How Natural Stones Boosts Your Curb Appeal

Australians love to incorporate natural elements into their home designs. Even in large cities like Sydney and Melbourne, you can see large windows, open concept interiors, wide yards, and plenty of wood and stone when you go to the suburbs. For budget constraints, they may use vinyl wood or engineered flooring to mimic the aesthetics of hardwood.

Home makeover programs also highlight the value of integrating earth elements into the private dwelling. More than the aesthetics, they also prove that using natural stone will also boost the value of your home.

Here are some ways to maximize the use of natural stone to increase your home’s curb appeal:

  1. Flooring – Using marble or granite for your floor will ramp up the elegance factor. There is nothing like marble to showcase your luxury and class. Even if you install them in different homes, no two marble floors look the same because each stone features distinct veining, pattern, and shade. 
  1. Fireplace – The fireplace is the centre of attention of any space, whether you have one in your living room or bedroom. It draws the eyes of guests and would typically be an excellent conversation starter.

Marble walls extending upwards to your fireplace will create harmony and balance. Marble is not cheap, but when you cover your entire space with this natural stone, you will inspire shock and awe.

Porcelain is less expensive compared to marble, but it is also less sturdy. Instead of a marble fireplace, replace it with porcelain to save some money.

How Natural Stones Boosts Your Curb Appeal
How Natural Stones Boosts Your Curb Appeal
  1. Kitchen and bathtub – Apart from the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the key areas which increases the curb appeal of your home. And if you are going for an impact, then marble is the only choice. Make sure to seal it properly because the stone can be porous.
  1. Exterior – Limestone is a more affordable option for an accent wall. But it is also very flexible because you can install these limestone panels on your gates, swimming pool, patio, and bathroom surrounds. Alternatively, you can also coat your fireplace with limestone stack one after the other.

Meanwhile, another natural stone to consider is travertine. While being a part of the limestone family, it can mimic the look of marble without the hefty price.

You can install it on areas in the houses as an alternative to marble. If processed correctly, the difference between marble and travertine is indistinguishable to the untrained eye.

  1. Countertops – Fans of HGTV shows know one of the areas that prospective buyers check is the kitchen, the countertop specifically. They would ask if it is made of granite or marble. You can even see them cringe when they realize the countertop is covered with a laminate.

    And for a good reason, it means that they would incur additional expenses when they replace it with marble or granite. An alternative to granite is basalt, which is ideal for kitchen countertops because of its resistance to heat due to its volcanic origins.

Finally, replacing your countertop with granite is not a cheap proposition. For example, a granite or marble benchtop would cost you between $700 and $2,000 per square meter. But as a general rule, your investment into natural stone will come back three to four times in value when you sell your home.

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