A dull and boring wall encourages more creativity, doesn’t it?Have you ever thought about covering the ugly cinder block walls. Then, you surely might have googled, “How to update a cinder block house?” Maybe your wall is not attractive or pretty enough. Or maybe, it just needs finishing. Well, there are endless reasons where people want to fix their cinder block walls. Cinder block walls are part of various homes and are budget-friendly, but that does not mean they are the most beautiful things to look at!

Plus, they don’t even fit the aesthetic of the surroundings too!

That is why some people rush to their nearby shops or call a pro and ask for help to cover them up.

But the question still remains, “How to cover cement block walls?

In this read, we have discussed the fastest and easiest ways to get rid of the eyesore, and that is the greyish-looking cinder block wall. We have also covered all your doubts and revealed ideas to make your exterior wall look better.

But before you begin, make sure to deep clean the cinder block wall, repair any damages like cracks and holes and have all your tools and materials ready.

Now, let’s find out ways to cover cinder block in the forthcoming section!



What materials you want to cover your cinder block exterior wall is totally up to you, but if you are looking for some ways, then here we have presented some of the best ideas you can choose from. We have also shared some brief details about the process and steps about how it is done.

So let’s get started!

1. Concrete Wall Finish

Wanna know the simplest way to how to cover exterior cinder block walls?

Then, use surface bonding cement and give your wall a concrete finish. It will not only help to keep moisture out and insulate the building but also gives a smooth finished look.

In the end, it is up to you if you want to leave the wall as it is or want to get it colored.

If you choose the former, then you have made a good choice because a concrete wall grants you the freedom to give any texture you want, be it a sponge, broom brush, or polished finish.

Wondering, how to apply the cement?

Her is how to do it:

  • Firstly, you will have to prepare the concrete mixture.
  • Then, wet the whole cinder block wall thoroughly.
  • Now, re-wet a small section again so that it soaks and allows the concrete mixture to stick properly.
  • Get a paintbrush or towel to apply a 1/4-inch layer of concrete mixture evenly on the small section.
  • Next, re-wet the other small section and continue the same procedure. Make sure to cover one section of the wall at a time.

So that is how to cover cinder block walls like a pro!


If you want to get your work done faster, you can rent a concrete sprayer.

2. Decorative Stucco Exterior

Right now, Stucco is such a hot thing in the market!This sandy cement-like wall gives you a more decorative, uncomplicated, and classic finish than a concrete wall.

If you choose this option, then you get the freedom to add any choice of color and texture to your cinder block wall.

If you live in a southwestern-style home is the best option for you because stucco is made from a mixture of silica, lime, and concrete.

Here is how to stucco a block wall:

  • To apply stucco, to your home’s exterior wall, you will need a flat tray that has a handle in the middle.
  • The application of the mixture might vary, but mostly, you will have to apply a bonding agent with a sprayer or a paintbrush and let it dry overnight.
  • The next day, you will need to apply an initial scratch coat known as a scratch coat. Let us tell you that this coat takes several days to dry so, no need to worry.
  • You can mist the coat regularly if it dries out.
  • To finish the job, you need to apply the final coat and add any colorful layer or to create any designs you like, such as waves, swirls, and much more.

Seems fun, no?

If you want to add a bohemian touch to your home or live in a Spanish-style architecture home, stucco is the best choice for you!


3. Cover It With Artificial Stone

Who doesn’t admire the timeless elegance of an artificial stone wall?

It is a thing that can fit any landscape. So if you want to turn your drab cinder block wall and turn it into a luxurious wall, that compliments your home, just go for an artificial stone design.

These artificial stone panels give your wall a classic masonry look. Moreover, it is way easier to install these artificial stones than real stones.

Besides, they are a lot cheaper to buy as well! And that is why it is one of the most loved designs by people and the best option for those who are looking for an easy fix or have a small budget.

These veneer stones are available in various designs and styles, such as river rock, fieldstone, ledgestone, and slate.

Certain styles require a different kind of installation, but mostly, you will have to apply mortar to the sections of these stones and press it to your cinder block wall.

If you have a design in your mind, first place the sections of stones out on the ground and then proceed with the next steps.

If you choose an imitation fieldstone, then it will require grouting after installation because they don’t stick well without it.

4. Use Real Stones

If you have time and money, you can get real stones and build walls around your cinder block walls with the help of grouting, mortar, and bonding cement.

The above materials are necessary to use to get the real heavy stones to cling to your wall.

If you have chosen to go all-natural, stones are the right choice for you because it adds a rustic and a classic ambiance to your exterior walls.

Furthermore, it also acts as the perfect backdrop for your lush lawn and garden.

5. Go Au Naturel

If you are a fan of green, you can add climbing plants to add a splash of natural color to your dull cinder block wall.

Nowadays, many people are using vines to cover their walls. But before putting the plants directly onto the walls, make sure to apply cement first so that it acts as a barrier and the plants don’t ruin the cinder block walls.

Using plants is an easy and beautiful way to achieve a natural look. You can install concrete screws to let the plants spread out evenly on the wall.


While choosing the plants, make sure to keep two things in mind: The plant’s weight and the climate in your region.

If you are looking for safe choices for lightweight plants, then sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus), saucer (Cobaea scandens), clematis, and ivy are the best options.



  • Gather all the tools and the materials before beginning your DIY project.
  • While cutting Ledgestone, wear safety glasses.
  • Buy the right kind of sealer and adhesive depending on your area and region’s climate.


There is one thing that we would like you to understand about these walls: The cinder block walls are rugged and not suitable for all climate conditions. So applying barriers like concrete, stones, and more on your cinder block walls ensures good condition for years. And if you also want to change the aesthetic of your home, then covering your wall is the best option. You can use any of our ideas in your DIY project, and if you feel you are inexperienced, you can get the job done by a pro.


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