Review of Camp Rolling Hills Books 1 and 2

The perfect book for tweens 9-13. It would be a very good book if you are about to go to overnight camp for the first time. This book is about a certain group of kids going to camp.

Each book switches between the perspectives of a girl and a boy. So this book would be perfect for both girls and boys (no matter how girly the cover looks, just check the back of the bookJ.)

site de Rencontre reservа“ТЉ au gens beaux I personally think this book embodies what overnight camp is. I went on an overnight trip with my school at a local camp where I lived for a night, and when I read this book, I thought about that trip and could relate to the characters’ experiences. I think it will make your child want to go to an overnight camp (it sure convinced me!).

source site conocer Mujeres extranjeras en chile Camp Rolling Hills is about a boy and a girl and their experiences at camp. In the first book, the main characters are fourth-year camper Stephanie (a.k.a. Slimy) and first-year camper Bobby (a.k.a. Smelly). Their two cabins (Anita Hill and San Juan Hill) get into a prank war, and Slimy and Smelly are stuck in the middle of it! The second book,;=38 Camp Rolling Hills: Crossing Over, is their next year at camp. Hamburger Hiller Robert (called by his last name, Steinberg) enters a robotics contest that goes completely wrong.

Faith Hiller Bethany (also called by her last name, Melman) is the sporty type but gets a dare to wear a pink princess dress for three days. The reward: a cabin ice cream party.

Her cabin mates beg her to do it, so she really had no choice. Both books are full of hilarious shenanigans and lots of laughs! This is an amazing series, and I hope they make more books for me (and maybe you) to read.

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