How Other’s Art Could Get Inspire A Child’s Creativity

Before the alphabet and language, every child is encouraged to flourish in their creativity. You see crayons before pencils and coloring books before textbooks. Children, by nature, are able to be more imaginative through art and craft than textual context.

A great example is the vibrant illustrations in children’s literature accompanying the text!

In this excerpt below, we will discuss how other art inspires children to brandish their creativity in different directions. Plus, we will shed some light on how to encourage this creativity in children early on.

Creativity Through Imitation

Imitation is very common between the ages of 1-5. This is their period of ‘clean slate’ where children are trying to grasp every piece of information coming their way. This is the time for them to create habits and build conduct through the difference between good and bad, as portrayed by their society.

However, it is not always the primary influences or caregivers who bring their creative side out. It is rather through other art forms they see around.

Creative advanced children will often draw something from nature as their first sign. They will be more inclined towards colors or even fictional stories (since creativity is not always about art).

This is all, in fact, through imitation. Their mind is quite simple, they like something, and they will try to do it on their own, whether it is trying to draw the sky on a white paper or matching the steps to a dance they are watching on television. Some have a beautiful sin-song way of narrating the rhymes they learn, and others try to recreate imaginary role-playing situations based on the stories they read.

Don’t we all remember our obsessions with princess gowns and tiaras which began with reading our very first fairy tale?

Why These Imaginations Should Flourish

Taming these strong imaginations will only restrict the child from their creative side. They should be allowed to make up stories in their mind or want to paint on a bigger canvas. If painting on the wall is becoming a nuisance, why not get them big sand still canvas?

These imaginations will help them start perceiving new things they see. Make connections between fiction and real life, get creative, and try to find the answers rather than simply asking. 

In short, these imaginations will only help them think on their own rather than letting the elders dictate to them every step of the way.

Plus, one should stop with the age-old belief that imagination and creativity start the mind from academic learning as it couldn’t be far from true.

Ways To Encourage A Child’s Creativity

Here are some of the proven techniques which can help your child build their creativity.

1. Reading More

There is no better way to evoke a child’s creativity than fictional lads, mythical creatures, and brave characters. Start with introducing your child to the best-narrated children’s literature. Give them the physical copies, let them read it out loud themselves, and understand. Simply someone narrating the story over a video won’t do the same.

The stories away from reality will help elongate their little world. Children have often shown excellent storytelling capabilities through more reading or even artistic talent through studying the colors and patterns of the illustrations. Find the best free online books for kids with the best illustrations and stories for them to enjoy.

2. Listening To Music

Even pregnant women are advised to listen to music to help start developing the brain before birth. Good music beats can encourage new dancers and singers in your family. Plus, you wouldn’t know where your child’s hidden talents might lie, so music is a perfect way to test the first waters.

3. Enrolling Them Into Creative Classes

You are killing two birds with a stone!

First, allowing them to get creative in a social environment, inspired by others of their age and elders who know more about the art.

Second, a healthy sense of competition among peers has traditionally always brought out hidden potential.

Some of the classes that you should be enrolling your child in are:

  • Dance class.
  • Painting class.
  • Acting class is very effective in helping express emotions better.
  • Online book clubs for kids.

Creativity & Academics!

Everyone learns the same thing, but it is only through individual creativity that exclusiveness comes out.

If you want your kid to be different from the ordinary, help them develop this side in their early childhood.

Enroll them in a school that celebrates and does not hide a child’s imagination.

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