Making Your Very Own Pizza, Outdoor

Learn how to make a delicious pizza by yourself when you are outdoors and discover some tips and tricks that will help you cook.

It’s Time to Make Some Pizza Together

Are you tired of having the same old regular healthy food and need a cheat day? Do you want to enjoy the delightful taste of pizza without bearing the unnecessary extra cost? Then sit tight and enjoy this ride as you learn how to make restaurant-quality pizza.

Watch yourself transform into Gordon Ramsey in your very own backyard version of Hell’s Kitchen using the guideline we will provide below. Whether you are having family over or want something different than your daily routine, a pizza is a perfect meal.

Things You Need to Make a Pizza Outdoor

Do you have teenagers at home, stuck in quarantine for many months, just craving for some takeaway? Are you frantically looking for ways to entertain them and bring a smile to their face? Well, then let your apron be a cape and make some pizza and become their superhero.

Get Yourself a Pizza Oven

Firstly you need to buy a pizza oven for your backyard. There are many different types of pizza ovens like the gas pizza oven, the wood pizza oven, the brick pizza oven. Make sure to choose one that suits you best, and you can make pizzas that are the tastiest in the world – or at least get close to it.

Don’t forget to consider where you will be setting your oven, as that is a critical detail that will influence the type of oven you will need to buy. Based on that, you can either buy a stationary oven or mobile pizza oven.

Stationary Pizza Oven

These are incorporated with your patio and are exceptionally hard to move. There are many variations of stationary pizza ovens, all ranging from very little to quite expensive.

Mobile Pizza Oven

These are more comfortable as outdoor models as they do not rely specifically on such a gas line from the house. This feature makes them more convenient. These are typically made of metal and function either using gas from a propane container or wood.

The dependence on metal provides a variety of benefits. For instance, it facilitates the use of convention motors and can even rotate the pizza stone. Brick ovens are massive a less attractive choice as a mobile pizza oven.

Formulate Your Dough

The most crucial piece is the dough. It is the main ingredient that will determine whether your pizza will go in the stomach or the bin. The crust is the footing of the pizza. You can either make a soft and thick pizza or a thin and crispy one (according to your preference).

To prepare your dough, you will need the following ingredients:

Making Your Very Own Pizza, Outdoor
Making Your Very Own Pizza, Outdoor
  • all-purpose white flour (unbleached to preserve the protein)
  • a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil,
  • warm water, which must be heated to 130˚F as it will help the dough rise faster and not kill the yeast
  • 2 ¼ teaspoon of instant yeast and mix it with the flour before pouring the oil and water.

Add salt (according to taste) and one tablespoon of sugar to yield yeast activity and make the dough tender. Knead the dough by hand and cover it with a cotton cloth. Wait an hour or two for the dough to rise.

Time to Add the Toppings and Sauce

Now it is time to figure out what you would add to your centerpiece (i.e., the toppings). You can opt for the traditional pepperoni, chicken, beef, or mushroom, and your favorite type of sauce.

If you feel a little wild and experimental, go ahead and add some exotic fruits as toppings like pineapple, jackfruit, avocado, and who knows, you might invent a new delicious pizza.

Flatten your dough using a rolling pin. Spread your sauce on the dough first, and then add your preferred toppings. Let your creative side take over. Your pizza is now ready to bake.

Let’s Get Baking

Don’t forget to buy a pizza peel (a round flat tool used for baking pizza and be easily moved around inside the oven) if you want a nice crispy crust. It’s not only essential for baking your pizza. You can even use it to serve your home-cooked pizza at a party without burning your hand.

Before placing your dough, sprinkle some flour on the peel (make sure the pizza peel is larger than your pizza). Carefully slide your peel into the oven and release the pizza onto the oven tray using a forward and backward motion.

Perform this step slowly because you don’t want your dough to tear apart. Now all you need to do is grab a drink and sit and relax while your yummilicious pizza cooks in the oven.

Keep an Eye on your Pizza

Don’t just leave your pizza in the oven and forget about it. Your pizza needs attention too. Keep the temperature inside the oven constant at all times. Don’t just increase the heat, thinking it will cook faster.

You want your friends to taste the finely cooked pepperoni and tomato sauce, not the black coal from the burned crusts. Make sure to turn your pizza around to give it an even cook all over. Just take care of it like your own baby.

Finally, You Can Enjoy the Delicacies Cooked With Your Own Hand

Congratulations, you are now the Bobby Flay of your neighborhood. So go ahead, crank that gas and get cooking. The sight of a freshly baked pizza and that mouthwatering aroma is enough for you to get back to your backyard kitchen again and again.

It is the perfect skill to learn and practice during this pandemic, and you can surprise your family as a bonus. Get Italy to your home.

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