The Main Reason Why A Breakup Is So Hard to Handle

Have you recently faced a breakup? The termination of a relationship can be terribly painful for the person who played no role in the decision. Even after a certain period, pain is reluctant to go away; depression becomes stronger, and your heart is still broken in a million pieces.

This kind of depressive behavior usually results from experiencing different types of fear after being left alone, such as being afraid of the changes that the uncertain future might bring.

These are the main reasons why a breakup is difficult to handle.

Fear of being alone

Probably one of the essential reasons why a breakup is challenging to deal with is the fear of being alone. Such fear is particularly common in people in long-term relationships who are used to having someone by their side at all times. Due to the feeling of safety most individuals experience in a relationship, being single seems daunting and impossible after splitting up.

Furthermore, the fear of being alone most commonly originates from the opinion of other people about your new status as a single woman/man, as well as your initial inability to get on with your life without a partner. However, keep in mind that the fear disappears after the inceptive shock, as soon as you start handling everyday obligations and dealing with daily worries by yourself. Click here for some helpful tips about moving on after a breakup.

The Main Reason Why A Breakup Is So Hard to Handle
The Main Reason Why A Breakup Is So Hard to Handle

Still love your ex-partner

Loving your ex-partner is another common reason why the termination of a relationship can be extremely hard to handle. It’s completely normal for you to miss the person that you’ve shared all sorts of moments with, as he/she was your rock in stressful life situations and your support in moments of pride and joy.

Moreover, love is believed to cause the same sort of addiction as drugs due to the similar effect it has on the brain. When being in love, the brain releases dopamine, which is responsible for the feeling of euphoria and adrenaline in lovers. This neurotransmitter affects the brain pleasure centers in an almost identical way like drugs do, thus making people feel powerful craving for the other half. Consequently, you’re likely to experience withdrawal symptoms after the breakup with your boyfriend/girlfriend, which makes life seem impossible.

Fear of not being loved by someone else

Most individuals tend to lose their self-confidence after a breakup, particularly if the other half was the one who terminated the relationship. They believe that the separation from their partnermust have resulted from their flaws, not because of another logical reason such as continuous estrangement.

In addition, a myriad of people is stuck in unhappy relationships out of fear that no one will ever love them again. There’s no point in lamenting over an unhealthy relationship or staying in one just because you consider yourself as unlikeable.

Fear of change

Another reason why a breakup is difficult to handle is the fear of change, as the largest part of the human population is programmed to resist change. People feel comfortable when being surrounded by people they know, having a job they’re good at, or taking the role of a girlfriend/boyfriend.

Consequently, they feel scared when faced with an uncertain future after a breakup, being overwhelmed by a myriad of unanswered questions. For instance, sharing an apartment with a boyfriend/girlfriend can only make things more complicated after the relationship termination. Moving out of the mutual apartment without any plans for the future can be really intimidating for a single person.

Considering the opinion of other people

Most individuals find breakup difficult to deal with due to the effect it has on other people. For example, they’re unnecessarily concerned with the opinion of their parents, closest friends, relatives, or colleagues. It’s natural for these people to have a certain opinion about the breakup, but you shouldn’t be influenced by their comments.

Furthermore, bear in mind that you are the most affected person by the terminated relationship, not everyone else in your surrounding. Therefore, place your entire focus on moving on with your life without accepting unsolicited advice from individuals you don’t care enough about.

Additionally, staying in an unhealthy relationship because you fear the impact of your breakup on others is only an excuse for not splitting up. Make sure you visit the following link,, to learn some helpful tips about handling a breakup. Remember that your feelings are of greatest importance, which is why you are supposed to follow the little voice in your head.

Your dreams fell apart

People in long-term relationships are particularly hurt by the end of their long romantic journey due to the myriad of upcoming plans, which were never given a chance to take place. When being in a serious relationship, it’s normal to consider the other half as an indispensable part of your future plans. Hence, most couples share their dreams and ambitions in the hope of finding a way to fulfill them together.

Moreover, while making such plans, partners tend to form a strong bond between each other, which is amazingly hard to break. Therefore, once the relationship is over, you aren’t only heartbroken but clueless about the future. It takes time for an individual to let go of the plans that involved a couple and focus on the dreams as a single person.

Experiencing heartbreak

Although heartbreak is usually associated with emotional suffering, this condition results in physical pain as well. Believe it or not, breakup stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, thus sending signals from the heart to the digestive system.

Due to the contraction of the digestive muscles, you’re likely to feel a huge hole in your stomach as well as some breathing difficulties, owing to airway obstruction. This kind of heartbreaking pain makes it difficult for people to recover from a breakup during the first few weeks.


Make sure you overcome all fears. It’s the only way to move on!

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