The Advantages of Friends With Benefits Relationship

Friends with benefits (FWB) relationships are casual relationships where both partners enjoy a great time together, mostly making love, but with no commitment to each other. These relationships may start between two friends who have been seeing other people but become single simultaneously. Such friends may want to enjoy intimacy but without the commitments that come with being in a relationship. You could also be getting over a significant breakup and hook up with a colleague or someone you’ve met and start having some passionate moments together with no strings attached. Almost every FWB relationship has a different story of how it began, and no story is the same. However, there is a common thing: no commitment.

Here are some of the upsides of friends with benefits relationship:

Allow you to enjoy singlehood and companionship at the same time

Friends with benefits relationships seem to almost go against the common saying that you cannot eat your cake and still have it. It offers profound benefits, but one of the most prominent benefits is that you enjoy the freedom of being single but have the perks of companionship, although unattached, with a partner. You get a chance to meet different people as you consider what you want in a longtime lover. And at the same time, you can go back to the warmth and comfort of a partner who understands you and makes you happy. You get the best of the two worlds as you make up your mind, but it would be crucial to know some rules of this game. If you’re not sure of these rules, you can try these out.

You have time for yourself without caring about anyone

Let’s face it, life has so many demands, and we can sometimes be so busy, but on the other side, committed relationships call for time. You must give something to get back something and for things to be successful. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible at some stages in life to have the time for others, maybe as you pursue higher education and build your career. Nevertheless, you have sexual needs to satisfy, and this is where friends with benefits come in handy. Such a friend is there when you need to spend some time with an understanding person and have mind-blowing sex. After that, you can go back to your crazy busy schedule refreshed with no need to think about anyone so much.

It can help to boost your confidence significantly

When people have a physical relationship with individuals they can trust, it could significantly boost their confidence levels. To be in a position of a lover where they feel empowered, people can be transformed a great deal than when just validated as friends. Friends with benefits relationships offer people a chance to enjoy their bodies on a sexual level, serving as an excellent doorway for them to feel proud and confident.

On top of the above benefits, you could have an easier time turning an already existing ordinary friendship into friends with benefits relationship. You will not have those awkward moments trying to break the ice and get something going with a new person or stranger. And the best thing is the perks, especially sexual, that come with FWB relationships. However, the partners must be cautious to have protected sex to avoid any unintended consequences that may complicate things.

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