push it by your foot.

The board has only two wheels, and thus you need to balance your body, the way you used to do or maybe thought of dong with your Ripstikhoverboard. You can make 360 degrees turn along with this skateboard. The device is no way lesser than a perfect hoverboard. The feature of this device can also be misunderstood with that of the hoverboard in the first glance.

Colors available: Blue, red


  • 76 mm polyurethane wheels
  • Able to move 360 degree
  • Spiked Traction pads
  • ABEC-5 bearing
  • Perfect device for children above 8 years
  • Can bear up to 222 lbs. of body weight


4. Segway One S1 Personal Transporter

 devices buying as hoverboard alternatives
devices buying as hoverboard alternatives

If you are missing the experience of riding a hoverboard, then you don’t need to wait anymore to do so. We have here such a device that can help you get the experience of riding a hoverboard in real. The electric unicycle is very similar to the hoverboard.

If you have used a hoverboard earlier or maybe watched a lot many videos of your favorite celebrities riding hoverboards on YouTube, this Segway Personal Transporter is going to get you a complete equal experience.

The only thing that can be different between this device and a real hoverboard is that you need to practice a little more balance in this device from a hoverboard. The user needs to lean backward and forward to help this device moving, and that is how its movements are controlled. You can also compare the riding style of this device by riding a bicycle.

This device is UL 2272 certified,that is something like hoverboards, which means that it covers all the safety measures required. The device is generally designed to be used as a personal transporter as the hoverboards do. This is a perfect device if you are looking for a personal transporter that will come up with a little adventurous flavor to you. Segway One S1 personal transporter is made with a sturdy magnesium alloy frame.

There is also a free mobile application that comes up along with this device and can be used to regulate the device while using it. You can control the safety and the speed from the mobile application coming along with the app. The transporter comes along with pre-installed and customizable LED lights, and that can also be controlled with the mobile application.

This device is a perfect choice for urban dwellers, commuters and even for people who are looking for just having fun. The device works better in pavements as per the users, and if you are someone who loves to go for off-road riding this device can not be proven to be a better choice for you.


  • The device weighs 25 lbs.
  • Completely safe to ride for people aging between 16 to 50 years.
  • Can bear a body weight up to 220 lbs.
  • Customizable LED lights
  • Come along with the mobile application
  • Magnesium alloy frame
  • The maximum achievable speed is 12.5 mph
  • Can go up to 15 miles in a single charging
  • Takes 4 hours to get charged entirely
  • UL 2272 certified


5.  Orbitwheel Skates

 devices buying as hoverboard alternatives
devices buying as hoverboard alternatives

Yet another device that can replace your hoverboard experience. This portable device looks like a dream and something closer to the hi-tech future. This is a type of roller skates, and you can expect George Jetson to be using this kind of cool device. Orbitwheel is generally two different wheels made for two feet.

They work separately, and thus you don’t need to balance it like a hoverboard. This device can give you the thrill of a skateboard while you can ride it freely like rollerblades.

To make this device moving, you need to move your legs in a wave-like motion. You can do beautiful movements with this device as it does not connect both your legs on the same platform. This hoverboard alternative eliminates your work of balancing a device like you need to do in a hoverboard.

Colors Available: Black & Red, Green & Blue.


  • This device comes in a bi-color style
  • Cool design
  • Easy to balance
  • Self-powered


  6.  Dareway 12V Powered Ride-on Segway for Kids

 devices buying as hoverboard alternatives
devices buying as hoverboard alternatives

If you are looking for some other device rather than a hoverboard to keep your little one happy and safe at the same time, this device can be an excellent alternative for you. If you have heard of a Segway or a Glide board, then you can relate this product to those. This is entirely safe to use comes up with a foot-powered acceleration.

The handgrip buttons help the device to move from one pace to another and also allows your children to manage this device easily. There is a sturdy platform as the base of this scooter, and you can simply use sticker decals to modify the appearance of the device.

Available Colors: Pink, Blue


  • Perfect device for children above 6 years
  • Can bear up to 89 pounds of body weight
  • Maximum speed can be achieved up to 3.7 mph
  • Is customizable with decal stickers
  • Is perfect for forward and reverse riding.

7. Turnado Ride-On


 devices buying as hoverboard alternatives
devices buying as hoverboard alternatives

If you are looking for such a hoverboard alternative, which can give your children sheer fun without the risk of falling, then you can consider Turnado ride on to be the one. This device is specially made for the kids and can bear up to 150 lbs. It has four wheels and comes up with a go-cart, and your children can enjoy it while sitting on the buggy.

It is perfect for racing and doing tricks. The torque steering helps the device to turn around, twist and spin. Kids can go faster while being safe along with this device. The maximum speed that can be achieved is 12 mph.


  • Is a perfect device for kids above 8 years
  • The maximum bearable weight is 150 lbs.
  • Takes 8 to 12 hours to get charged
  • 24 V battery
  • Angled caster Pneumatic wheels


8. Power Wheels Wild Thing

 devices buying as hoverboard alternatives
hoverboard alternatives

This device is a perfect fun option for kids, even with physical disabilities. Children who can’t or find it uncomfortable to stand on a thing like a hoverboard can prefer this device without any second thought.

There are three wheels to balance this device, and it is perfect to go forward-backward and even spin. The alternative is made of sturdy and long-lasting material and is ideal for any terrain.

This device is perfect for parks and even if you want to take it to off rods. This device is not that faster, and the patent control speed setting can help you to set the maximum speed.

Available colors: Orange, Pink, and Green


  • The maximum speed limit is 5 mph
  • Sturdy three-wheel design
  • Perfect for children with disabilities
  • Ideal for children above 5 years
  • Parent control setting
  • Multi-terrain tires


9. RocketSkates

 devices buying as hoverboard alternatives
hoverboard alternatives

If you have watched an iron man and are looking for some device that can make you look like him, then this device can be a great hoverboard alternative. The device comes up with two skates, and one can ride this as a snowboard. It is made of fiber-reinforced nylon frame and can bear up to 275 lbs.

The device is easy to use and also easy to move. The body movement of the user helps the device to go backward and forwards. One can also climb up the stairs while wearing the device.


  • This device is perfect to use for children above e16 years
  • Removable lithium-ion battery
  • Charges within 90 minutes and is ideal for men of shoe size 6.5 and women of 6


10.   SkootRider Off-Road Skateboard

 devices buying as hoverboard alternatives
hoverboard alternatives

If you are in love with skateboards and are looking for something that is managed with electric power, then this is the one for you. This is perfect for getting you the expected thrill that you are having for a hoverboard. An electric wheel is featured in the middle of the device, and it looks similar to a snowboard.

You can expect this device to work simply as a hoverboard and you can accelerate its movements as you do in the hoverboard. The way your body moves helps this device to move forward and backward. There are many models for this device you can choose from.

Once fully charged this device can go up to 6 to 7 miles, and it takes only 20 minutes for the device to get charged fully. This is perfect for any terrain and even in off-road situations.


  • Top achievable speed is 15 mph
  • Can go up to 6 to 7 miles in a single charging
  • 2 hp motor
  • LED headlights
  • Charges in 20 minutes



Either it’s a hoverboard or hoverboard alternatives, in the end, you deserve utter enjoyment and adventure. These hoverboard alternatives are loved by people of different ages for their proximity and of course the features they carry. Well, we know that there is nothing more idyllic than a real hoverboard, but trust us, these things like hoverboards are no less while getting you the utmost fun.


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