Top Considerations When Choosing A Baby Pillow For Flat Head Syndrome

There are many factors that both veteran and rookie parents need to consider for their newborn babies. It’s definitely a challenge, from ensuring they are getting the proper nutrition to starting a bedtime routine. When it comes to a baby’s body formation, it actually takes up to two years for its skull bones to join together. As a result, flat head syndrome is relatively common in babies. Choosing suitable pillows for support is critical.

Newborns have very fragile bodies, and they don’t have developed muscles to support their heads. Since they pass through the birth canal, babies’ heads are soft. Good practices for newborns are incorporating plenty of tummy time into your routine until bone development in the skull. Also, it is important to consider your baby’s sleep and provide them with enough support for their head and neck. Using support with a baby pillow can help if they have flat head syndrome.

What Is Flat Head Syndrome? 

Flat head baby syndrome is exactly what it sounds like. A part of the baby’s head can appear to become flat because of the pressure on a certain spot for long periods. It can happen in different places where the baby lies, such as in a crib or car seat. SIDS is always a concern for any new parent, but the best practice is having a baby sleep on its back. However, during daytime hours, allow ample opportunities for them to lie on their tummies or sit up in a high-chair for eating. A baby pillow can help minimize the effects of flat head syndrome. If you are a mom that breastfeeds, also consider switching arms regularly. 

What’s Important When Choosing A Baby Pillow? 

When choosing a baby pillow, consider the following:

  • How the pillow is designed– Baby pillows should fully support your baby’s head and be shaped correctly. A ring-like structure is appropriate because it helps with flat head syndrome.
  • The material used in the pillow- Most good baby pillows use lightweight material such as memory foam that’s both lightweight and durable.

Generally, flat head syndrome can get resolved by 1-2 years of age and resolve itself, but using a baby pillow can help reduce the likelihood. Remember to include plenty of tummy time and allow them to be the little explorers they love to be (with the appropriate supervision, of course).

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