PDF Needs? Not A Problem With the Awesome PDFBear

The pandemic has truly changed the entirety of our usual lifestyles. Just a couple of months ago, we’d drive our car or brave a long commute or walk to go to school or work. Nowadays, stay home to attend classes and do work is the “in” thing. It keeps us all safe and prevents us from catching or spreading the virus. But thankfully, technology is by our side. We keep moving forward thanks to its never-ending advancements. With the internet and technology within our fingertips’ reach, we must take advantage of it for our school and work needs.

Documents and most files nowadays are in PDF format. If you’re wondering why, well, fret not, as we will tackle more of that in a little while. Right now, we want to introduce you to an awesome online tool to help you with PDFs. Since you’re either having work or classes online, you’ll encounter several files in Portable Document Format (or PDF) so hang on as we get more into that. Keep on reading to learn more!

So, what is PDFBear?

PDFBear is great online software as a service (or SaaS) tool for all your PDF needs. It can easily convert Word to PDF, JPEG to PDF, merge PDF, and so much more! It has all the features you need to make the most out of your PDF files. And you’ll be happy to know the access is easy and direct. There’s no need to download any additional software or plug-ins to use their website. You can access their website on your smartphone, computer, or tablet with ease! Just make sure you have a good internet connection and you’re good to go Sodapdf

But the thing that makes PDF files the best format is that they keep their formatting. Whatever electronic device or software you’re using, you will get the same look of format! It will look the same on any device⎯the same way you’ve saved it. This is usually the problem with most other raw documents since they look different on other electronic devices. It’s the same case when printing raw files. But other than keeping the overall look and formatting, it also keeps your files safe! PDFBear’s website doesn’t store any of the files you upload. It autodeletes all uploaded files after an hour of uploading. So, you’re sure your files never go into the wrong hands!

Some PDFBear features

Now that we’ve given you a brief intro on PDFBear and some benefits of PDF files, let’s dive into a few PDFBear features! Since you already know Portable Document Format is the best file to use, make the most out of them with the feature we’ll list below.

Word to PDF

We have already mentioned that raw documents usually have the problem of format or look changes. When doing written reports or papers, Word or “.docx” is almost always the go-to format. To avoid any format or look changes, it’s best to convert these files to PDF. If you ever need to go back to the file or send it to someone, you won’t be hassled with the need to copying and pasting everything into a new document. With PDFBear, the conversion is easy, so it’s not a problem!


Saving photos is a need for research or projects. But the thing about JPEG format is that they usually take up a lot of disk or memory space. Well, worry not about the space left on your hard drive, as PDFBear can easily convert your JPEG images to PDF in seconds! Also, if image quality is your concern, well, don’t fuss about it because your images won’t downgrade in quality when converted. Awesome!

Merge PDF

When working with a team or group, you’ll encounter loads of different files. Keep in mind that when you give your teammates or colleagues a hard time, you’re slightly giving off an unprofessional vibe. So, make sure you make things easier for everyone, especially for your boss or client! Combine all your files in a jiff with the Merge PDF feature. It’s more convenient than downloading files individually. You’ll surely be more professional if make things hassle-free for everyone!

Try PDFBear out now!

What we’ve listed down are just three features of PDFBear, but you’ll surely find more when you try their website for yourself! You won’t ever have to worry about being dumbfounded with PDFs thanks to these awesome nifty features! You will make the most out of your documents thanks to PDFBear

We hope this article gave you a good idea of PDFBear and the benefits of using Portable Document Format files. Try it out for yourself and never again be hassled with your document needs. It’s truly a great all-in-one tool for all your file conversions.

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