How To Make Outstanding Logo Intros For YouTube Videos

A study confirms that almost 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute with 30 million viewers visiting the platform every day. With about 50 million content creators, YouTube is the most competitive entertainment platform on the internet today.

Due to the cut-throat nature of the platform, the chances of making it to the top of the game becomes even slimmer. So, to have a successful YouTube career, it is very important to have the strategies in place from the very beginning.

The strategies involve asking yourself the purpose of starting a channel. The why and how of starting the channel will help you structure a blueprint that will guide you ahead. The blueprint or the strategy must include what and how you want your content to look like. 

What must the YouTube content include?

A well-researched content is what a viewer comes looking for. So emphasize on your content more than anything else. The very first few seconds of your content will determine the language and the tone of your page. And what is usually shown in the first few seconds of a video? The intro logo. 

A logo is the face of a brand. It represents the entire channel and gives its audiences an idea about what issues the channel wants to deal with. The channel of a makeup vlogger will have a logo completely different from a travel vlogger.

So make sure to create an outstanding intro logo that best represents your channel and helps in sustaining the attention of your audience. Some free intro maker tools available online will also guide you in creating captivating logo intros. 

The basics of creating logo intro videos is very important. Following five tips will help us learn the tricks of making a cool and trendy opening logo sequence.

Observe and learn

‘Observe and learn’ is a famous saying that should be the first step of any training. What you learn from watching something for a long time is indescribable. It gives you a wide understanding of what works best and what does not. With intros it’s always a good idea to watch as many creatives as you can to understand the dynamics. You will learn what not to do which will help in filtering options. Different animation creatives will inspire you in coming up with something unique for your brand.   

Make logos an identity

A logo is the representation of your channel. It is often regarded as the face of the brand. So create a logo in such a way that it becomes the one and only identity of your brand. If your channel is fun and hip then your logo must be funky and lively. While, if your channel is for a very professional cause then try to make the logo smart and chic with the help of various YouTube video editortools or apps. The feelings you want your company to be identified with will be represented through the logo.

Hype up

A logo reveal is just a teaser of what is going to come next in the video. Create a logo in such a way that it leaves people wanting for more. Hype up the curiosity levels by showing a few seconds of precap of the video before the logo is revealed. An outstanding teaser followed by a captivating logo will make people curious about the upcoming product or offers for product and keep them hooked to the video. 

One can also play around with the logo by revealing it in parts. The attention span of a viewer is very short these days. They want to stay entertained every second. If the logo creative is such which reveals it sequentially, it will keep the viewers amused throughout.

Make it dynamic 

The logo must be so attractive and eye-catchy that it makes the viewers want to look for more. Dynamism is the key here. Keep the viewers hoping and expecting for more from the very first reel. They would want to be constantly waiting for the next clip. A thinking viewer will be more invested in your videos than anyone else. In return, they would bring in more traffic to your channel by posting or forwarding your videos on various other platforms.

Keep it crisp

At times less is more. The same is the case for intro logos. If the intro logos are too big then it turns into a distraction for the audience. Most of the time and energy gets spent in watching the logo getting revealed which leaves the audiences with little to no interest to watch the upcoming video further. Therefore, it is always advisable to create short logos to keep the audiences connected to the video. 

So pull up your socks and start creating the best intro logos for your channel with the help of the best online intro makers and YouTube video editors today. 

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