Swim Spa Maintenance Tips

If you want to please yourself and make an ideal space for relaxation and enjoyment, a swim spa is something you should consider. It costs less than the average pool and offers roughly the same features, plus some extra benefits that you can read about on this web source. It can be a significant investment, provided you maintain your new favorite zen spot regularly.

This article is a great maintenance guide that will help you keep your swim spa in excellent condition. It contains information on everything you need to know about maintaining a pool with hydromassage jets. It also talks about what you should do daily or once in a while to keep this water fixture clean and polished.

Filter Cleaning

Regular filter cleaning is important if you are serious about keeping your swim spa in good working order. This task can be done once per month. Keep in mind that you should change filters every time you drain the water from the tank, like once or twice a year.

You need specialized products for washing which can be bought solely or as a part of the cleaning kit. You have to fill a bowl with a filter cleaner and soak the media in. Leave it overnight, and the following day just rinse it. Some manufacturers use media with self-cleaning options in their fixtures. This filter needs only a quick water rinse once in a while.

Use Proper Chemicals

One of the most common things about swim spa maintenance is that chemicals must be used regularly. These are non-toxic, so you can safely add them to water but only in prescribed amounts. You have to add these products even before entering this pool for the first time to create a perfect water balance.

You need sanitizers and oxidizers, as well as products for filter cleaning and balancing pH value and alkalinity. Chlorine and bromine are common sanitizers, as these are non-toxic and inexpensive. You can buy them granulated or powdered and even use specialized dispensers. These add sanitizers automatically anytime their level drops.

As mentioned above, you should add chemicals only when you need them. Keep sanitizing products on hand, but make sure they are away from kids and pets. Seal them well. That will prevent these chemicals from seeping and becoming a nuisance.

Know When to Add Chemicals

You can buy specialized cleaning kits suitable for both expensive and cheap swim spas of all sizes. Besides the already mentioned chemical, these contain specialized strips for checking water balance. By using these, you will know which agent lacks. It would be best if you’d use these strips every time before entering the pool.

When it comes to the frequency of adding chemicals, it’s all about the balance. The number of people using the swim spa will affect its maintenance routine. But temperature matters, too. Cooler water needs less maintenance, while warm water is a better environment for all organisms to develop.

If you add sanitizers to the water too often, you can quickly cause it to become unstable. Sure, these products will kill bacteria, enzymes, and all matters inside. But the complete ‘extermination’ can disrupt the water balance and make it difficult to bring it back to normal. A simple test will determine whether or not to add chemicals every so often.

Occasional Drainage

When you use chemicals or have a swim spa with a built-in ozonizer, you don’t need to change the water frequently. However, that does not mean that she can stay there forever. Even with regular cleaning and sanitation, you should empty this pool at least twice a year. Then it is necessary to replace all filters and clean jet valves. Use chemicals as before the first use of the swim spa.

Use Covers

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When you don’t use a swim spa, it’s crucial to cover it. It matters, not just because of water purity but also to protect the equipment from elements. Stagnant water in your swim spa can cause the pH level to change, which can upset its balance and become a perfect place for algae and mold development.

Culture of Using Swim Spa

Every time you enter the swim spa, you bring dirt and bacteria from your skin into the water. That adds a bit of grease every time you hope in, so eventually, dirty build-ups will appear on the pool walls. So you should do a quick shower before entering the swim spa. That will remove excess dirt from your skin and swimsuit. Also, avoid lotions and body oils as these chemicals can disrupt water balance.

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These are a few simple tips about keeping the perfect condition of your swim spa. To retain its neat look, spend some time cleaning it each month. Just remember that these pools are not only meant for fun and relaxation, but they also serve as the best method to stay healthy and fit.

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