How to Calibrate A Hoverboard In Easy Steps – Reset Your Hoverboard

Ever wonder how those hoverboards maintain balance all the while? How do they keep going super-fine without any hassle? I know that riding hoverboards requires some sort of skill of balance, still, it’s like some sort of magic to maintain balance on the boards.

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Actually, there’s no magic! The thing that lies behind the magical balance is nothing but pure science. The secret lies in the gyroscope of the hoverboard. It collects data from the wheel’s tilt sensors and transfers it to the logic board. This keeps the board upright all the time you ride and gives you the required balance.

But what if the gyroscope isn’t calibrated properly? This will make the board unresponsive due to the inability of sending accurate data to the logic board. Then you must have to recalibrate your hoverboard. But this can be worrying for the first time.

However, I’ll tell you how to calibrate a hoverboard in a correct way on your own here in this article so that you won’t have to panic if you find your hoverboard needs to be recalibrated!

So let’s start without wasting any time!

Recalibrate Hoverboard – Do It Your Own

  But before your start, you need to know when you should think of recalibrating your hoverboard.

There are certain times that calibrating your hoverboard might fix issues. Some of them are, if you feel that your board has turned one side slower than the other, one side of the hoverboard is not working, or the red lights are flashing and you cannot use your board, calibrating the board might work just fine for you. But if your board is not working even after recalibrating it, you might have to replace the gyroscope.

Your hoverboard might face several different issues. As far as it’s about the balancing problem, you should try to recalibrate the hoverboard before replacing the gyroscope.

Now come to the process.

How To Calibrate A Hoverboard

Follow the steps I mentioned below to calibrate your hoverboard.

How to Calibrate A Hoverboard In Easy Steps – Reset Your Hoverboard
How to Calibrate A Hoverboard
  1. Turn off your board completely

You have to turn your hoverboard off completely before proceeding. If you have a remote, turning off the board by the remote isn’t enough. You must switch it off using the switch given on the board.

  1. Put the board on a flat surface

You need to put it on a flat, even surface to keep both sides of the board even with each other.

  1. Press the power button for five seconds

Now press and hold the power button given on the board for five seconds, until you hear a beep sound. The lights on the board will flash after it.

  1. Wait

After the lights flash, don’t move the hoverboard and wait till 30 seconds. It will help the board to calibrate with the surface.

  1. Lock the calibration

Now as the last step, press the power button again to turn the board off. It will help in locking the calibration set.

You’re done! There you go!

  • The last advice

  All the hoverboards can be calibrated by following the process mentioned above, but it’s always better to have a look at the user manual and check the recalibrating process before you start anything. You know, crosschecking is always a good idea!

If you don’t have a physical copy of your board’s user manual, you can check for it on the hoverboard’s website for.

How To Check If My Hoverboard Is Calibrated Properly

Always check your hoverboard after resetting or recalibrating it.

Turn it on normally. There should be no flashing red lights anymore. Take a ride on an even surface. Turn it to both sides at the same speed to check if it’s working fine or not. Go in a circle while taking the test ride. Slowly ride up an incline to check if the board stays upright or not. If everything is fine, then your calibration worked.

  Remember, don’t forget to wear helmets and other safety gear to avoid probable physical damages in case of accidents. It’s necessary to take precautions while you’re taking a ride of hoverboards.

How To calibrate A Bluetooth Hoverboard With A Remote?

You should avoid resetting your hoverboard if it’s a Bluetooth-enabled one. However, you can still calibrate it without resetting the board. Here’s how you should do it –

  • Install the hoverboard app

Every Bluetooth hoverboard has its android or iOS app. Install it on your phone to calibrate your board.

  • Connect your board with the app

Connect your hoverboard to the mobile app of the board via a wireless connection.

  • Put the board on a flat surface

In order to calibrate your hoverboard properly, you have to put it on a flat and even surface to work calibration correctly.

  • Find “calibrate the unit” in the app

Go to the hoverboard’s mobile app and find out the “Calibrate the unit” tab in it. Tap on it. Instructions on how to calibrate a Bluetooth hoverboard will pop up on your mobile screen.

Follow the instructions very carefully without making a single mistake. Any mistake in the process might damage, or even kill your board’s Bluetooth chip. There’s always a risk of getting the chip fry even after following all the instructions correctly, but there are not many options other than calibrating your hoverboard if it is not working properly.


  1. How do you realign a hoverboard?

Turn off your hoverboard completely, put it on a flat or even surface, press the power button till a beep sound comes and the lights flash, leave it on the surface unmoved for at least 30 seconds, then turn it off again to apply the realignment.

  1. How long does it take for a hoverboard to calibrate?

Generally, it takes around 30 seconds to get the calibration registered. During this time the hoverboard must be on the plain surface and must not be moved or disturbed. Once 30 seconds are over, turn the board off again to register the calibration.

  1. Why is my hoverboard’s self-balancing not working?

It can be caused due to loose wires. Disconnected motor wires, gyroscope wires, or motherboard wires can cause an imbalanced hoverboard.

  1. Why is my hoverboard continuously shaking?

If your hoverboard is shaking or vibrating during a ride, then it’s the problem with the sensors. The sensors might only be partially depressed and the motherboard cannot detect whether you’re really pushing the sensors or not.

  1. Why does my hoverboard flash a red light on a side?

Blinking or flashing red light after activation indicates that there’s something wrong with your hoverboard and it must get repaired.

  1. Why does my hoverboard beep during a ride?

Generally, if your hoverboard is beeping during a ride, it means you’ve exceeded the maximum speed. Speeding up beyond the maximum speed level can be dangerous in terms of riding the hoverboard. That’s why there’s a safety function that alerts you by beep sounds when you exceed the speed limit of your hoverboard. With every beep sound, the board will automatically start slowing down to control the speed.

Always Have a Safe Ride

  Now you know how to calibrate a hoverboard of your own. Though there are very few fixes available if your board got damaged, still you can try calibrating your board to check if it works for you or not. Calibration is the easiest fix you can do on your own.

Have a safe ride! Do wear helmets!

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