Top Jewellery Stores In Mexico You Must Visit

If you’re planning on visiting Mexico soon,  there are some famous Jewellery stores in Mexico you need to go to. Mexican brands and designers are known for producing elite and intricate designs and the world just can’t get enough of it.

Visiting Mexico is certainly incomplete if you don’t visit the Jewellery stores in Mexico which are rich in culture and heritage. Mexican designers create stunning jewelry and no trip to Mexico is complete if you don’t get yourself one of these gorgeous, exquisitely designed jewelry pieces.

Here we have discussed the best Jewellery stores in Mexico that everyone who’s planning to visit Mexico or obsessed with Mexican Jewellery needs to know.

Best Jewelry Designers In Mexico

Best Jewellery Designers In Mexico

Are you planning to take a trip to Mexico? As a sightseer, you don’t want to miss all those designer jewelry stores in Mexico.

Some of these designers have received countless awards for their emerging designs and creativity.

Here are some top Mexican Jewellery designers you should know

  • Marcela Lira : One of the greatest Mexican designers is Marcela Lira whose designer pieces of jewelry are famous all over the world. You can buy her designed pieces from some selected stores in Mexico City only. However, you can also get some of her designed Jewellery in the popup markets too. All of her designed jewelers are produced in Guadalajara.
  • Lorena Loza : Among all the Mexican Jewellery designers, the collections and designs of Lorena Loza are mainly inspired by the multicultural experiences she gained from traveling the world. Each of her designs is molded in wax.  You can find and buy her designed pieces from different popup Mexican markets in Guadalajara.
  • Azure : Azure is one of the world-famous Mexican jewelry designers whose designs are created at her workshops and they’re produced with the help of her trusted goldsmith and jewelers. Not only in the big city of Mexico, but you can also get her designed pieces by looking them up online. Almost all top jewelry shops throughout Mexico, the USA, Spain, etc sell her designed pieces.
  • Malintzi : Her brand has a well-known philosophy of materializing dreams into gorgeous jewels. The brand engages in conducting frequent workshops and even participates daily at the pop-up markets in Mexico City. You can even find them in Casa Salt, Mercado Escondido too.

Which Is The Best Jewellery Mexico Is Known For?

Mexican jade Jewellery is famous as they’re widely used in most ancient places. The jade Jewellery of Mexico is not only famous but they’re highly-priced too. The Mexicans believe and perceive jade as a calming life force.

Online Mexican Jewelry Shopping

The traditional designs of jade Jewellery are costlier than the modern ones which are mostly a blend of both Spanish and indigenous designs.

Online Mexican Jewellery Shopping- Top Places

As the jewelry from all the famous Jewellery stores are quite costly and not everyone can afford it, you can look it up online to get it cheaper.

None of us are unheard of in rich Mexican Jewellery designs and owning one of them is still a dream for many. You don’t need to go to Mexico to own a pair of stunning Mexican Jewellery but get it online too.

  • Matope : It’s a Mexican Jewellery brand owned by well-known designer Marina Villa. They make their gorgeous and minimalistic pieces using ceramics.
  • Chabacano : You can look for their collection online and even order them from Instagram. They sell a bunch of Mexico-related items and jewelry like Mexican rings, and necklaces with the word Mexico.
  • Malintzi Joyas : It’s an online gold jewelry store from Mexico.  Its collection is all about bold golden pieces of jewelry. These include designs like moon pendant necklaces, star-shaped rings, etc.
  • Third Eye : Their collection includes retro ankle chains, dainty ear cups, moon, shooting stars-shaped gold hoops, etc. You can order from the Third Eye website.
  • Andreya : They sell Mexican-style handmade earrings. The designs are very intricate and elegant. You can customize your Mexican-style earring designs from here.

Mexican Jewellery Making Process

All the fine Mexican jewelry is made of silver and Taxco in Guerrero is the most important Jewellery producing center which supplies jewelry to almost all the jewelry stores in Mexico.

Mexican Jewelry Making Process

The stunning pieces of gold and silver Jewellery are made by the process of jewelry casting in which they mold the wax patterns to turn them into a jewelry mold. Later, they fill it with motel gold or silver to turn it into a custom piece of their heavenly designed Jewellery.

How To Select Mexican Jewellery Shops?

There are certain things to know as well as consider while you’re selecting Jewellery stores in Cancun, Mexico. In unknown cities, tourists and travelers often get fooled by the local jewelers selling silver and gold Jewellery from Mexico.  

” Here are some tips on choosing the right jewelry stores in Cancun, Mexico.

  • A professional and reputed Jewellery shop always has an accessible manager to solve issues.
  • Notice the attitude of the staff. Sugar-coated behavior is not what you want but it needs to be professional.
  • Every reputed Jewellery store owns a repairing and care service.
  • You should always choose a jeweler or store that’s committed to professionalism and has a promising reputation. 
  • Check for the awards and certificates the Jewellery store possesses.
  • If a jewelry store is recognized by national and international bodies, you can trust them.
  • Stay away from the store offering unbelievable discounts or above 50%. Trustworthy Jewellery stores always have fair pricing rates.
  • You can check it online to get to know about it more.

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Famous Jewellery Stores Of The Mexican City

Planning to visit Mexico for its Jewellery? Here’s a list of the most famous Jewellery stores in Mexico which are not only trustworthy but are recognized internationally for their designs and services. They sell pieces from the best Mexican brands and provide excellent customer service.

  • Swarovski
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Tous Jewelry
  • Pandora
  • Cartier
  • Montblanc Boutique
  • Centro del Reloj México
  • Berger Joyeros
  • Talleres de Los Ballesteros.

Best Local Places To Shop Mexican Jewellery

Sightseers of Mexico City must know about the on-street Jewellery stores in Mexico that are not only well known for their designs and loyalty but are considered as heritages too.

Whether you’re in the city or near, you need to visit these local Jewellery stores in Mexico run by indigenous vendors to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Taxco : Taxco is the best place in terms of price, quality as well as varieties when it comes to silver Jewellery.
  • The Streets : Surprisingly, you can find the famous Huichol beadworks being sold on the streets of Mexico City. Streets across the country are full of vendors selling brightly colored beadwork, dainty earrings, and elaborate necklaces.
  • Boutiques : Boutiques may look like stuffy places and you may be a little sniffy about it. But to cater to your need for the best Mexican ornaments, these local boutiques are a great point.
  • Local bazaars : Typical yet elegant pieces of Mexican jewelry are also sold in the local bazaars. These markets are regularly held on the streets of Mexico City. Two of these bazaars are Bazar Mexicanitas and Tráfico Bazar where you can find pieces by indie designers.

Mexican Gold And Silver Jewellery – The Difference

The Mexican designs of both silver and gold Jewellery from Mexico are startling. But foreigners are often made to think is gold cheaper in Mexico, because many visitors claim to have gotten a great deal on Jewellery when they had visited Mexico.

But gold Jewellery from Mexico is not any cheaper but they cost the exact standard conversion rate in Mexico. However, as jewelry in Mexico is made exquisitely, it’s a luxury on its own. The style, designs and the way Mexican jewelry makes the outfits pop, are impressive.

Silver jewelry is considered inexpensive in Mexico when compared with other places in the world. As Mexico is one of the leading producers of silver, the quality of their silver Jewellery is the finest.

People around the globe go to Mexico to purchase their silver Jewellery. It’s not just the quality, but there’s something about the Mexican designs that people get obsessed with easily.

Unique Mexican Jewelry Brands

Unique Mexican Jewellery Brands

TheJewellery stores in Mexico are not only a form of life but also a form of art too. Mexican Jewellery brands thrill visitors and tourists from all over the world with their intricate designs.

” Here are a few unique and famous Mexican Jewellery brands you should know about. “

  • Rosy Attle : The brand offers classic and premium pieces of Mexican Jewellery. It’s a perfect brand that’s a blend of quality and beauty. 
  • Tangram : Another famous brand of Mexican Jewellery is Tangram which offers a variety of minimalist and modern pieces
  • Mackheh : It’s a very unique brand. It produces incredible pieces of earrings in the shapes of beetles. The brand inspiration was a Maryam warrior who was turned into a beetle.

How To Identify Fake And Real Mexican Silver? 

Mexican silver Jewellery is the finest of all over the world, but often few local stores try to deceive the customers by using fake silver.  But you can identify the fake ones from the real ones and here are a few tips to do that.

  • Rust on the silver jewelry indicates it’s fake.
  • Genuine silver ornaments are less shiny than fake ones. The fake silver tends to shine brighter and has a warmer tone.
  • Check for the markings or stamps on that silver piece. If you see 800,900, or 925 it’s a real piece.
  • Genuine silver ornaments feel colder when touched and they warm up quickly after pressing the metal.
Suppliers of Mexican Jewelry in Cancun

Suppliers Of Mexican Jewellery In Cancun

TheJewellery stores in Mexico are supplied with beautiful pieces of silver and gold ornaments. If you’re looking for a wholesaler or jewelry supplier in Mexico, Cancun, here are the top names.

  • Zanfield : The main products supplied by Zanfield are pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings. It’s based on Taxco.
  • Majul jewelry : It works with some very skillful workers and designers. Manjul Jewelry supplies clips of earnings, pendants, and rings.
  • Santa Prisca silver : It focuses on selling Jewellery made in 925 silver and supplies ornaments like bracelets and rings with gems and precious stones.
  • Pepe Dominguez Silver Jewellery : It’s an exporter of silver and goldjewelriesfromMexico. Charms, rings, and bracelets are the main pieces supplied by them.
  • GW Silver : It’s a supplier of sterling silver jewelry in Mexico. The products designed and distributed by GW silver are mainly related to religious and vintage themes.

Worth Of Mexican Jewellery

The silver ornaments sold by the Jewellery stores in Mexico are made of the finest silver. Although silver from Mexico is considered quite cheaper than the rest of the world, you still have to pay for the workmanship. The genuine silver is purer and one ounce of it costs MX$497.43.

Tips On Buying Mexican Silver Ornaments

Before you buy silver jewelry from the Jewellery stores in Mexico, you should know about a few important things.

  • The silver pieces of Jewellery sold by vendors during the vacation period aren’t real.
  • All the excessive shining ornaments that the shopkeepers are claiming to be made of silver are fake. Real silver Jewellery shines less and has a colder tone.
  • The genuine silver ornaments are heavier than the fake ones.
  • Not all the stones on silver ornaments are genuine. You’ve to make sure they’re not fooling you.
  • Mexican silver looks like Chinese and Italian silver but has a different quality.
  • You can meet the artisans in Taxco and Zacatecas. They sell the purest silver Jewellery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Jewellery is Mexico known for?
A1. Mexico is famous for Mexican jade jewelry. It’s a prized part of Mexican culture.

Q2. Where can I buy Jewellery in Mexico City?
A2. The best Jewellery stores in Mexico City are

1. Tiffany and Co.
2. Doxa
3. J&J Joyeros


Mexico City is famous for its Jewellery stores. The Mexican artisans carve rich and intricate designs to make beautiful pieces of Jewellery. The Jewellery store in Mexico sells the finest silver as well as gold ornaments. Only visiting these jewelry stores can complete your trip to Mexico.

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