Tips to parent the Meghan and Harry way

Do you wonder how the royal parents Prince Harry and Princess Meghan parent their kid? Would you like to learn how to parent the way they parent their child? Do they accept all the things childr offer? Do they intend to write custom essays instead of their child? Do they allow kidto be capricious? Then here is an article for you. I have done in-depth research to provide insight on how the royal couple parent their child.

Tips to parent the Meghan and Harry way

Make the hard choices

Growing up in royalty can be hectic for a child. The mere fact that you grow up following rules is intimidating. The media also try their best to shade the royal family. And will come at any royal family member who tries to move out of tradition. That means paparazzi will always be watching your every move.

As a  parent, you might choose to give up on the stress of being criticized and having your whole life planned out. One can decide to quit royalty and live like a citizen. It is a lengthy process, but it relieves you of the burden you have to carry. You can also choose to live in royalty and devote yourself to the throne. The choice you make at this point affects your family a lot, so you have to make the right one. Such decisions are hard to make and require critical thinking.

Be your kids’ advocate

Your child will always need you, so you should be the best advocate for them. Stand up for them and defend them when necessary. Meghan and Harry portray this character when their son is denied the title of royalty (prince). The title gave their son access to personal security, which he needed.

As a parent, you should portray the same character. You can be your kids advocate in school, where you can propose new learning strategies to help improve your kids’ education. You can also stand up for your child when his in-laws try to intimidate him.

Your mental health comes first

Many parents struggle with mental issues but hide them from the world due to fear of coming out as weak to their children. You should, however, do the complete opposite. Having a clear mind will not only benefit you, but it will also benefit your baby. A sane mind helps you focus on your child more efficiently.

Meghan portrays this character when she talks about the time that she was suicidal. She not only informed her husband and asked for help, but she also dared to speak about what she experienced in an interview.

As a parent, you should hence avoid running away from your fears. Instead, seek help, and trust me, you will be relieved once you voice your mental issues to someone you trust.

Do not tolerate bullies!

Being in royalty means you have to follow protocol to voice your issues. But sometimes, one must decide to stand for themselves and say enough is enough. Do not let bullies pull you down. Even if the rest follow protocol, teach your kids to follow what is right.


Parenting is not an easy feat. But if the royal couple can manage to parent and also maintain their royal obligation, then so can you. All you have to do is follow all the guides provided in this article and watch your parenting skill go up.

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