How to Spot Fake Hoverboards

Hoverboards have become the most loved device of the current time. Either you love them or not, it is very much sure that they have been invented to stay for longer. From small kids to celebrities, the number of hoverboard fans is increasing everywhere, without bothering about age, class, or taste. 

Why not it be? There is something which the hoverboard lovers have sensed, and the haters could not be that- it is the coolest transportation device. But the presence of fake hoverboards among the original ones has intimidated its users. Thus, getting to know the difference between the hoverboards fake and the original hoverboards has become very important. 

In this article, we will teach you how to differentiate between a fake and an original hoverboard. 


How to understand whether the hoverboards are real or fake?

  • CHECK THE NAME SPELL CORRECTLY: We don’t say this to you if you are buying some cheap Chinese quality hoverboard intentionally. Because there can be many regional and local brands that we are bot aware of. 

But if you instead of purchasing a real hoverboard with heck a lot of money, you must Google the spelling of the brand and match it with the name embossed on the hoverboard you are buying. 

The original hoverboard will carry the exact spelling of the brand. Where the fake hoverboards or the ones from China will misspell the brand name intentionally. Kike if you are buying a Segway, it would have the name ‘Smagway’ or ‘Swagway’ in an imitated manner. 

You might think that maybe the companies are different, but the quality of both the products will be similar. But let me clear you out. The performance of the fake product will always be worse. Thus, you must ignore buying such cheap hoverboard.

How to Spot Fake Hoverboards
How to Spot Fake Hoverboards
  • BEWARE OF THE PRICE YOU ARE PAYING: Well, it is not always true that expensive things are the best ones. It is even wrong that the best things can come at the lowest price possible. I mean, why would excellent and well-known hoverboard brands sell their products for less than $150?

We know that there is nothing better than getting your favorite thing on budget. But in this case, you need to very cautious about the amount you pay. The budget hoverboard can be helpful too. But if there is a significant breakdown in the price of expensive hoverboards, do check if there is any deformity or problem that you might face later.

  • CHECK THE MATERIAL OF YOUR HOVERBOARD: This is one of the most interesting Hoverboard real vs fake knockoff Hoverboard distinguishing challenges. Your hoverboard must be lightweight, to maintain the mobility and the speed it provides you. But it is not always the weight of the material used, but can be the quality of the stuff too that get compromised when you prefer buying cheap hoverboards. 

Branded hoverboard manufacturers know the infusion of using lightweight but quality material to their products, where fake hoverboard manufacturers may use low-quality materials. That is also the only difference that brings a significant costing gap in both the products. 

  • CHECK THE MANUFACTURING STANDARD: Not everyone can create a hoverboard and start selling it to the market. Even the manufacturers have to follow certain quality standards while designing and manufacturing those hoverboards. The quality or the manufacturing standards are generally mentioned on the packaging of the product. 

It can even carry the certifications it has gained for safety and quality standards. The genuine hoverboard chargers will definitely come with BS1363 on the top of their chargers. It is basically the trading standard of the hoverboard brands. Thus, you can be sure that you are ending up buying one of the best hoverboards. 

  • CHECK THE LOOK OF THE HOVERBOARD: It is the era of the internet. Everyone is pretty aware of everything that exists in the world. You must have seen hoverboards many times in YouTube videos, on the internet or even in social media. 

Every brand tries to make its hoverboards looking sleek and stylish. In the case of some other thing that happens to get encountered to you, it won’t be that hard to distinguish the fake hoverboard among all. 

One with not so pleasing look can be the fake one and even can give you some quaky sound while riding on it. 


  • Charger Quality: Many fake hoverboards have problems with their plugs. As per the BS1363 regulation, every company must confirm its law. The easy indicator of a fake hoverboard charger is the size of their charger pin. They are mostly more prominent in size and are partially insulated. Where the original ones must be pure brass.
  • Fuse: Not only the plug please do check the fuse as well. It can sound like a bit time taking too, but trust me it will worth all your effort. The major difference or the complaints arise from the wrong amp rating on the fuse. You must check that the fuses must be “3A” rated. The ‘13A’ rated fuses are the counterfeit ones. 

Most of the fake hoverboard manufacturers will forget to fix the rating of the fuse. And there remains a loophole for you to identify the fake one. Even though some fake product manufacturers act smarter and you find a 3A rating in a fake fuse, it may cause a fire hazard. In such a case, use other measures to compare the genuineness of the product.

  • Battery: A corrupt, faulty, or damaged batter can lead to a fire accident with your hoverboard. Be sure that the hoverboard you are buying is coming up with a branded battery. Some cheaper hoverboard comes up with Chinese batteries which don’t have overheat protection. Beware of such products. 

TAKEAWAY: So finally, we have come across some measures which can help you to distinguish between a hoverboard real vs fake knockoff hoverboard. Remember that genuine and branded products will provide you with many reasons for getting happy and will carry fun to you where the fake ones can cause you major harm. 

Therefore, you must research every product especially hoverboards before you buy them for yourself or for your kids. There must not be any barrier between you and the gala time you are looking forward to having with your hoverboard.

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