Copied And Caught – This is how plagiarism Checker works

If you don’t know how plagiarism tools work, this article can be a great learning opportunity. The web is indeed filled up with hundreds of plagiarism checker tools, but at the same time, you must know that not all of them are reliable. 

In this article, we will tell you all about the working of the best plagiarism checker tools available online. We would also introduce you to an online plagiarism checker tool to find out how plagiarism checker works!

What are plagiarism checker tools?

Plagiarism checkers are online tools that can help users scan and check their work for all sorts of plagiarism. As we have mentioned before, not all of the plagiarism checker tools are reliable. We want you guys to know that the reliability and accuracy of a plagiarism checker directly depend on their scanning algorithms and the technology they are using to make the scan.

The majority of tools fail to provide 100% accurate results. This is just because they compare complete paras and sentences with the limited database they have integrations with. When complete paragraphs and sentences are compared, it can be difficult to extract plagiarism from the content. If a single word is changed or added in the para or sentence, the tool will not detect plagiarism. Now, this is the working procedure of failed or low-quality plagiarism checker tools. 

Working on advanced plagiarism checker tools found in 2020!

A few plagiarism checker tools use advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to check your work for plagiarism. The working of these tools is brilliant, which is why they are capable of creating the most accurate results. If you are thinking about how these tools work, then you should keep reading the sections below!

Text analysis

When you enter content in the plagiarism checker tools, the first step after you hit the check button is text analysis. The modern/advanced plagiarism checker tools would first read all of your content and analyze the topic you are writing on. After text analysis, the next step starts.

Divide and Rule!

The next step is the dividing of your input content into small snippets or divisions. We would like you to understand that your input would be divided into small phrases of mere five to seven words in this process. Now the reason behind this splitting of content is so that the tool can easily find intentional and unintentional plagiarism.

Getting caught in scanning!

The last step is to start scanning the small phrases one by one for duplication. The small phrases are compared with the huge database of the tools one by one so that all sorts of plagiarism can be found. After the scanning is complete, the tool would start collecting the results!

Presentation of results!

Now, after the tool has collected the results in the scanning process. It would start presenting it to you. The phrases/sentences/lines that match the content published on the web would be highlighted in red. The tool would also provide you with the link to sources with similar content along with highlighting the text. 

Role of AI and efficiency of advanced tools!

You will be startled to know that all of this process takes less than five seconds per thousand-word query. AI helps the tool speed up the process and focus on the sites and pages on the web with a similar or relevant niche as yours! (Pro Tool)

We promised to introduce you to one of the modern plagiarism checkers powered by AI, and this plagiarism detector is the one that you can easily find online. The working of this free plagiarism checker is very interesting, as we have explained in the earlier sections, and so you should have no doubt in the accuracy of the results produced by the plagiarism tool. This is a free plagiarism scanner but is ranked among the premium services found online because of its advanced algorithms.

The can provide you with premium services that would allow you to check up to 30,000 files daily if you register yourself with it. The tool would help you in scanning your work for plagiarism and help you find out the exact word count of the article that you have added as input. The tool can also check complete websites if you enter their URL as input. This is a great way of tracking if someone is stealing and using your content without your permission. 

You can use this plagiarism tool on any device and every operating system as a cloud-based program. It would be best to have a browser and a strong internet connection to run this plagiarism checker whenever you want. 

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