Make Me Wanna Make You Love me

So I had lunch with both kids today, and while the details of lunching with 5th-grade boys truly brought tears to my eyes more than once (with laughter), I wanted to note this little exchange I had with Sophie for the record books…  when I lunch with Ezra, I’m more like an audience for his comedy skits!

Make Me Wanna Make You Love me
Make Me Wanna Make You Love me

On the way there, one of my new favorite songs came on, and I decided I’d just be the cutest thing ever if I sang my favorite parts of it to Sophie upon her arrival at the table… and I did…

“You make me want to buy a rose,

You make me want to drive too fast,

You make me wanna treat a Lady right…”

Grinning from ear to ear, I eagerly awaited that ‘famous-in-my-heart’ smile that doesn’t blush, yet indicates how she might smile shyly if she *were* embarrassed, light-up-her-face, a single word, “Daddy!” …that she does whenever I do something sweet.  But today it had extra icing.  Without missing a beat, she literally picked up the tune right where I’d left off without any hesitation or thought, and with that ‘unshy smile’ she sang right back,

“You make me want to shine my shoes,

You make me want to dance better than I do,

You make me wanna make you love me.”

I had no idea she’d even noticed that was my new favorite song, and I’d have never guessed she already had it memorized…

I want to teach my son to treat a Lady right, so he’ll have the right Lady.  I want to teach my little Lady how she should be treated, so she’ll be treated like a Lady by the right man.  I want them to find people who love them as I do.

Today though, I realized that if I were a smart fellow, I’d be learning that I should also be on the lookout for people who love me ‘right’, the way my kids do…

If you find someone who can not only complete your sentences but who can also finish the song you’re currently singing in your heart…  do your best to keep them.  If you already have someone like that, don’t let go…

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