Robot Turbo Hoverboard Review

Want to control wheels with the mind? It’s always being fun when you change the way you move. Be odd with something that everyone wishes for.

After this hoverboard announces its launch there’s a boom in the world of featured hoverboards, it’s time to know about the best hoverboard to date.

Robot turbo! Isn’t the name interesting? Let’s check out the Robot turbo review

Robot Turbo Hoverboard Review
Robot Turbo Hoverboard Review

With such an interesting name you’d surely expect something special and astonishing from the Robot turbo hoverboard. 

Undoubtedly, they stand solid on the expectations and created such an amazing and well-featured hoverboard that could change the world of wheels underfoot.

Trust Me! After this piece and a quick glance at its feature and design, you will completely fall in love with it.

We all know this hoverboard at very first debuted in the year 2017, however, if you check out and compare the updated one and the debut, you will find today’s standards to be quite extraordinary compared to the previous one.

Let’s change the wind to change the way you move! And uncover everything about this hoverboard.

What’s New in This?

Well, without this question, we won’t think you will find any good reason to choose the new one over the previous one. 

As per customer response, the biggest challenge today is mainly tracking one down, and this because they’re not easy or we can say simple for anyone to get hold of.

Nonetheless, find one Robot turbo hoverboard for sale at a decent price, and without any hesitation, it’s completely worth grabbing it with both hands. 

Robot Turbo Hoverboard Review
Robot Turbo Hoverboard Review

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Specifications: –

  • Huge range of controlling -15 miles
  • Incline 5 degrees- it’s been rated
  • SAMSUNG Lithium Battery
  • 1000W Motor Power 
  • Around 50 minutes Charging Time
  • 220lbs- Max Load 
  • Size- 7 x 7.3 x 22 inches
  • Total Weight- 20 lb
  • Drive Mode: Twin-wheel direct drive
  • Balance Detection: 3 accelerometers + 3 gyro sensors

Reasonable Pricing

Yes, you heard it right! This hoverboard comes with a fair and quite reasonable price. The official website shows an actual price to be $368 but may carry from country to country. 

Is the price getting fit in your pocket? 

Then spread your hands and grab this hoverboard, it’s an absolute winner and value for money.

Eager to know about its features? Here It Is!

Robot Turbo Hoverboard Features

  • The All-New 3 Level Control mode: There’s a new and extraordinary feature that you won’t get in any hoverboard today, it’s 3 different controllable modes for three different cases.
Robot Turbo Hoverboard Review
Robot Turbo Hoverboard Review

These 3 different modes will give your hoverboard a 3 different sensitivity for different levels and experience, there’s a speed making too which is more or less perfect for anyone.

From where you have to start?

If you are new with hoverboards, then you should start from the first level as a beginner and then increase the level as per you start learning it.

It’s a level track of modes, that means the more proficient you get the more influential of a consensus you will have. (Be sure to start on entry mode that’s the first mode which is indicated by a Red light).

It’s obvious that you don’t want yourself on the highest level without knowing where you started or what you are doing. That’s all made the point clear about its amazing acceleration and sensitivity.

  • Rider Safety At First: Yes, there’s a new feature that you won’t be getting in any other hoverboard, that it will slow down the board speed when it will reach the max speed.

What makes it different?

As we have seen in other brands, they just make a rough stop in one instance when you reach the max speed that could cause you to fall off from the board, but In this hoverboard, you will find a gradual slow when it reaches the max speed.

  • The Best Motion Control Sensors: Yes, you heard is right, there is a motion processor in the robot turbo hoverboard. If you compare the motion sensor of this hoverboard with the one already present, you will find this robot turbo hoverboard is extremely reliable and has over 50% faster and accurate reaction.

Looks like you want to grab this hoverboard, Hold On! Check below to get the right source for this right choice. 

Pros and Cons for Robotturbo Hoverboard 

Everything has some pros and cons, if we say your robot turbo hoverboard also has some cons, then it would really give you a shock.

Let’s have a look at those pros and cons that you should be aware of before planning to grab this.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]

  • Could reach up to an exceptional speed of 15mph
  • Large controlling range of 15 miles
  • Amazing charging time, it takes only 50 minutes to get completely charged
  • Elegant outer design with startling shine on the body
  • High power and smooth performance
  • Looks Safe and Stable underfoot with a solid grip
  • Safely tested and certified for normal use

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]

  • Well, we can’t say it’s lagging something very important, but it lacks Bluetooth connectivity and LEDs indications.


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Robot turbo Hoverboard For Sale

Making your mind to grab this hoverboard?

Where could you purchase this?

Well, honestly speaking you would really find this hoverboard available apart from online sources.

So, where to get this?

 It’s easy to purchase this hoverboard from their website after filling the required details asked. They provide a super-fast and on-time delivery if the order is purchased from the US.

If not from the US then?

No need to worry, if you want to purchase this robot turbo hoverboard from anywhere other than the US then it would be slightly delayed delivery but will be before the estimated date.

Good things take time to reach, and the same with this hoverboard. No need to change your mind, just change the way you move. Grab It Now!


That’s everything a grabby-mind could find about this amazing hoverboard, now it’s not going to be so tough to compare robot turbo with any other hoverboard available. 

Controlling your wheels with mind is something that a hoverboard lover wishes for. And think if you would get the best motion control and 3 level modes underfoot. It’s actually what you should grab with both hands.

There might be options similar to this, but with a US mark and on-time delivery, there couldn’t be any other best option so far.

Hope this article gave you what you actually step in for. Keep following us for more details! And let us know how you found this article helpful in the comment box below


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