Reasons Why Women Need Protein Powder Too

Protein powders are usually associated with men seeking to bulk up their muscles, but these supplements are beneficial to women as well. There is this misconception that protein can only make a woman overweight. In fact, using protein powder for women can help build lean, healthier muscles and not bulky-looking ones. There are many benefits to adding protein powders to your diet, not to mention they are a convenient tool as on-the-go foods. 

Why Your Body Needs Enough Protein

Both men and women require a sufficient amount of proteins in their body. But in general, women tend to consume lesser amounts than men. Here are some ways your body and health can benefit from consuming protein supplements:

  • Help in weight management

If you are struggling to maintain or drop extra weight, protein can be an essential part of your diet. Protein can give you a full feeling for a long time because the body takes longer to digest it. Consuming high proteins during breakfast is particularly effective, as it lessens cravings for foods from time to time. As a result, you can avoid dealing with a hungry-angry mood later in the day. 

  • Increase immune system

You need your immune system to function well to stay healthy. To prevent you from getting ill, taking protein can help. The key elements of the immune system are antibodies, which are proteins. So, if you want to stick with your daily workout routines and avoid cold and flu at the same time, take your daily dose of protein powder. 

  • Support nail, hair, and bone health

Protein provides you with the basic component for nails, hair, bones, and connective tissues. With aging, a woman needs to have healthy bones and a high density. Having enough protein can slow down density loss that often occurs as you age. Also, it keeps your nails and hair looking smooth and strong. 

  • Develop a lean muscle mass

While the protein is an essential part of muscle building, the ones you consume usually work on strengthening your muscle mass. Adding protein powder for women in the diet helps make your muscles lean, giving you a tight and slender body.  

Counting Your Protein Grams

You can count the grams of protein in your daily intake of food to ensure your body is getting enough protein. Typically, 0.8 grams is the minimum for every body weight kilogram. If you are the type of woman who is trying to lose weight or has an active lifestyle, you can increase your grams. 

However, not all women should count their protein consumption in grams. Counting is beneficial if you have difficulty losing weight or balancing your macros. Other than that, there are some indications that your body is lacking in protein. These include:

  • Slow healing of wounds
  • Being hungry all the time
  • Swollen hands or feet (edema)
  • Moodiness
  • Getting sick constantly or staying sick for longer periods
  • Flaky skin, damaged or brittle hair and nails
  • Feeling unusually tired

Protein powders exist for good reasons. Women like the taste and convenience of these supplements. One of the benefits of taking protein powder for women is that it helps energize your body throughout the day. These powders make it easy for you to grab your daily protein requirements. They can fuel your body to brave through a strenuous workout or an afternoon slump.

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