Milk Coming Out Baby’s Nose- Reasons And How To Prevent

Have you suddenly noticed milk coming out of the baby’s nose? Do not get scared! If you have seen such an issue, you have just arrived on the right track. In this article, I can answer all your questions. 

Knowing your newborn baby can be quite difficult. They are no less than a mystery that you would love to explore. The tiny human being is actually full of surprises. Sometimes, you may see that milk is coming out of your baby’s nose that you have fed him.  I am quite sure that you got freaked out when you saw milk coming out of the baby’s nose.

But, in reality, you do not have to be scared at all. Well, I do agree that this is a weird thing about babies. From the day they are born, babies try to cope with worldly things. So,e sometimes when they are learning to suck the breast or formula milk, milk can normally come out of their noses. Nothing to be panicked about!  Today, I will tell you everything about this issue. So, keep reading. 

Why Does Milk Come From My Baby’s Nose?

Milk coming out of your baby’s nose is known as Nasal Regurgitation. In such a case, the ingested milk moves toward the esophagus of the baby. This happens when you feed your baby too much milk too quickly. Newborn babies have an immature and small digestive system. So, your baby cannot digest the fluid. You may also call it a normal spit-up. 

Milk coming out of the baby’s nose is also called an infant reflux. Sometimes, it can forcefully expulse the baby’s food, especially milk. The nose and mouth are connected to each other. Therefore, milk often comes out of your baby’s nose, instead of mouth. 

Is It Normal For Milk To Come Out Of The Baby’s Nose?

Newborn babies learn to digest food. That is why they often make a mess while you are feeding them. As they have a small and weak digestive system, they often spit up.  So, if you see that milk is coming out of your baby’s nose, do not panic.

It is completely normal and one of the commonest things in newborn babies. Research shows that 67 out of 100 babies can spit up like this. So, what you can do is clean the excess milk and handle baby snuggles. 

Here are some of the causes of milk coming out of the baby’s nose. 

  • They are lying for a long time.
  • You overfeed them.
  • They swallow air during feeding.
  • They sneeze or cough during feeding. 
  • They get distracted during feeding. 

Actually, you cannot avoid all these situations for a baby. So, you should be careful when you are feeding them. 

How Can You Prevent Milk From Coming Out Of A Baby’s Nose?

Milk Coming Out Of Baby’s Nose

You might be confused when you first see milk coming from your baby’s noses and wonder what to do. Actually, you can do some things that can prevent this incident. 

  1. Sometimes, breastfeeding can cause nasal regurgitation.  Sometimes, it is formula milk that causes milk to come from the nose of the baby. So, address the issue first to prevent it properly. 
  2. Hold the baby properly while you are feeding him. 
  3. Keep the baby awake at least for 15 minutes after you feed him. 
  4.  You should make sure that the baby burps frequently after you feed your baby. These burps help to send the fluid back to the esophagus. Rub the back of the baby to make him burp. 
  5. Every newborn baby is different and each baby needs different feeding positions and accessories. So, if you are experiencing that your baby is refluxing frequently, change the feeding bottle
  6. You should not overfeed your newborn baby. Consult a doctor and act according to the advice of him. 

What To Do When Milk Comes Out Of Your Baby’s Nose

Milk Coming Out Of Baby’s Nose

Instead of panicking, here are the things that you can do if you see that milk is coming out of your baby’s nose. 

  1. If the baby is not in distress or has a problem in breathing, you just need to comfort him.  
  2. You should keep your baby in an upright position as long as you can.  
  3.  You should make sure that the baby burps frequently after you feed your baby. These burps help to send the fluid back to the esophagus. Rub the back of the baby to make him burp. 
  4. You should monition how many times milk is coming from your baby’s nose. 
  5. If you feel that your baby is still uncomfortable, you should visit the doctor as soon as possible. 

When Should I Call A Doctor If Milk Comes Out Of My Baby’s Nose?

Nasal Regurgitation is quite normal in newborn babies. But, sometimes, the situation may get out of hand. In such a situation, the prevention methods may not work. This is the time you should consult a doctor for your baby. 

If you see that your baby is spitting up more fluid than he consumes, you will need a doctor for help. Also, if your baby refuses to eat and regurgitates frequently, you should take him to a doctor. 

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