How To Help Your Kid With College-Readiness

Parents want the best for their kids, and they are more serious when it comes to education. If you want your child to join college after high school, the preparation should start as early as ninth grade. Encouraging college readiness prepares the kid physically and mentally, helps them make better choices, and keeps them motivated. But the last thing you should do as a parent is to burden the young mind with your expectations. You only need to play a passive role, giving them complete control and being there to offer guidance when they need it. Here are some ways you can help the child with college readiness.

Get involved

Early involvement of parents can go a long way in ensuring college education for students. You can do your bit by learning about the child’s interest and aptitude and researching the options in colleges and degrees accordingly. Have open conversations to know whether the youngster is interested in pursuing higher studies in the first place. They may not show enthusiasm initially, so let them take their time without forcing them into anything. Remember that your involvement needs to be subtle.

Understand the roadblocks

There may be some roadblocks in a student’s academic journey, but they need not halt it altogether. A parent can understand these roadblocks and find ways to help the child overcome them. Maybe, your kid struggles with a specific subject, so you can get them remediating classes for it. Some students find the idea of joining a college daunting because they run low on confidence. You can encourage them to gain confidence for the new journey.

Motivate subtly

Subtle motivation take your kid a step closer to college readiness. Try not to be too vocal about your expectations, but find creative ways to encourage the kid to give their best. You can take them to academic events, gift them a motivational book, or deck their room with inspiring quotes. A unique way to do it is by using a fake college diploma and transcripts as wall decor. It instills a sense of pride in the young mind, and they see it as their ultimate goal.

Seek a mentor

Doing too much as a parent may be counterintuitive when imbibing college readiness in your child. You can seek a mentor to answer their questions, handle their concerns, and show them the way ahead. A student tends to feel less stressed with a mentor and opens up better about their fears and challenges. Ensure finding someone the kid is comfortable with, such as a teacher, cousin, or family friend. Stay in touch with the mentor to be on the same page.

Provide family support

Getting into college is not easy for a child as it takes a lot of hard work. Moreover, finances are often a concern because not every student can secure a scholarship. The best thing you can do is provide family support in every possible way. Explore options with the child and accompany them for campus visits. Help them with funding and student loan procurement if needed.

Helping your kid with college readiness is perhaps the most crucial part of your parental responsibility. Be there for the kid and offer support without being too pushy.

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