Smart Balance Wheel Hoverboard Review

Smart Balance Wheel Hoverboard Review

The ‘smart balance wheel’ is probably the genic name of all the self-balancing sold under portal. But that is good because no other mobility board works that smartly. There is much smart balance wheel hoverboard review which have taken place on the internet. But they are slightly different from each other when compared. 

The most common thing they all have is that they have used the smart balancing technology that allows the riders to move on two wheels without sitting on it. The movement of the device is smooth. You just need to put your body weight with your feet towards you want it to go. 

The smart balance wheel is probably the most inexpensive hoverboard available for you to buy. 


All the two wheels scooters look similar. But apart from the look, there are many more things to compare. One of the significant differences that make them not alike is the battery and the brands of battery each company goes for. Different Li-ion power used in each scooter can make the major difference among all of them. The battery power decides, how long can you go with your hoverboard and the time it can sustain after a single charging.

Eventually, if you go for an inexpensive or better say cheaper priced hoverboard, it is self-evident that you can’t expect it to provide you with a self-sustaining battery that works longer. But whatever it may be shopping a self-balancing scooter is all about considering both: the budget you have set for buying it and the features that are carrying. 

Smart Balance Wheel Hoverboard Review
Smart Balance Wheel Hoverboard Review


Either you want to opt for a high-end self-balancing scooter or a regular one there are some things which are pretty similar in both of them:

  • They both will have two wheels and will make with self-balancing technology
  • They both will be powered by rechargeable Li-ion batteries with individual self-sustaining capability.
  • They will have Gyro sensors pre-installed which can sense the gravitational pull of the earth and helps the rider to stay balanced. 
  • 350-watt motor that allows the scooter to remain powered and accelerometer that allows the scooter to move forward
  • They can be moved either forward or even backward by placing the pressure to the front or to the back respectively. 
  • It can be stopped by leaning backward
  • If you want to count it roughly, you can go up to 35 km and an average of 10 km/hr. When your scooter is charged fully.
  • You can carry it wherever you want to keep in mind that it must be legal to ride on it to where you are going
  • It has inflatable tires which are not solid but is rather hollow. 
  • You get many colors to choose from
  • Can bear about or more than 100 kgs of weight


Even when the scooters we are talking about looking very similar to skateboards, they are different from each other like the sun and the moon. The mechanism of the scooters makes them very comfortable to ride on without giving much effort. Well if you are a scooter lover like me, then definitely it won’t take more than a minute for you to fall in love with them. The choice of the brands can be different between you and me. But while choosing the brand is the concern. I would like to some essential points to get highlighted.

The construction of the Scooter

There is no difference in the making mechanism of each of the scooters, but each of them can be different from the other by design. If we talk about Mono Rover R2, which can handle the weight up to 250 lbs. and weighs 10 kg. It also has 7” pneumatic tires and also has 2 pre-installed LED lights. 

Now let’s pick IO Hawk, which is considered to be one of the most expensive scooters exist. It weighs the same, but it can carry up to 120 kgs of weight. You can carry and ride it to any terrain as it is made that 3way to be fit for any terrain. The scooter is dirt and waterproof; thus, you don’t need to think about the ground, and it is just too god to ride on any surface. 

Now take another scooter brand named EROVER. The weight of the scooter itself is 12.3 kgs, but it can handle 220 lbs. of weight. 


The turning radius of most of the available scooters is generally the same. A 15-degree inclination is an average what you can expect from each of the scooters. But the real difference comes when it is about the distance they can cover or the maximum speed they can achieve individually. Where Mono Rover R2 can achieve the maximum speed of 12 km/h, IO Hawk can get you 10 km/ h only. 

Charge of the battery

Since all of the scooters you know are powered by a better, you can compare the sustaining power of the battery as well. Li-ion batteries are generally easy to get charged, but the charging time can be slightly different in each of the scooters. Rohs smart balance wheel review states that 2 to 3 hours is the typical time of most of the power sustain capacity of all the scooters. 

Many smart balance wheels come up with an indicator that can help you to judge the battery life left. Most of the time, they use a red color to indicate lower power availability. 

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Now, that is the real concern. The price of each of the scooter can vary according to the consideration of the brands. Each brand has its own choice of materials and features. The price can go up or down according to those factors. Mono Rover R2 comes up with a $ 600 price tag, where IO Hawk with the price tag of $ 1800, is the most expensive smart balance wheel available. 

Mono Rover has comparatively good smart balance wheel reviews on Amazon. Thus, it can be considered a smart buy. The ROVER comes in half of its price, but due to its design, battery and other features that are not that popular.

Recommendation: I think buying is in your hand. There are so many things that you can think of considering before buying a smart balance wheel. But remember that two things you need to consider in the first place are that the price you want to pay or the features you are expecting from your brand-new smart balance wheel. I would always prefer buying the one which is also easier to maintain.

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