How To Encourage Kids To Be Tidy

Having a hard time attending to your parent duties? You may not be the only one who’s going through that situation. Being a parent is never easy. You have many responsibilities in the family, such as running the household, managing financial budgets, doing household chores, and looking after your kids’ safety. 

Besides that, you also have to make sure they’re growing up to be responsible and well-disciplined children. While being with your cute and cuddly kids can be quite fulfilling, there’s no denying the fact that parenting can also be tiring and stressful.

Decluttering The Home

Every day, you have a huge pile of clutters to clean and toys to arrange. While it’s understandable that it’s your responsibility as a parent, teaching your kids some effective cleaning methods can lessen your workload. 

Not only that, if you’ve had enough of your endless cleaning routines, you may also seek help from professional service providers. For example Dirt Cheap Rubbish removal services or any other cleaning services that can effectively help you clean up your house.

To help you more, below are some helpful tips, which you can utilize to adequately encourage your kids to be tidy.

  • Demonstrate Enthusiastic Cleaning Attitude

Does your child show reluctance in cleaning in their mess? Then, maybe some factors influenced them to act that way. For instance, they may have seen particular negative reactions from the other adults in your family when they’re cleaning. Or they may have witnessed someone’s habit of grumbling while tidying up their clutter. 

Either way, it’s important to know there’s a high possibility that your child imitates or mimics the things or habits that you show them. 

Parents are the first and most important role models in front of a child’s eye. Hence, if you want them to learn the value of cleaning and tidying up the mess they made, it’s a must for parents like you to administer positive cleaning behavior to them. Apart from that, it’s also necessary for you to be a good role model to them when it comes to cleaning. 

cropped image of educator pointing on something to kids playing with constructor in kindergarten

You may also ask for their help when tidying out the house. Through this way, not only can you make them learn of the importance of decluttering, but also develop in them a sense of responsibility.

  • Use Simpler Words

Teaching your kids to tidy up their mess can be quite challenging, given their young age and innocence. Usually, toddlers easily get overwhelmed with a huge mess in front of them, which may lead to them not being able to remember where to start arranging. 

No matter how much effort you put in teaching them to clean effectively, if they can’t have a good grasp of what you’re trying to say, then your attempts will only be futile. 

While there are a lot of children who can obey simple instructions immediately, there are also some of them who can’t. Because of that, your usual way of giving commands must meet their level of comprehension. To make them better understand your cleaning suggestions, without overwhelming them, it’s better to break down cleaning jobs into simpler tasks. 

For instance, you can tell them to arrange books first, then, put their toys together in a storage box. You may also teach them basic steps to fold their clothes and organizing their shoes in their designated racks. Through this alternative, you can teach your kid simple yet effective cleaning methods.

  • Explain the Importance of Cleaning

Aside from your duties of making sure the kids are attending their school year right, another necessary thing that you need to impart to them is the importance of cleaning. While this is already apparent to you, your child may only view this activity as something that’s tiring. 

Aside from that, make them know that if their toys are left unattended, someone may trip over them and get themselves hurt. Also, make them know that their toys may be lost if it’s not properly arranged in storage, which can hinder them from playing them again.   

By doing that, you can help your child learn about the consequences of not cleaning, as well as the positive sides of tidying up their mess and arranging their things. Once started at a young age, this can effectively help your child develop a positive habit of cleaning their clutter.


It’s normal for children at a young age to play around energetically and tirelessly. While this may be good entertainment for them, cleaning their mess can significantly tire you out and wear off your good disposition. To prevent such scenarios from happening again, aside from seeking professional help, it’s also ideal for you to encourage them to clean up and be tidy.

To effectively do that, you should demonstrate to them an enthusiastic cleaning attitude, use simpler and more understandable commanding words, and explain to them the importance of cleaning. By doing so, you’re encouraging them not only to have a good cleaning habit but also develop a sense of responsibility and accountability within them.     

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