Swagway X1 genuine review: Whether you must buy Swagway?


Self-balancing scooters or hoverboards are the trendiest things available in the market. Even in 2019, the hoverboard lovers are crazy about getting their own piece of the hoverboard. Though the device got banned in many places, the enthusiasm for riding a hoverboard, never gone out of style. The most significant dilemma that the hoverboard lovers go through is which one to pick.

Nothing surprising, as multiple brand availability has left the hoverboard enthusiasts confused to choose one form all the best things. In this article, we will share our genuine review on Swagway X1, if you are considering that to be one of your choices.


Swagway X1 genuine review
Swagway X1 genuine review

That is what the topic of this article is. This is one of the most popular hoverboard brands on the internet. The US-based company is known for creating amazing and cost-effective products for its customers. The company is planning to get even bigger with every passing day by introducing more and more products to their collection.

Swagway X1 hoverboard is a product that is top-rated to hoverboard users. Many tech review websites and chat shows have already featured this product many times now. But here we want you to know if the product is that good or worth all the footage that it is getting from the world.

You must also know if the product is made following all the safety instructions and simply if it is safe for you to use. Let’s take a closer look at the product.


The product has so many color options for the users to choose from. The variety of colors include white, red, black, blue, green, pink, gold and dark red.

Weight limit: The product can carry weight up to 222 lbs. And the users must not exceed the weight range for Swagway X1 safety.

Range: Ince the battery is fully charged; the device can go up to 20 miles. But the range also is dependent upon the terrains where the hoverboard is being driven

Speed: Users can achieve a maximum speed of 16 km per hour with this product

The hoverboard comes up with LED indicators which can also show the battery level of the device. It comes up with a branded and high-power lithium battery.

The structure of the product is sturdy, and it is made of an aluminum alloy frame.


Swagway X1 genuine review
Swagway X1 genuine review

Well, that is what you need to know before buying this product. The Swagway X1 definitely doesn’t come alone. In the box, there are few more important and mandatory things including an AC charging adapter, the manual of using the product which also has a DVD along with, protection strips to stop the wheels from getting scratched.


When there is multiple news of exploding hoverboards and the presence of many hoverboards without the safety instructions available in the market, this question is valid. But you will be simply amused to know that this product is entirely safe to use. In fact, there is a UL certified charger that comes along with this hoverboard.

Thus, there is no reason for fearing that this hoverboard device will catch fire or will get exploded. There is a Sentry Shield UL listed 2271 Battery which is contained in this device. The UL certification is a sign that this hoverboard abides by all the safety regulations and standards for Swagway hoverboard fires. It has multiple layers of protection and has gone through successful short circuit testing.


That is what you must know if you’re buying this Swagway X1 for your kids. The device has dedicated “learning mode”, which is relatively safe for people of any age to learn to ride hoverboards. You can simply allow your kid to ride the same hoverboard in the same mode.

After comparing Swagway X1 vs X2 we found that no scooter is 100% safe for riding until you have the control, over that. There is a certain amount of risk in every device. But the best part is you can overcome that with time and practice. The user manual that comes along with the product has particular safety instructions to follow, and one needs to go through all of them to use the product safely. You will not have any problem when you are using the product with all the required safety measures.


Hoverboards can be expensive when you try to look out for multiple features and safety. Even various hundred dollars can be less when you try buying your favorite hoverboard. You can prefer buying when you get to see Swagway hoverboards for sale, and it will not disappoint you. This is probably one of the most affordable hoverboards available in the market with so many features.

The product is as good as any high-end hoverboard available in the market right now. You can simply judge the affordability of the hoverboard by the popularity it got.


What do we like the most about Swagway?

Swagway X1 genuine review

With us, we make sure that you get to buy what is best for you. We never guide you through buying things that make you feel that you ended up paying much more than what you got. We are hoverboard fanatics, and we have a genuine review about what we liked the most about this product.

  1. The device comes up with 1 year of repairment warranty from the date of buying. Thus, if there is any damage to this product due to poor maintenance or hazards, you can get a repair or even a replacement. An extended and option alone-year warranty can also be purchased along with the product.
  2. The UL certification is really an essential feature for riding this hoverboard safely being tension-free of the Swagway explosion. It has high quality and branded battery
  3. The $400 tag for this hoverboard is pretty awesome. The hoverboard can simply beat any branded hoverboard, and the best part is that you can buy 3 Swagwayat the price of one high-end hoverboard with the same features.
  4. The hoverboard is quite heavy, which is just perfect for the young riders to ride it safely.

What we don’t like about Swagway:

  • Well, there is nothing much to not like about this product. But there is a little problem with this product, and that is, this is not available everywhere currently. Not every website delivers this product worldwide.
  • There is a restocking fee if you buy this hoverboard from its website and want to return it within the decided period of 30 days even. Which means that you have to pay the expenses for the return of this product.
  • The colors available for this product are not available always. You may have to wait for some time to get the chosen color.

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We have spent a lot of time in comparatively researching between Swagway X1 and Swagway X2 review, utilizing this product for creating a review that can help you to come up with a clear idea about either you must choose to buy this product. But whatever it may Swagway will be a perfect product for you and can get you unlimited fun while winning over many other brands.


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