Updated Skywalker Hoverboard Reviews

Why just walk when you can roll on a hoverboard? Have you been amazed by seeing people having fun using hoverboards at various places you visit like malls?

Does this excite you?

Well, let us guide you to bring one home!

Yes, we’re talking about Skywalker, a well-known and reputed hoverboard manufacturing company based in Australia. The company aims at manufacturing environment-friendly or eco-friendly alternatives to automobiles. 

Their hoverboards are known as Skyboards. Thinking of saving time from traffic while going to work? Hop on and you got nothing to bother.

 Skywalker is mostly known all over the world for its three main products:

  •         Sky Carts,
  •         E-bikes, and
  •         Sky Boards.

Being one of the most sold products of Skywalker, skyboards are also known as ‘mini Segways’. Their popularity not just in Australia but around the world is amazing.

Skywalker Hoverboard Reviews
Skywalker Hoverboard Reviews

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Skywalker is the top-ranked hoverboard manufacturing company in Australia for the best quality material used in manufacturing their products. 

You must ask, Why Skywalker? And here’s an answer, most people prefer Skywalkers hoverboards over others because of their safety measures and the ease of use.

Skywalker provides customers a wide range of skyboards with different specifications. Also, each sky board is available in numerous color variants. So, customers have a wide range of skyboards to choose from.

Without wasting any more time, let us check out some of the amazing skyboards that Skywalker offers.

SKYWALKER 6.5-inch hoverboard.

Skywalker Hoverboard Reviews
Skywalker Hoverboard Reviews

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Looking for the best hoverboards from Skywalker?

The 6.5-inch variant is what you’re looking for then, considering the product has been voted as Australia’s most reliable and safest Scooter’s. The company claims that this skyboard can run smoothly on all types of terrains across Australia. 

It has road adaptable tires that are both gravel and slope friendly. What else would you want in your skyboard when your safety is just not compromised at all.

Let us take a detailed look at some other features

The gyroscope feature in this hoverboard is what attracts customers most. The hoverboard can understand the slightest movements in the rider’s feet using the gyroscope technology. This makes the work of the rider a lot easier and also makes the ride smoother. 

  • Technology Used

It seems like Skywalker can use gyroscope technology more effectively compared to the other hoverboard manufacturing companies.

Though it is very similar to the other American and Chinese hoverboards widely available in the market, the SKYWALKER 6.5 inch hoverboard has some astonishing features. The maximum weight that the skyboard can take is one such feature. 

  • Weight

The weight of the sky board is 12kg (26.5 lbs) but it can move smoothly with 9 times its weight over it.

How much weight can this skyboard take?

The maximum weight that this hoverboard can take is 110 kg (240 lbs). This shows the quality of materials that Skywalkers uses for making its products.

The 6.5-inch tires are common for all hoverboards that can take the weight of this range. So, this hoverboard cannot be used as a heavy-duty board. 

This sky board has a maximum speed of 20 km/hr that is common for all the other available hoverboards of this price range.

Well, nothing is perfect, and the quote goes right for Skywalkers 6.5-inch hoverboard too. You must be curious, Why? 

  • Distance covered when fully charged: Maximum of 20 kilometers that is much less compared to other hoverboards with a similar price tag.
  • Bluetooth:  If you’d like some music while boarding your skyboard, well, 6.5 inches may not be the best choice in that scenario as there is no Bluetooth speaker available so you might get bored while riding it.


  • It has a dimension of 56cm x 18cm x 36 cm.
  • The weight of the hoverboard is 12kgs and it can take a maximum load of 110 kg.
  • The maximum speed of this hoverboard is 20 km/hr and it can travel 20 kilometers when it is fully charged.
  • The hoverboard holds a Lithium-ion 36V 4.4 AH battery that takes 3 hours to charge.
  • The waterproof and dustproof level of this hoverboard is IP-54.

This hoverboard is available in six different color variants and you can buy Skywalkers boards for cheap skyboards from their official website. Along with the hoverboard, you also get a manual and charger.

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Skywalker x-road 8.5-inch smartboard.

Skywalker Hoverboard Reviews
Skywalker Hoverboard Reviews


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Here are another one of the amazing hoverboards by Skywalker. Voted as the safest self-balancing scooters, the Skywalker’ X-Road 8.5 inch if what you’re looking for. 

The hoverboard has been claimed to have maximum performance and safety. Also, the heavy-duty off-road adaptable tires of this hoverboard allow riders to use it on all types of terrains. Well, looks like roads are not the only place.

This hoverboard has 3 different modes that you can set depending on who is riding it and what type of experience you want. 

More Safety than the 6.5-inch hoverboard: 

The grip of the articulating pads is best for balancing so there is almost no chance that you will fall off this hoverboard.

The Skywalkers X-Road has two 8.5-inch wheels that are perfect for running smoothly on any surface. The wheel size is more than that of average hoverboards and they make the rides more comfortable by absorbing shocks while running on rough terrains.

Again, the superior quality of materials that Skywalkers uses, allows this 14 kg hoverboard to take up a maximum of 120 kg. 

Entertainment – Has Bluetooth Speakers 

One of the best features that make the X-road 8.5 inch smart-overboard is entertainment. You must be wondering what is that?

Everyone likes to listen to music in different modes. They why not have your skyboard play some music for you. 

Inbuilt- Bluetooth Speakers is what we’re referring to here. Guess what, no matter what terrain are you on this Skywalkers board with a Bluetooth speaker can track speed, battery usage, and distance by connecting with your smartphone.

A perfect product for all, with more perfection for music and fitness enthusiasts.

Distance Covered when fully charged/ Disadvantage

The only con of this hoverboard is that it can travel a maximum of 15km when fully charged.


  •         The Skywalkers x-road hoverboard weighs 14kg and has dimensions of 70cm x 22cm x 23cm.
  •         The hoverboard is powered by 2 400W motors and holds a Lithium-ion 36V 4.4AH battery.
  •         This hoverboard with 8.5inch tires can travel 15 kilometers on a single charge and it takes 3 hours to charge completely.
  •         It has a waterproof level of IP-56.
  •         This is the Skywalkers Bluetooth hoverboard

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These were the two most popular hoverboards from Skywalkers. Both of them are quite good considering their price.  In terms of performance, the 8.5-inch variant hoverboard is surely better than the 6.5-inch variant. Both these hoverboards are durable and can last a long time. 

Skywalker provides a 1-year warranty for both these hoverboards. The distance and speed of these hoverboards are similar to all the other available hoverboards. As much as you would want to get one of these hoverboards, we’re sure many others are interested in doing something new.

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