Things to know before hiring a resume writing service

Is your resume outdated? Are you sick of having an ordinary resume that does not uplift your work or qualities? If this is the case, you may have already considered hiring an executive resume writing service. It can be a daunting task to write a resume for yourself.

Moreover, it may take weeks or even months to write a perfect resume that grabs the attention of recruiters. Isn’t hiring a resume service much easier then? Yes, it is. Professional writers can make your resume look polished so that you always give rise to a good impression.

Since professional CV writing in India has a lot of scope nowadays, it may be difficult to choose one writing service. We surely do not want you to waste time on scams. This is where you need professionals with experience from the website to ensure better management of your service with satisfaction. It is applicable to various leadership processes.  Hereby, we present to you some tips that you should remember before hiring a resume writing service.

Professional Writers

All the resume writing services promise you a certified professional writer. They guarantee a top-notch quality of work and also claim various things. You can’t just trust any service with what they have to say. Hire them only after thoroughly inspecting the writer as well as the service.

Often, resume writing services provide you with amazing samples but the end product you receive is disappointing. To avoid that, try and talk to the writer that is going to write your resume. When you directly have a chat with the writer, you will understand how capable they are in their respective fields.

Furthermore, request for samples from that particular writer who will be working on your resume. You should be comfortable with the writing style and if you are not satisfied, you can ask for another professional writer anytime. This will save you time as well as money.

Timelines and process

Before hiring an executive resume writing service, you have to understand how they work. Every service has its own set of procedures. Some contact their clients via emails whereas some conduct a telephonic conversation. Either way, you should be able to communicate freely to tell them exactly what you are looking for.

Alongside, you may have certain queries so make sure that you clear them all beforehand. To avoid any confusions, visit their website to read terms and conditions, etcetera. After you have gone through the website and if you feel content, then seal the deal.

Timelines are very important in every project. Make it very clear from the beginning if you have an emergency and you want the resume as soon as possible. Otherwise, give a certain timeline in which you would like to receive your resume.


How much should you pay for a resume writing service? Well, it depends. Factors like which resume writing service you are opting for and how certified the writer is plays an important role in the money aspect. Recognised services usually have a higher fee if compared with others.

Be practical while you negotiate because we know that the whole process of writing the perfect resume is not an easy one. You cannot expect someone to write a mind-blowing resume for just a few bucks. Cut some slack and be reasonable if you ask for some kind of discount.

In addition, if you find an executive resume writing service that is offering deals at very low prices then stay away from them. Such services are usually fraud as they provide you with writers that have no experience at all. You will end up giving a certain amount of money and you will still not receive a decent resume.

Updated Technologies

While you are in the process of finalizing a resume writing service, compare the technologies different that various services use. Format of the resume and the writing style matters the most but level up your game by adding keywords.

Applicant tracking systems, as well as SEO, are the revolutionizers of the Internet. Ask the firm if they use these technologies to boost your resume. Using the right keywords can bring your resume in the top searches so this step is quite vital. A good resume writing service stays up to date with every technology that arrives in the market.

Also, make sure that the service you are choosing conducts surveys to see what works and what does not. Most of the firms research various fields to find out what exactly does the recruiter wants to read.


Customer satisfaction matters the most to every service. They want to make sure that the reviews are excellent so more and more customers can be attracted. No company wants to destroy their image based on a few negative reviews. With professional CV writing in India on the rise, competition is tough between these services. Therefore, they go out of their way to make clients happy.

Read reviews by verified users to see what clients have to say about that resume writing service. If you find the reviews positive then go ahead and get yourself a nice resume. Otherwise, you will be aware of the problems that may face in the future. Resume writing services are extremely beneficial as they will help you in getting your dream job.

Final Words

These were some things that you need to know before hiring an executive resume writing service. Do your research before handing in your information and money to someone. Make sure that you communicate with the writer about your requirements beforehand to avoid any problems. 

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