‘Is Mexico City Safe’-Truthful Experience

The answer, fortunately, is yes. While there are crimes in Mexico city, the majority of tourists never faced any problems.

While planning your next trip to Mexico, you might be questioning – is Mexico city safe to visit or not! To answer it short and simple, yes, Mexico City is generally a safe place. The crime rate in Mexico City is potentially lower in comparison to many other places in Mexico. 

The Mexican government tries its best to make Mexico City as safe as possible for travelers also due to the reason that tourism is one of the major sources of revenue in Mexico City. 

On the Covid-19 pandemic front, Mexico City is relatively safe. The hotels in this area are still following the hygiene and safety protocols. 

Also, you should know that being a big city doesn’t allow Mexico City to avoid crimes. The United States government suggests that tourists must practice high-level caution while visiting Mexico City because of the instances of violent and petty crimes. 

Most of the crimes committed in this city are thievery, homicide, and vehicle theft. Due to this, Mexico City has a major police and security presence.

Though all these can sound a bit intense, don’t get scared just yet. CDMX has a potentially lower rate of crime than some states in the United States, and the higher rate of crimes mostly regards the contained areas.

Overall, taking the required precautions and sticking to some specific areas (discussed in the article later on) will allow you to have your safest visit to Mexico City.

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Things To Know About Safety In Mexico City

There are some things you should know about safety before traveling to Mexico City – 

is mexico city safe

  • Watch out for pick-pocketers

They are everywhere, especially in the touristy areas which are comparatively low crowded and you are in the spotlight. Ensure to keep your valuables in a safe place.

  • Be aware while withdrawing cash from ATM

When you are in need of or want to take out some cash, randomly stumbling upon an ATM on the street can be seen as a great convenience. 

However, in reality, many of these ATMs can be fake cash machines that are used to duplicate or steal your card. Hence, using ATMs inside the banks is the safest option.

  • Be careful while boarding a taxi

Multiple levels of taxi scams take place in Mexico City. Some minor scams are like a driver increasing the price for a tourist. 

The major scams can even be an express kidnapping, in which a driver holds a tourist hostage to force them to withdraw money at ATMs. Though this scam is very rare now, still it is best to be aware.

  • Think before taking a stranger’s help

Apart from pick-pocketers, there are scammers that can be waiting for you in the streets of Mexico City, who are targeting to steal your valuables.

For example, an individual spatters mustard or some kind of liquid on you and then offers you help in cleaning. In the meantime, the assailant or their accomplice steals your valuables. 

  • Do not travel without travel insurance

Earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcano eruptions are some of the common natural disasters you might experience in Mexico City.

Being located in a subduction zone made earthquakes common for Mexico City. However, earthquakes can be terrifying due to the fact that they can happen anytime, even if you have chosen the minimal problematic season for visiting.

Hence, just to be safe, the travelers must equip themselves with top-grade Mexico City travel insurance such as World Nomads. This way, even if a natural disaster takes place, travel insurance can work as a support.

  • Do not drink tap water

Although the majority of water supplies in Mexico City are purified, it is still not recommended for travelers to drink tap water. Travelers are advised to avoid tap water in Mexico City for avoiding stomach problems.

Safest Places to Visit in Mexico City

Here are some of the places in Mexico City that can be recommended as the safest to visit – 

is mexico city safe

Centro Historico

This neighborhood is in the center of Mexico City and situated around the main square, known as ‘Plaza de Armas’ or ‘Zocalo’. It is the business, banking, and historic hub of the area, and you can easily visit Cathedral, Bellas Artes, and multiple museums from here. 


This neighborhood offers a relaxed vibe with leafy streets, art galleries, parks, cas, and even bars. It feels totally removed from the heaving metropolis most people expect in Mexico city.

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It is the hipster heart of Mexico City. It is situated in the west of Centro Historico, hugging the eastern edge of the Condesa neighborhood. 

Roma is the ideal place for staying in if you are interested to shop in cute boutiques, drink excellent coffee, and enjoy closer proximity to many of the attractions in Mexico City.

Zona Rosa and Reforma

Reforma is the business district where many big hotel chains are established. It is full of traffic and business people during the daytime, and then at night, the nearby Zona Rosa (the ‘pink zone’) is the place for all sorts of nightlife. 

These are some of the popular touristy areas of Mexico City that tourists can safely and comfortably visit. However, you are required to take precautions, as there are still chances of being scammed.

Some other neighborhoods which are safe, but less overrun with travelers are San Rafael, Juarez, Polanco, Escandón, and Coyoacan.

is mexico city safe


1. Is Mexico City dangerous for tourists?

So, we’ve come here finally. You may wonder – is Mexico city safe enough for visiting or not. Mexico City is not that dangerous for tourists. It is an excellent place for visiting safely if you have done your research properly and arrive fully prepared. 

In actual fact, if you look at the crime statistics, Mexico City has a comparatively lower rate of crimes than the other region in the country. Even some states in the U.S. have a remarkably high rate of crimes compared to Mexico City.

2. Where should you avoid in Mexico City?

Here are some of the places you should avoid during your visit to Mexico City –  


It is well-known for having one of the busiest and sketchiest street markets in Mexico City, and it’s a significant place to get robbed or ripped off. 


It is at the top regarding violent crime against women by a landslide.


It is safe to visit during the daytime, and you can see the popular Lucha libre wrestling there; it becomes a significantly dangerous area after the sunset. 

Ciudad Neza

This area is changing, however, historically, it has been a poor area that has a lot of crime involved. 

These neighborhoods are most likely well-known for having the majority of crimes, specifically at nighttime. Hence, it is recommended to avoid these areas.

3. Is Mexico City good for tourists?

Mexico City is an excellent destination for travelers interested in exploring a vibrant culture and multilayered history. Mexico City has to offer good value, unique sites, and museums that are rich in culture and heritage. 

Travelers or tourists have to practice the precautions required in specific destinations. If you are traveling to Mexico City, remember that taking the metro will be a significantly effective and convenient way of going all around.

4. Is Mexico City nightlife safe?

While you’re wondering – is Mexico city safe or not, you might wonder about the nightlife as well. 

The nightlife scenario in Mexico City is quite thriving as it blooms after the sun goes down. There are numerous bars existing in CDMX, from quirky to upscale. The nightlife in Mexico City is safe for the most part, however, you should still take precautions. 

Here are some things you should know before partying in Mexico City – 

Be careful of fake alcohol 

There are some places where they sell fake alcohol, which is mostly unsafe as it’s quite strong. Hence, always remember to check whether you are getting 100% agave tequila or not.

Do not get drunk

The most advantageous time for taking advantage of a tourist is when they are distracted or drunk. 

Always take an Uber 

When you visit a local bar in Mexico City, always try to use Uber services or ask the bar/restaurant to book a reputable taxi service for you, and avoid calling a taxi yourself or utilizing public transportations. 

5. Is Mexico city safe during covid?

The major size and population of Mexico City were partly responsible for making the effect of Covid-19 more serious in the area. 

As of the 1st week of February 2022, Mexico City has acquired over 1.20 million covid positive cases, which was approx three times higher than the number of cases in any other region of Mexico. 

However, as of the last week of February 2022, over 76% of people have been fully vaccinated in Mexico City.

CDMX is quite strict regarding the policies of social distancing and masking, hence, you might run into the covid regulations. You may have to wear masks both – outdoors and indoors.

In terms of entering the country, you are not going to require any Covid-19 test on your way to Mexico City, however, you have to go through one when returning to U.S. or elsewhere. The rapid tests are highly available all over Mexico City and at a quite low price.

6. Is Mexico city safe for Americans?

In case you are wondering – is Mexico city safe for Americans or not – you should know that, recently, the U.S. State Department has been seen to issue a strict warning regarding travel to Mexico City with a level 3 on a scale of 1 to 4, which indicates ‘reconsidered travel’.

Violent as well as non-violent crimes take place all over Mexico City. Some parts of Mexico City in which drug cartel violence is the worst have fallen under the no-go list, with a level 4 no-go advisory.

Whether you are an American or not, remember to use extra caution, mainly at night, outside the widely-known tourist areas in police and securities patrol more often. 

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