Tulum Nightlife: Best Bar And Club In Tulum

Tulum nightlife! A dream for every people to enjoy! In Mexico, Tulum is the hub of exotic nightclubs and bars worth visiting for every traveler. What more does one want when he or she can experience a thrilling Tulum nightlife?

If the white beaches of Tulum represent calmness and relaxation during the daytime, then the clubs in Tulum can take you into a vibrant atmosphere at night where you can party hard, have great drinking, singing, dancing, and a lot of fun.

There are so many other things that are worth visiting in Tulum, such as ruins of the Mayan civilization, wildlife, beautiful markets, and many more. Tulum nightlife is perhaps the best among them for which you must not miss a tour to this amazing city.

Tulum Nightlife
Tulum Nightlife

Therefore, it is worth sharing the information about the best bars and the clubs of Tulum that make its nightlife lively and soulful.

Let’s check out.

Tulum Nightlife- Best Nightclubs And Bars That Are Worth Experiencing

Well, there are uncountable nightclubs and bars existed in Tulum which are full of unlimited joy and fun. Now, you can visit two main areas in Tulum city. The first one is called ‘Tulum Pueblo’. This place is the center of Tulum town.

If you really want to enjoy the Tulum Mexico nightlife, but, you also want a pocket-friendly budget, ‘Tulum Pueblo’ will be the perfect place for you. Here, you can enjoy the food of popular restaurants, hotels, bars, and clubs within your estimated budget.

Another place is called Calle Centauro. Some of the best bars in Tulum are situated here. Trust me! You will have a lifetime experience if you visit these bars once.

Here are the best clubs and bars in Tulum that are worth experiencing in Tulum nightlife. Take a look.

1. Casa Jaguar

Want to attend a thrilling and vibrant Tulum party at night? If yes, you must not miss out on visiting the Casa Jaguar nightclub at the middle beach zone in Tulum. This club is popular for its handy Caribbean foods. Visit any day in the week as it is open throughout the 7 days a week.

Casa Jaguar Tulum

Besides, do not miss out on checking their schedule. Casa Jaguar arranges lively jungle parties on Thursdays. On Tuesdays and some Saturdays, they host small parties based on the same theme. Arrive at the party after 11.00 p.m. and experience the unique music of local and international DJs.

  • Cost: Prices vary depending on menu items.
  • Opening Hours: Typically open for dinner, hours may vary.

2. Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar

Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar is one of the best bars in Tulum. You can feel the cool vibes of a Tulum party once you have stepped into the bar. Situated at the area of ‘Tulum Pueblo’, Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar is the soul of the exciting Tulum nightlife.

Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar

You can enjoy the classic and refreshing fruit mojitos. Also, you must taste the converted VW bug, in which sugarcane is pressed. Most of the night, the atmosphere of this bar is filled with live music with popular singers. They host the biggest parties mostly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So, can you miss this opportunity?

  • Cost: Moderate, with prices for drinks.
  • Opening Hours: Usually open in the afternoon and evenings.

3. Kin Toh

Well, Kin Toh is one of the famous bars in Tulum that will surely give you the feel of a Tulum beach party when you enter here. Kin Toh has successfully arranged the vibe of an island with its island-like sitting arrangements featured with hanging nets of the catamaran. Enjoy the exotic views of sunset with the outdoor nests in this bar.

Kin Toh

Let’s come to the food and drinks of this bar. The uniqueness lies in their thoughtful arrangements. They offer special experimental foods for dinner and sunset. But, you have to reserve the table for experiencing that. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

  • Cost: Higher end, with prices reflecting the quality and uniqueness of the dining experience.
  • Opening Hours: Generally open for dinner.

4. Gitano

Want to party hard on a Friday night? Visit Gitano. It is a rocking place for people who want to sing, dance, and have fun all night. The DJ of this nightclub is on air near about 11.00 p.m. every night. Once you enter here, you are bound to forget all the worries in your life. Just feel the bohemian vibe and dance with the tune.

Gitano Tulum

They offer their visitors a Mexican restaurant in the front area and the Mezcal bar in the back portion. Gitano hosts live band music in the evening on days like Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So, keep an eye on the nightclub’s schedule. Don’t miss a chance.

  • Cost: Moderate to higher end, with prices for food and drinks.
  • Opening Hours: Open for dinner and late-night drinks.

5. Nana Rooftop Bar

This popular bar offers its visitors a cool, calm, and trailblazing vibe. If you prefer a calm and relaxing Tulum nightlife, rather than drinking and partying hard, Nana Rooftop Bar is the ideal place for you to visit.

Nana Rooftop Bar

Here, you can enjoy cocktails that are enriched with the tastes of the different regions of the country. Not just that, the specialty of the cocktails is that they are prepared with fresh seasonal fruits, herbs, hand-made juice, and several branded liquors. These qualities make this place one of the best bars in Tulum town.

  • Cost: Moderate, with prices for drinks.
  • Opening Hours: Typically open in the evenings.

6. Curandero Tulum

Curandero nightclub is built with one of the best eco-friendly ideas that have ever been planned. You yourself can feel the magic after visiting this unique place. This club in Tulum uses eco-friendly materials and encourages its visitors with this habit as well.

Curandero Tulum

At Curandero, you can meet new people every day, have a chat with them and spend a unique nightlife. You can specify this club as the hub of the multi-culture as uncountable artists, musicians, DJs, live bands around the world perform every day at this nightclub. So, sing, dance, drink with your loved ones without any worries.

  • Cost: Moderate, with prices for food and drinks.
  • Opening Hours: Open for lunch and dinner.

7. Mezzanine Bar

Mezzanine Bar is another place where you can enjoy the vibes of a thrilling Tulum beach party. Taste the locale signature cocktails made with refreshing fruits and branded liquors. Don’t miss the Thursdays at Mezzanine Bar.

Mezzanine Bar

Otherwise, you might never get the chance to experience the 1940’s rhythms of Cuban music, performed by live bands. Also, you will miss the chance to drink the classic Cigars and Rums. Amazing, right?

  • Cost: Moderate, with prices for drinks.
  • Opening Hours: Generally open in the evenings.

8. Papaya Playa Project

Searching for the most pleasure-seeking and hugest Tulum beach party? Then never ever say no to the Saturday nights at Papaya Playa Project. Their full moon parties are breathtaking, trust me!

Papaya Playa Project

Visit this place especially on December, January, and the occasion of New Year’s Eve. Papaya Playa nightclub hosts the biggest parties at these times of the year. Once you start dancing, you can’t stop it until it is 4.00 a.m. Remember, you have to book tickets in advance for the special events.

  • Cost: Prices vary depending on the offerings.
  • Opening Hours: Operating hours may vary based on events and seasons.

9. Pasito Tun Tun

Enjoy the Tulum nightlife with a homely atmosphere at the Pasito Tun Tun. Visit the place with your near and dear ones and have relaxed with creative and experimental, yet tasty cocktails. Pasito Tun Tun offers you an eye-soothing and beautiful outdoor area at their back portion. This place completely looks like a garden which gives you a homely feeling.

Pasito Tun Tun

The front area of the club is the bar. You can enjoy DJ sets and live band performances with your favorite drink in your hand.

  • Cost: Moderate, with prices for food and drinks.
  • Opening Hours: Typically open for lunch and dinner.

10. La Zebra Hotel

On Sundays, La Zebra Hotel is a must-visit place in Tulum town. It is among those bars in Tulum which is ideal for visiting with family. Want to have a dance lesson? La Zebra gives you that opportunity. Enjoy the salsa dance party with free dance lessons for 3 hours.

La Zebra Hotel

You can also enjoy their signature and handy cocktails at the main bar.

  • Cost: Prices vary depending on accommodation and dining options.
  • Opening Hours: Services like restaurants and bars may have varying hours.

11. Mur Mur

Experience the exotic Baja Mexican cuisine at Mur Mur bar in Tulum town. Feel the romantic vibe and with your favorite refreshing drinks. They are prepared with fruits, herbs, mescal, and homemade syrups.

Mur Mur
  • Cost: Moderate to higher end, with prices for food and drinks.
  • Opening Hours: Usually open for dinner.

12. KiKi

Kiki is one the best clubs in Tulum, visited by young people most of the time. The vibrant atmosphere of this nightclub will thrill your mind. You can have the best drinks here. This nightclub is always open from Wednesdays to Saturdays.

kiki tulum
  • Cost: Moderate, with prices for food and drinks.
  • Opening Hours: Typically open for lunch and dinner.

To Sum It Up

You can compare the Tulum nightlife with the nightlife of Las Vegas. But, you have to admit that Tulum Mexico nightlife has its flavors that you can’t miss out on. Visit any of these places and have a great time.

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